Cool beard styles for young guys. Smooth Beard Cuts for Men

Updated on January 1, 2013 Cool beard styles for young guys.

Men with different kinds of short and smooth beard styles

When men have a close cut beard, I don't think there is anything sexier than that. It makes the man! Very distinguished and refined looking. There are all different types of cuts. From the great look to the not so great look. The do's and the don'ts. Of coarse some men look wonderful in a close cut and others just flat out look terrible! Which one are you? Take a look at all these photos that I have gathered and see if one will suit you or if you already have it and know you want something different than what you already have.

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Rugged outdoor beard look

Sexy and good looking with less maintenance!

What about this look? You can shave one day and not shave the next 2 days and have this look or you can simply get a shaver with a low guard on it to use real quick in the morning before you start your day!

Just remember with the short close cut beard it will be rough feeling on the person you are kissing on....sooo, if they are not into getting that kind of rough feeling while being close to you then I wouldn't go for the close cut. The longer the beard the softer it is!! ,)P

I just gotta know! - What's your look?

Is this the look for you?

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The side profile of the bearded face

Here's a side profile while shaving pic. You need clippers to get it trimmed close and still leave a little hair to make it look well groomed. A razor makes the fine lines happen around the outside edges.

Cool beard styles for young guys

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Another Rugged beard just a little longer!

Another Rugged beard just a little longer!

What's your look? - Is it this look?

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Barely there beard!!

But always sexy!

Stand Off of the beard trim!

Stand Off of the beard trim!

What not to do with your beard and hair!!!

Close Cut and Long beard!

You can have both

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A close up shot of the beard!

A close up shot of the beard!

Cool beard styles for young guys

Sexy beard

Cute and simple beard

Dare to be different!

Even more styles of beards! - Try a beard tattoo!

This is a great way to show off your swagger to others and let them know what's up! Takes a lot of work to keep this style going but it can be done just for the weekend party or for that date you may have for the weekend. Because it is so short of a style it is possible to start growing the beard on Wednesday of Thursday morning so it will be a the right length for Friday or Saturday night to get your beard tribal done! This is one hell of a way to stand out from the crowd of other guys at the club, the party, hangin' out, or on a date. The great part about these designs is the fact that you don't need to have a beard all week to achieve this look! Believe me most women love this look too!

Do you have swagger? - you leanin'?

Do you have swagger and lean with it or against this tattoo bearded face look?

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Clean and friendly look with his beard!

Clean and friendly look with his beard!

rugged outdoor beard look!

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Just a little on the sides

Business but still know how to have fun!

Business but still know how to have fun!

His beard is along the Jaw line and thicker than most.. - Mike Tomlin

Is this beard too Long??

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Cool beard styles for young guys

A big DO NOT!

A Big H... YES!

Styles of Beards #1

Style of Beards #2

#2 To help you or not to help you decide?

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A little Freakish!

Style of Beards #3

#3 helped or didn't help you decide?

What about styles of beards #3?

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Always looking good Johnny Depp style! -:)P

Very Distinguished!

Doesn't look like he wants to be in public

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