Beard styles for bald head. Why You Seriously Need a Beard with a Bald Head

What to do now that you’,ve shaved your head? Now that the hair is gone, there is not much to style. Or is there? Beard styles on bald head.

It’,s not uncommon for guys who shave their heads for the first time to feel a bit odd. They are not accustomed to their new style. It get’,s better over time. But how can we spice things up?

The bald look can be a bland look. And surely you don’,t want to look like a clone of other bald men.

Your style needs more character, more things going on.

Luckily, if you shave your head because you are going bald, you are most likely blessed with thick facial hair growing abilities. And this is the perfect time to make use of them.

Grow some form of a beard. Any kind. From a mustache to full on burly grizzly beard.

There is a good reason for it too.

It will balance your face, draw away the attention from the bald head, give you more personality, and grant you a golden man card.

Not convinced? Let’,s take a look at some examples here:

It’,s clear which side is winning.

Beard styles with bald head

Now that you are hooked, although I know most of you here are just looking for inspiration, let’,s talk about the options.

There are more than a thousand styles for the bald and bearded man.

1. The Mustache

The mustache is a smaller piece of facial hair, but it’,s quite distinguished. It makes you look serious and demands respect.

The mustache is perfect for the corporate world, law enforcement, or any other environment with old fashioned views on style and strict dress code.

Deciding to go with the mustache will give others the impression you are a more serious and professional type of man. A mustache man.

2. The Goatee

Next, we will talk about the goatee and divide it in 2 forms. There are hundreds of various goatee styles, but it all comes down to the full goatee and the classic goatee. While sharing the same name they give a much different vibe and have a different feel to it.

First, the full goatee. Who come first to mind when you think of the full goatee (the goatee connected with a mustache). Construction men, bikers, corporate world business men, evil twins from a parallel universe, you name it. The full goatee is the jack of all trades in beard land. A manly mans style. You can drive it to your desk job and ride it home like a rugged biker.

The bottom line is, you can’,t go wrong with the full goatee. I suggest you try it out.


Beard styles on bald head

Now let’,s see. The classic goatee. The mustache under your lips.

Who is it often associated with? Should I try it?

The classic goatee is often seen in guys who are into rock, metal and punk music, are in the stoner culture, or work in the IT department.

Or a combination of all mentioned above.

It’,s usually accompanied by a more eccentric style, and is often worn by the younger generation.


The classic goatee is a rock solid option. It looks good with every form of bald head. It should be the least you should do with the shaved head style, unless you decide to go for…,

3. The stubble

Heavy and light, stubble is a great decision for chrome heads. The look is fantastic. The aura is sexy. The attractiveness is godly. But it might not work well in every environment. There are still prejudices against the stubbly look. So not an option for every office.

You want to exhibit the most attractive facial hair style or not?

Beard styles with bald head

4. The beard

The last is the full beard. Take a look at what the beard does.

Bruce Willis looks good with anything on his face.

The beard is the counter to baldness. It’,s a great dress for any face on any shaved head. You can get very creative with it.

You can leave it longer if does not affect your career, or just keep it short and corporal.

Hell, you don’,t even need to shave your head if you rock a full on a beard. You can even sport a receded hairline or short horseshoe haircut with a beard. It’,s just that good.

The full beard is a fantastic choice.

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