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Think you can pull off a goatee? Want to try out a new look? Growing and grooming a goatee takes a little attention, a lot of practice, and a good dose of confidence. But first, some definitions. A traditional goatee is limited to the hair under the chin. A Van Dyke is a goatee with a disconnected mustache. A circle beard is a goatee connected to a mustache. In modern times, all three are often called a goatee. Whichever style you choose, goatees convey uniqueness and confidence and can be a funky way to express yourself. The van dyke beard style.

Stop shaving and let the facial hair around your mouth and below your nose grow out. After several days, you should get a sense as to how and where your facial hair grows out and whether or not you have the ability to actually grow a goatee and if so, if it actually suits you.

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Visualize your face with a goatee and think about possible shapes and length. Peruse magazines and websites for pictures of goatee variations that you might want to experiment with. Decide whether you want just a goatee (a beard limited to the area below the mouth), a Van Dyke beard (a goatee combined with but not connected to a mustache)or a circle beard (a goatee connected to a mustache).

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Shape your goatee. If you're doing it yourself, keep some guidelines in mind:

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The van dyke beard style

Approach the edges very slowly and very carefully. Remember that they shouldn't extend past the smile lines of your face.

No matter what kind of goatee you're shaping, make sure that both sides match symmetrically.

If you use a manual razor, you'll find that you can shape the sides of your goatee very cleanly with a new razor.

If you use an electric shaver, you might find the trimming tool handy to keep it neat.

Move the razor or clippers in every direction, as the hair itself, grows in different directions.

Keep the mustache well-defined. You might want to shave a little between the mustache and your nose if you're concerned that it looks like the hair is growing out of your nostrils.

Make sharp corners at the jawline.

Keep it neat. Stubble might look cool by itself, but next to a goatee, it can look messy and unattractive. Keep the rest of your face cleanly shaved and take the time to trim the actual goatee (unless you want it to grow out on purpose). Ideally, find someone skilled at trimming goatees and have them do it once a week in order to keep your look sharp.

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Keep it clean. Wash your goatee on a regular basis with shampoo and conditioner. Be mindful of the fact that when you eat, food can and will get lodged in your beard, which can severely cramp your style.

Van dyke beard styles pictures

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Experiment with various looks and styles depending on what suits your face.

While the thickness of your goatee depends on genetics, there are some things you can try doing to enhance its visible appearance, particularly using hair products to make it look thicker.

If your beard is full and you want to shape the inside edges (i.e. the area under your lower lip) try using a nose hair trimmer. The narrow blades will give you more flexibility in trimming and it is not an expensive tool to purchase.

Trimming the part of the goatee where your chin meets your neck can be quite awkward, so position your mirror below head height, and pull your chin into your neck to get a better idea of how it looks.

If your goatee turns gray and you don't think that makes it look more distinguished, then consider dyeing it. Just remember that this is best done by a professional.

A goatee often goes well with sideburns (as long as they don't extend past the earlobes and you don't have a shaved head).

Using an electric trimmer ensures that your goatee is symmetrical and neat. Also, the built-in length selector enables you to select the length of the hair rather than guessing with a pair of scissors. Most trimmers give you several different length choices.

The van dyke beard style


Remember, your opinion of your goatee is most important.

A bad dye job looks terrible and is worse than gray hair.

Remember that with hair comes oil. Make sure you wash your goatee when you wash your face, otherwise you could end up with zits in your goatee.

While growing a goatee, beard, or mustache, your face may itch. It can look strange to some, watching you scratch all the time. Be prepared to put up with discomfort around your face while you're growing your facial hair, as well as a slobbish look before it grows to the right length to be recognized as intentionally grown (as opposed to being the product of not shaving out of laziness.)

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A razor, either manual or electric (if manual, make sure it's sharp, if electric, it can be helpful to have a trimming attachment)

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