Islamic beard styles. Muslim nurse viciously beaten in racist attack as gang of nine teenage yobs mocked his beard - Mirror Online

A teenage girl is said to have shouted about Qaiser Hamid's facial hair and racially abused him before her male friends began punching him in the face

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Injuries: Qaiser Hamid was beaten in front of his wife during the shocking incident

A Muslim nurse was viciously beaten by a gang in a racist daylight street attack by a gang of teens who mocked his beard.

Qaiser Hamid, 37, was set upon by up to nine yobs while he was shopping in Stockport town centre on Friday.

A teenage girl shouted about his facial hair and racially abused him before her male friends began punching him in the face, the Manchester Evening News reports.

Qaiser, who was standing outside a shoe shop at the time, needed hospital treatment for cuts and bruising to his face including a deep gash to the nose.

He now says he is too frightened to go out.

Vicious Attack: The 37-year-old was hospitalised for his injuries

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Shop staff called police and Qaiser, from Heaton Norris, has been left angered as the gang loitered nearby and continued to shout threats while he waited for police.

He said: “I got punched by one of them and I tried to defend myself then they were all hitting me – I took lots of blows.

“The shop was covered in blood as I was bleeding all over the place. It was completely unprovoked.

“I don’t feel good and I don’t want to go back to Stockport. I have been really affected psychologically and struggle to go out of the house.

“I had to go to the hospital and I wore a hooded top because I feel self-conscious and don’t want people passing judgement.”

Daylight Incident: The gang attacked Qaiser in Princes Street, Stockport

Qaiser, who is a mental health nurse, had been out shopping with his wife Farah, also 37.

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He had stepped outside the shop to use his phone when the girl began abusing him and making comments about his beard.

Qaiser, a British Pakistani, said: “There were so many. It was definitely racially motivated, they kept mentioning my beard, my wife was wearing a headscarf and they kept using the P-word.”

The members of the gang are described as white and aged 15 to 17.

Victim Fears: Qaiser says he doesn't want to go into the town centre after the attack

Among those who attacked Qaiser were a male, 5ft 6in tall, wearing a blue coat and hooded top and another wearing a grey sweatshirt and gold chain.

Inspector Stephen Gilbertson from Stockport police said his records show officers arrived in around 15 minutes.

Dispersal orders are now in place so police can remove anyone behaving anti-socially and arrest them if they return.

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Inspector Gilbertson added: “We’ve had quite a lot of youths congregating around Stockport centre over the last week and it culminated with this incident.

“Officers got to it as quickly as they could but had a lot of other incidents to deal with around the same time.”

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