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We think a lot about the hair on the tops of our head, but what about the hair that grows on the bottom half of your face? While most men go through a period where they consider a beard, few give this subject the full consideration that it needs.

When you wear a beard, it serves to accent your face, creating a very specific impression. If you want to wear a beard, you need to think about what sort of image you're looking to invest in.

Mens beard hair is a great way to express your personality and to create your own style, so remember that you have a lot of options to choose from.

The first type of beard that you might be tempted by is the full beard, and for men who are capable of growing one, this can be a very bold statement to make.

A full beard involves hair starting at the sideburns and growing uninterrupted down around the chin line, in addition to a full mustache. Although people worry about this kind of beard looking unkempt, the truth is, if kept carefully clipped and shaped, it can be quite dignified.

Take some time to make sure that you define a neckline for your beard, and leave the top line along the cheek to grow naturally.

Mens Beard Hair - Your Different Styles

The goatee and mustache option allows for the thick and full look of the full beard without needing to groom hair on the cheeks. This style involves growing the beard directly beneath and surrounding the mouth, but not allowing it to grow up on the cheeks.

The van dyke beard style

This style is also known as a circle beard and a Van Dyke, and if kept well-clipped, gives a wonderfully dashing and debonair look. If you want to start growing one, try growing a patch of hair larger than you think you need, which will allow you to shape as necessary.

A variation on the goatee and mustache combination is the balbo, where the goatee and mustache are separated by a strip of bare skin. You'll find that this is a very attractive style and that you can sculpt the upper line of the goatee into a straight line, a curve, or even a wave. The balbo takes a little more styling, but is sure to make any man stand out!

The chin stripe is a great style of facial hair for someone who has a leaner face. This involves a small strip of hair that grows directly below the center of the lower lip.

This line will not extend over the cup of the chin, but it should also not be too shore, a smaller patch of hair that simply rests in the area under the lower lip but above the bump of the chin is known as a soul patch.

The chin stripe and the soul patch are great styles to experiment with, due to the fact that they involve such small amounts of hair. You can grow the hair in relatively short order and you can spend a lot of time shaping and styling in a way that best suits you.

Another way that you can try to grow your facial hair is the chin curtain, which is also known as the chin strap. This style of beard involves a fringe of hair growing around the jaw line and the chin, but with no accompanying mustache.

When kept short and clipped, this style is a perfect urban statement, while allowing to be longer will give you a more fun, bohemian look. The best way to get this sort of facial hair is probably to grow a full beard and then to shave off what you need.

When you are looking for mens beard hair that is a style that has a lot to recommend in terms of history and class, consider the muttonchop. The muttonchop can be simply defined as sideburns that are grown until they hit the outer corner of the lips.

Van dyke beard styles pictures

Mens Beard Hair, Mens Beard Fashion, Styles And Design

While the style as it stated above is fairly standard, also take a look at the friendly muttonchop, which is joined by a mustache that connects the two sides of the sideburns.

While this style today is typically very restrained, with hairs that are groomed to about an inch or half an inch, some people are seeing a revival where the hair is grown out long and then meticulously styled. The mutton chop, with the length of hair involved can create some very impressive and dramatic effects.

Of course when you are reading about beards, there is a chance that you are curious about what beards will look best on you. While certain beard styles can hide a chin that is somewhat soft, or add some length to a face that looks a little too rounded, you'll find that the best way to find the beard style that suits you is to simply grow one.

Mens Beard Hair - Growing A Beard

Let your beard grow for at least two weeks. While some people get fed up with the process and shape themselves a goatee or a chin stripe in a few days, you'll have a better chance of growing a flattering beard when you take a look at what you've got to work with.

When you've got at least two weeks worth of growth to work with, take a critical look. Where is the hair patchy, and where is it abundant? This is a good way to figure out what styles you are able to grow. What emphasizes your best features and mitigates your worse ones?

In terms of upkeep and maintenance, most styles will need a daily trim, so don't worry about time commitment. When your realize what you have to work with, shave off the hair that is unnecessary and continue to grow the hair in for another week or two. You'll find that this encourages a particularly thick and healthy growth of hair.

You can use a beard to change your image, sharpen up your look or add some visual interest to your person. Make sure that you take the time to figure out the right one for you.

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The van dyke beard style

Mens Beard Hair - Beard Styles And Designs

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