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Hipsters are complicated, eco-friendly, smart, and all around intriguing characters! It's easy to see what would attract a person to want to be a hipster! Being a hipster is an easy transition if you allow yourself to completely follow these steps, and grant yourself some patience. By the end of this article sipping black coffee, listening to a totally obscure band and reading complicated poems will be totally natural to you. Modern beard styles pictures.

Observe true hipsters. It's very likely that there's at least one hipster in your school. If there is, start picking up on what they do, wear, and what clubs (if any) they're in. Clubs can be really helpful. Joining things like Green Club, PAWS, Young Democrats, and Gay-Straight Alliance are very hipster. It's also very hip be passionate about all your views. Make sure to get your religious views straight (though most hipsters aren't religious) as well as your political and philosophical views. Have a view you truly believe in and stick to or don't hold a political view at all!

Find a hobby. All hipsters have at least one hobby. Whether it be photography, poetry, playing guitar, knitting, recycling, or painting! If you're interested in something, go ahead and pick it up! It's very hipster to devote yourself to a certain thing, and be seriously into it. You also need to make sure you get your work out their. For instance if you knit, tell people! If someone likes your scarf, and you knit it yourself don't be afraid to say so!

Be eco-friendly. Hipsters are all extremists when it comes to the earth. They typically all recycle and most of them only buy a product if it's biodegradable. If you're not eco-friendly, don't worry because it's not too hard! Start small by planting your own vegetable garden, that way you don't buy over processed vegetables from the grocery store. If you aren't a vegetarian already, you might want to look into it, because being a vegetarian is VERY hipster. It's also very hipster to only eat health foods that you buy at your local health food market.

Find obscure bands. Hipsters listen to a multitude of genres, but perhaps the most important is the one that no one has heard of. Whether it be German techno or lighthearted jazz funk. A hipster always has a ton of music on their first generation iPod, with their big over-the-ear headphones from Urban Outfitters. Make sure that no one has ever heard of any of your bands, that boosts up your hipster cred a load. It's also very important to have some of the classics. For example Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Yes, R.E.M, and The Ramones.

Get the look. Here is the hard part. There are several types of hipsters. There are the natural hipsters, the punk hipsters, and the thrift store hipsters. You need to decide which genre you fit into. So see the categories below for reference:

Natural Hipsters. Natural hipsters usually wear their tops tucked into their pants/shorts. They typically wear lace up, low top Keds (colors like salmon, light blue, and denim are best) They wear their hair in either a bun on top of their head, or just down. Natural hipsters always let their hair dry naturally and never wear a speck of make-up. They always have clear skin and natural, un-layered and uncolored hair. Their clothes are typically plain colors or a patterned top paired with plain shorts. It really varies. They tend to be the most eco-friendly of all the hipsters, and are ALWAYS vegetarian or vegan. They listen to obscure bands, and are constantly on Tumblr. They shop Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, and occasionally thrift stores. A natural hipster is never seen without their aviator sunglasses in the summer. They usually drink only water, tea, and black coffee. They also typically restrict themselves to eating extremely healthy foods and tend to do yoga in their free time. Perhaps the most envied of all the hipster groups, but also the hardest to perfect!

Modern beard styles pictures

Punk Hipsters. Their style much resembles that of Taylor Momsen or Miley Cyrus (via 2011) They usually wear too much eyeliner, bleach their hair or dye it jet black and let it grow below the rib cage and wear really baggy, yet fashionable clothes. They wear tons of rings, and necklaces, listen to Nirvana and look like total sex-kittens. Punk Hipsters are definitely not one to be messed with. They party hard, and are often certified geniuses (much like Ke$ha). Punk Hipsters buy their clothes from Topshop, Urban Outfitters, and thrift stores. They wear black combat boots a lot and you'll often see them in aviator sunglasses as well. They like to wear fishnets or any other black tights under a pair of cut off shorts with a vintage band-tee such as The Rolling Stones, Nirvana, Hole or something ironic like Simon &, Garfunkel.

Thrift Store Hipsters. Thrift store hipsters are a more To-Each-Their-Own sort of category. You can really do anything and pull it off if you have a couple essentials. You have to have multiple ugly sweaters and cardigans from thrift stores and you MUST have a pair of Dr. Martins (preferably in a floral print). Other than that thrift store hipsters are just another way of saying stereotypical hipster kid who just wanted an ironic name so they'd stand out in a crowd.

Add it all together. Now that you have a general idea, you should go on and type in "Hipster" in the search bar. The pictures that come up are a PERFECT example of true hipsters! Good luck, in an ironic way.

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May lose items in beard hair.

A natural hipster would NOT shop at forever 21 or urban outfitters as they would be way to concerned with ethics and the environment to buy new clothing made with child labor in a foreign country. This list is for KIDS!

Things You'll Need

Taste for black coffee and/or lattes

Modern beard styles pictures

Liberal views or ironic Republican views

Homemade by someone hair and body care products

Lots of books on religion, philosophy

Good sense of hipster fashion

Pictures of other hipsters

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Modern beard styles pictures

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