Hollywood actors beard styles. 13 Handsome Older Actors When They Were Young

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Hollywood loves to cast its actors in youthful roles, but some some of these age differences might catch you off guard... &hellip, (MORE)

Hollywood actors beard styles

Most young actors love to appear on the screen, but some of them have a secret desire: to call the shots as a the age of 22, actress Jennifer Lawrence was already &hellip, an Academy Award-winner, so it is only natural that she wants to advance to the next stage of her career: directing. 'I would love to direct one day. My passion for directing happened at the same time as it did for acting on my first movie,' she said during a press conference after the 2014 Golden Globes.British actress Carey Mulligan earned praise for her role as Daisy in the 2013 remake of 'The Great Gatsby.' But while she wants to eventually switch from acting to directing, she still feels she has a thing or two to learn. 'I definitely want to direct one day, but I think I need to keep watching and observing for a while,' she told Harper's Bazaar after filming the movie.Justin Timberlake made a pretty smooth transition from singing to acting, but the man of many talents has another job in mind for the future: directing. Working with famed actor/director Clint Eastwood on the movie 'Trouble with the Curve' helped inspire him. 'It's no mystery that I would love to direct one day, and getting to watch him... put his fingerprint on the movie, he's just a legend, you know,' he said during a 2012 'Harry Potter' movies made Daniel Radcliffe a star, but if he has his way, his next big film role will be behind the camera. 'I would love to direct. I do it in my head when I'm watching other directors direct. 'No, don't say that to them!' I think I'm quite good with people. Part of being a director is knowing how different actors work in different ways. I'd enjoy it,' he told Variety in Lindsay Lohan has gone through quite a bit of trouble since finding fame as a child actress, but, as of 2014, she wants to make a comeback. In an interview with the Daily Mail, she said, 'I think a lot of people have a misconception of me due to situations I put myself in, things that have been made up about me or manifested and I got into this to be an actress and you know I like to create, to write, I eventually want to direct.' Hopefully, she can turn her life around and achieve that goal.'Twilight' star Kristen Stewart is so over acting. In a 2014 interview with Reuters, she bashed her chosen career, claiming she'd rather move on to bigger and better things. 'I want to make movies one day, like absolutely I want to direct movies,' she said.Another 'Twilight' star looking to try his hand at directing is Robert Pattinson. According to a 2014 Radar Online article, the young actor claims to hate the fame associated with acting and wants to move his talent behind the camera. The website claims Pattinson has even considered going back to school to learn more about behind-the-scenes work in the film business. (MORE)

Haley Joel Osment gained child star status when he starred as a main character in "The Sixth Sense." Osment's appearance drastically changed since his child star days. Osment &hellip, grew a shaggy beard, a fuller face, and hair that make him resemble the late Phillip Seymour Smith's strong genes show through all of his children, but Jaden Smith looks the most like his father. He also has the acting experience to pull off the role of Will Smith. Jaden's filmography starts at the age of four and includes several collaborations with his father such as "The Pursuit of Happyness" and "After Earth."A seasoned actress like Angela Bassett needs a very talented actress to portray her in a biopic. Quvenzhané, Wallis is a child star with many awards and prestigious nominations. She even starred as lead in films like "Annie" and "Beasts of the Southern Wild." In addition to both being talented actresses, Wallis and Bassett have a heart-shaped face, toffee-colored skin, brunette hair, and similar Charles and Maguire started their acting careers as children and starred as Peter Parker in films about Spider-Man. Besides having similar professional backgrounds, Charles looks eerily similar to Maguire as a child. Both have short, brunette hair, fair skin, and similar noses and cheekbones.Sadie Sandler and Liv Tyler have a lot in common. Both are the daughters of actor/musicians, and they started their acting careers during adolescence. Each shares a similar appearance with fair skin, brunette hair, an oblong face, and sparkling brown eyes. (MORE)

Hollywood stars beard styles

You've probably seen the countless videos that show just how amazing makeup is, from turning regular people into glamorous celebrity look-a-likes to celebrities who look nothi &hellip, ng like themselves. But makeup isn't just for a night out on the town. Sometimes a character becomes unforgettable thanks to the makeup in the of these ladies played Mystique in an 'X-Men' film, and both of them are completely unforgettable. The blue body makeup, red hair, and yellow eyes go a long way in making the audience forget that Mystique isn't actually a real word: 'Hairspray.' He plays a woman, and the main character's mother at that. You know it's him, but you'd swear you were looking at his sister.Eddie Murphy is no stranger to makeup. He played several of the characters in his 'Nutty Professor' films, and he plays several characters in his film 'Norbit.' Male, female, young, or old doesn't matter to him because makeup makes it all makeup enhances a person's look, but in Charlize Theron's case, it made her much less attractive. She played the title character in 'Monster,' and she looked hideous, which was on purpose. It was one of her best performances, but one of her worst could the Joker not make this list? Heath Ledger's stunning performance as Batman's crazy criminal was the stuff of legends, and he looked nothing like his ordinarily handsome self. Makeup is a powerful makeup used to transform Emma Thompson into Nanny McPhee made her look haggard, and frankly, unattractive. She had a big nose, bucktooth (not teeth), a unibrow, and a large hairy mole. But, it made you love her all the is also no stranger to makeup, and frankly, his roles look so different from him that it's easy to forget he's the actor. Consider both 'Hellboy' and the 80's TV remake of 'Beauty and the Beast.' Both were Perlman, but the makeup was rather those of you who saw 'Pan's Labyrinth,' Jones plays the pale man. You know, the guy with nostril slits and a mouth, but no eyes, well not where they should be anyway. They're in his hands, and it's creepy when he holds them up. He's unforgettable, and Jones is also completely was a sweet, innocent little child and quite pretty to boot. Then she became possessed by a demon and the makeup crew made her look it. The possessed version of Linda Blair's character was quite disturbing, even now in a desensitized society. Such is the power of makeup.Voldemort totally had to make this list. The transformation of Fiennes into the fiendish Dark Lord is just another testament to what makeup is capable of. Voldemort is a completely unforgettable character in his own, but Ralph Fiennes made him tangible.Remember that movie 'The Fly?' That was Jeff Goldblum done up in some scary makeup. The movie is still creepy, and Goldblum looks nothing like himself in that get up.Johnny, in pretty much any Tim Burton movie, is going to have some twisted makeup that makes him look crazy, but totally unforgettable. But, one that stands out the most is 'Edward Scissorhands.' The character was brilliantly designed, and Johnny Depp made the audience imagine what it would be like to have scissors for hands.Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice. Nope, he didn't appear. But, Michael Keaton certainly made that character fun and insanely memorable. The makeup was a big part of that. (MORE)

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Hollywood actors beard styles

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