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A beard trimmer is an invaluable weapon in a man's grooming arsenal. A trimmer can clean up that winter beard you've been working on, making it look intentional and respectable. It can also help you get a closer trim that looks nice if prefer not to be clean shaven. Using and maintaining your beard trimmer is easy. From swapping guards to keeping the blades oiled, you can get a great trim and clean your trimmer in minutes. Beard trimming styles neck.

Part 1 of 3: Deciding on a Beard Trimmer

Research the right beard trimmer for you. There are plenty of different types of trimmers that range in price and capability. You want to find a beard trimmer that will provide enough power to give you an even shave while keeping a charge and not costing a lot of money.

Some beard trimmers, like the Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300 have many length settings and include a vacuum feature to help with cleanup.

Trimmers made by Wahl provide you with power and a long lasting battery to get an even shave. A trimmer like the Wahl 9854-600 gives you three beard comb lengths to choose from.

Most men only require a few options when it comes to shaving your beard. If you’re looking for a simple trim which evenly cuts your hair, you can save a few bucks on a less expensive trimmer.

Some trimmers are also waterproof. These trimmers can help you save time by allowing you to shave in the shower. Waterproof trimmers can be easier to clean.

Find the right beard length for you. Everyone has a different standard of what looks good in facial hair. The best way to find the length that works for you is to completely shave your face and let your facial hair grow. Then, once you’ve reached a length you like, think about what kind of trimmer you need to maintain it. <,ref<,/ref>,

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Take note of what length you like the best.

If you like your beard to be fuller and have a nice fade as it goes down your face and neck, then a powerful trimmer with three guard settings will work great.

If you like something shorter and more cropped, or even a 5 o’clock shadow, you don’t need a trimmer with a lot of options or tons of power. You’ll mostly be shaving without a guard using just the blades on the razor head.

If you like having a specific style of facial hair like a goatee or chin strap, you may want a trimmer that has several different trimmer heads and guards. You need something that allows you to swap out your standard trimmer head for a smaller set of blades to get more precision.

Buy a beard trimmer that works for your needs. Now that you know your options and know what length of beard you like, you can get a proper trimmer that fits your needs. With beard trimmers, you usually get what you pay for. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money, but buying a trimmer that boasts plenty of attachments and features for a smaller price tag might not yield great results.

If you know you only need a few guard options, your trimmer may not cost a lot. Something around the $20 range that offers a few guard options will most likely be reliable.

A trimmer that boasts variable speeds, long lasting battery, several guard and trimmer head options for $20 probably won’t keep your beard looking trim very long.

Keep your trimmer and its accessories organized. Take pride in your beard trimmer. You spent time and money finding the right one for your face. There may be a lot of little pieces and components that come with your trimmer. Get a dedicated container, if it doesn’t come with one, to store your charger, oil, heads, guards, and anything else.

Beard trimming styles neck

It may sound silly, but taking the time and pride to keep your beard trimmer well kept and organized can mean the difference between a great looking trim and an unkempt beard.

Keeping everything organized ensures that you won’t lose that one guard you go to most or the oil to keep your trimmer clean. It also ensures that when it’s time to go on a trip you have everything ready, including your charger.

Part 2 of 3: Using Your Beard Trimmer

Oil your trimmer. If you have a beard trimmer which needs oil to stay working properly, make sure that your trimmer is oiled up. Drop a few drops of oil over the blades and then run your trimmer.

Use the oil that comes with the clippers or WD40. After you've applied oil to the blades, wipe off any excess oil with a soft, dry cloth.

When oiling your clippers, you should make sure that you’ve brushed off any excess hair that might be in the blades.

Turn your clippers on and drip the oil onto them allowing the moving blades to saturate

Run the blades for about 20 seconds.

Thoroughly wipe the blades down, making sure that the tops of your blades are dry so hair doesn’t stick.

Begin shaving. Start long and finish short. If you have a sizeable beard and want to trim it down to a respectable, but still present length, start with your number 3 guard comb. Go over your entire beard.

You want to shave up against the grain. Your facial hair will grow out and down. Point your blades up and shave up against the grain.

Place the flat part of the beard comb against your face to get the best results.

Shave both your neck and your face.

If you’re not seeing any change in length, you may have to switch to a lower guard like a 2.

Switch to a lower guard. Once you’ve gone over your face and neck and have a good length, trim your neck. With a lower guard, like a 1, buzz the hair from your Adam’s apple to just under your jawline.

Again, shave in an upward motion.

If you want to go shorter than a 1 guard, remove the guard and shave with the blades on your trimmer.

You can also leave about two inches under your jaw unshaven with your 1 guard. Then fade the area by shaving that area with a 2 guard.

Beard trimming styles neck

Clean up any strays. Make sure that you get an even shave everywhere by looking in the mirror for any stray hairs. You also want to shave any areas below your Adam’s apple with your 0 guard, the blades on your trimmer.

If you want more of a fade, or trimmed your neck with your 0 guard, grab a razor and completely shave the area below your Adam’s apple.

Remove the guard for shorter styles. If you want to sport a 5 o’clock shadow, shave without a guard. For a 5 o’clock shadow, simply shave your entire face and neck with the blades on your trimmer head. This will leave you with stubble.

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You can also clean up any problem areas by shaving with a straight razor after you’ve gone over with your beard trimmer.

To keep the bottom of your mustache clean and your mouth free of hair, use the trimmer without a guard. Smile with your mouth closed and trim the hair just above your upper lip in an even line.

Part 3 of 3: Cleaning Up and Maintaining Your Trimmer

Place a wastebasket below you to catch the clippings. Your beard trimmer will release a lot of small clippings, especially if you have a lot of hair. It’s best to place a wastebasket below you when shaving to reduce the mess.

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After you’ve let your clippings fall into your wastebasket, grab a damp paper towel and wipe up any stray clippings.

Clean your guards. Remove any guards you have on your trimmer. Place the guards you used in the sink. You can rinse your guards with soap and water because the guards are plastic.

Rinse the guards with warm water to remove any hair that may be sticking.

Clean your trimmer. Grab the brush that came with your beard trimmer and remove the clipper head from the handle. Brush away any hair that is caked to the trimmer.

You can remove the blade head of your trimmer by pushing up with your thumb. You will hear a popping noise once you’ve disconnected the blades. Then you can pull it off of your handle.

Beard trimming styles neck

Grab a cotton swab and use it to clean between the blade grooves.

Once you’ve removed all the hair, place the blade head back on the clipper and run your clippers for a few seconds. This will shake any loose hairs off.

Unless you have a waterproof trimmer, never run it under water. This can break the trimmer and rust the blades.

Oil your trimmer. If you just oiled your beard trimmer before shaving you don’t have to oil it again. But oiling your trimmer after your shave is a good maintenance habit. Hold your trimmer over your sink and drop a few drops of oil onto the blades. Then run your trimmer for about 20 seconds.

Oiling your trimmer allows the blades and motor to stay lubricated, ensuring the longevity of your trimmer’s life.

Wipe your clippers down with a cloth or paper towel to remove any excess oil.

Give us 3 minutes of knowledge!

Use a soft hair shampoo and conditioner to wash your beard. This will keep it smooth and easy to trim or shave.

Keep your trimmer oiled and regularly brush the hair out of the tips.

Remove stray hairs from your face when you finish, especially the cheeks. You may have to use a straight razor for this.

Always make sure you have a good charge on your trimmer for the best results.

Shave against the grain. And go slowly when shaving. You may have to go over an area several times to get all the hairs.


If your trimmer is not fully charged it can pull hairs cause discomfort and redness.

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