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Growing your mo is the best way to do that, and it's even better when star athletes like the NFL players below get involved. But man, these guys really take it to the next level. Mustache and beard types.

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It is well known in the Mustached American community that a person of Mustached American heritage has not occupied 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue since President William Howard Taft served as the 27th President of the United States, leaving office in 1913.

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Who would guess that watching a video of a man doing a seemingly mundane everyday task like shaving could be so captivating? In a short ad spot, a 44-year-old man named Amit goes through the process of shaving off the beard that he's had for 14 years. And it's pretty intense.

As I read about Frida, I learned that she didn't shy away from her flaws (obviously). She celebrated them and she chose to do it in a "take it or leave it" sort of way. She could've easily left out her mustache in her self-portraits but instead she chose to paint her reality, something she constantly prided herself in.

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As much as I love soaking up the sun, the summer heat takes a toll on my hair and skin. That's why I've come up with six DIY's perfect for the whole family., Author, Lifestyle Expert, Blogger, Public Speaker, and Girl Boss!

Mustache and beard transplant

Grow beard. Added points for handlebar mustache. Double points for man bun. Triple points for man bun messier than your wife's.

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The main point I think so many men need to take away from this, is that yes, experimentation is part of fashion. However, finding your own personal style never goes out of style.

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As a guy who is usually in hot water, which I am using as an excuse for all my wrinkles, I recently found myself in the unusual situation of being in hot water because there was no hot water.

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Beards are, simply put, awesome! As a blogger, we come across a lot of things, some are hilarious, surprising, sad, and inspiring, and the idea of a Beard Clinic, is certainly all of the above.

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Mustache and beard club

Dad Bods aren't a new trend, at least not with the always-ahead-of-the-curve Gays. Gay men have been celebrating their stout brethren for decades, declaring definitively that Fat + Hairy ≠ Undateable. They're called Bears, and I want to officially welcome you to the party!

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Wordsmith, photo nerd, sitcom junkie, dog lover, and Editor at 500px. Everything I ever needed to know I learned from Calvin and Hobbes.

Wordsmith, photo nerd, sitcom junkie, dog lover, and Editor at 500px. Everything I ever needed to know I learned from Calvin and Hobbes.

Beards are now so cool, even kids are sporting them, or apparently that's what the minds at Coolfire Studios and DreamWorksTV would like us to think.

Midwest-based writer, COO of The American Mustache Institute

On March 9 -- which marks the passing of late U.S. President William Howard Taft -- the American Mustache Institute unveiled perhaps the most important Hall of Fame in history: The Mustache Hall of Fame.

Midwest-based writer, COO of The American Mustache Institute

Mustache and beard looks

When did bearded men start getting all the babes? We've done our own research on the history of beards in America to shed some light on this hairy situation.

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The International Mustache Hall of Fame, an endeavor of the American Mustache Institute and Wahl Grooming to canonize the superior attractiveness of people of facial hair, today unveiled its inaugural class.

Midwest-based writer, COO of The American Mustache Institute

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