Chin strap beard styles pictures. Chin curtain beard how to grow, Philips

1. Trim your facial hair to 3-5mm even look, so that you can focus in on your curtain style. Chin strap beard in style.

2. Create your Chin Curtain Beard style by defining the edges: use a full-size or precision trimmer to create a line in front of your sideburns from the middle of your ear to about 2 inches above your jaw line. Follow the natural curve of your face to the center of your chin.

3. Trim and shape your Chin Curtain Beard, using a beard trimmer with a length comb or zoom wheel set at the 3rd or 4th position, until you have a beard with a soft angular shape.

4. Use a precision trimmer to create definition on the outside of your Chin Curtain Beard, carefully touching the edges of the hair with the trimmer to form well-defined lines. Extra tip: be sure to hold the beard trimmers upright during use.

5. Use the mini foil shaver to remove the hair under your bottom lip.

Thin chin strap beard styles

6. Give your cheeks, mustache and neck a clean shave with a rotary shaver, moving in a gentle, circular motion.

Styling / Maintenance your Chin Curtain Beard

The Chin Curtain Beard is relatively easy to maintain, just keep the cheeks, mustache and area below the bottom lip clean with a shaver or razor. Use a beard trimmer, with comb, to maintain the stylish point of your curtain.

The Chin Curtain is a little simpler than both the Amish and the Strap Beard style, but for different reasons.

Chin strap beard styles pictures

The beard requires a lot less upkeep than the Strap, which is easily overgrown. And it doesn’t take quite as long to grow in as the Amish. You’ll still need to grow out your beard for a while, but it doesn’t have to be as full. You can also groom it into a dull point if you wish, something that’s a little too flashy for the Amish Beard.

This is a great choice for anyone looking to disguise a pointy chin or soften a boxy jaw.


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