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To beard, or not to beard? That is the question. Whether you're inspired by Gandalf the Grey's chin-do or Ryan Gosling's five o'clock shadow - we've got all the essential beard advice covered.

On red carpets and off duty, the beard simply won’t be trimmed from current style guides. But achieving the look isn’t just a matter of tossing aside the razor - maintenance and grooming are required or you could cross the line between dashing and derro.

The New Rules of the Beard

Don’t trim up to the jawline. This doesn’t slim your face — it heightens your double chin.

Treat your beard as you would the hair on your head. Yes, that means washing and conditioning.

Long beard styling tips

You’re likely to discover your first grey hairs in your beard. Deal with it. Reach for the dye and you’ll end up with an unnatural shade of Chuck Norris.

The more detailed the style — as in thin beard lines tracing the jaw or ‘creative’ goatees — the higher the wanker factor. Harsh but true.

Your hair shade and beard won’t necessarily match. Many a light-haired man has grown out only to find latent ranga genes. It’s not all bad news — think Ewan McGregor in Star Wars or Sons of Anarchy’s Charlie Hunnam.

Here are the beards creeping across GQ’s chin and how to get them...

Launch the gallery to read about and view the four key beard styles.

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Best beard styles with long hair

Facial-Hair Styles

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Best beard styles with long hair

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