Hollywood actors beard styles. Beard festival in Hungary, Daily Mail Online

Competitors gathered for the 7th Kunsag Beard Festival in Hungary Hollywood heroes beard styles.

They sported Dalis, handlebars and Napoleon III-inspired facial hair

Entrants competed to take home the coveted prize for best facial hair

Facial hair is often criticised for being scruffy and unhygienic, but for these men, it is a way of life.

Having spent years perfecting and styling their beards, they finally had the chance to show off their eye-catching efforts in front of fellow.

Sporting Dalis, goatees and Hungarians, their aim was to take home the coveted prize for best facial hair at the 7th Kunsag Beard Festival in Kiskunfelegyhaza, south of Budapest, Hungary.

Juergen Burkhardt from Germany carefully curled his beard into three large sections for the festival

Norbert Topf from Germany dressed in traditional Bavarian attire and showed off his impressive beard

Erwin Butsch from Germany shows off his Napoleon III-inspired moustache and beard combination

Entrants included one man with facial hair inspired by Napoleon III and another who had curled his beard to look like tusks.

The beard revolution appears to be at its peak with facial hair fast-becoming the must-have fashion accessory for men.

But some experts have warned that beards are nothing more than a 'bacterial sponge', riddled with thousands of bacteria - and a perfect way to pass on germs.

Hollywood actors beard styles

Carol Walker, a consultant trichologist from the Birmingham Trichology Centre, said having facial hair can lead to more frequent skin infections and to germs being passed on to others.

Istvan Ring from Hungary sported a Dali-inspired beard for the festival in Kiskunfelegyhaza, Hungary

Bernhard Haug from Germany complemented his neat beard and moustache with a bowler hat

Bernhard Heinzmann from Germany curled his moustache for the 7th Kunsag Beard Festival

Gari Schmidbauer from Germany showed off his bushy beard at the festival, southeast of Budapest

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Hollywood heroes beard styles

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Hollywood heroes beard styles

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