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Hey girls Today we have a few hair styles inspired by one of your favorite stars. Ariana Grande is a great girl with an amazing hair. We have for you some hair dues that looked great on her and that are very easy to make by yourselves. Follow the instructions and create a great hair style that can be worn no matter the occasion. Have fun

Rapunzel needs some help with an important task. She wants to look better and we have to help her. Let us change her hair style so the people stop staring at her beautiful hair. Use the hair dresser tools and use your imagination to make her look fantastic. Curl cut or dye her hair. When you finish she will look amazing.

Want to learn to become an expert beautician? This is the perfect time to learn with rainbow cutie and easy steps to do a make over!

Going back to school can be fun and hard at the same time. You have to look and feel great and we have some tips about how to do it. Check out the newest hair dues Fun and easy to make but with a great result. Follow the steps and create some unique hair styles that are proper for school and good looking at the same time. Have fun

Elsa is preparing for the Thanksgiving dinner in The kingdom of Alan Dale. As the queen she needs to look elegant and charming. Could you work as her hair stylist and give her a new haircut You should wash her hair cut curl or straighten them. You could even dye her hair and then add some cute thanksgiving accessories. Dont forget to give her a makeup and choose a beautiful gown Have fun

Rapunzel wants to try out something new with her hair. Can you help her Use the hairdresser tools and play with the princess s hair. Make her look unbelievably good and everyone will be amazed. Have fun

Here is a new game with Barbie. In this game you will help Barbie to have a nice haircut. Barbie just woke up and her hair isnt on right. You will take care of the barbies hair. You have a lot of utensils for hair. Use scissors lawn or combed to make Barbie to be the most beautiful girl in the world.

If you did not know it Super Barbie loves glittery dresses. She spends most of her time using her master card in luxury stores to buy these dresses. Let us help Super Barbie prepare for a special evening. Take care of her makeup and hair style and dress her up in a special glittery dress.

Ladies Barbie needs you right away. During her visit to a chemical laboratory she touched something she was not allowed to know she woke up with hair all over her face. Grab your shaving tools and start cutting her long strands. Use the electric shaver to remove all hair forever and Barbie will look as pretty as always.

Be the fashion adviser of your fantasy girl. Take a look in her closet and select a special dress and accessories. You have to change her hair style and make sure she looks perfect. Have fun

Rapunzel wants a look change so she went to the store and bought some hair paint. She payed the products with her master card and went back home. You need to help Rapunzel prepare the paint so she can paint her hair ombre. Follow the instructions and make sure everything goes perfect. Have fun

Barbie is ready to go on a holiday She took a vacation from her job at the attorney office and she is ready to go to all the summer festival out there. To do so she needs your help. You must give a her a total makeover from her hair color to her day by day outfit. Of course when she comes back at the attorney office she will get back to her regular style but till then she will be the coolest girl and only you can make this happen Choose the perfect colors for her hair make it crazy and colorful and then choose a trendy outfit and some cool accessories and your job is done Have fun

Baby Barbie is very glad because she is going to school. You have to help her choose a nice hair style and clothes. Something that looks nice and it is appropriate for school. Follow the steps and complete the task on each level to give Barbie the right look for school. Have fun

Girls all of us know how difficult it is when your hair does not look as good as you desire to so help out sweet Talking Angela who is in a lot of trouble. Her hair is a total mess so you must help her wash then cut the long strands trim and use the electric shaver to make Angela look pretty as she used to.

This fantastic and very realistic hair salon game will please you on many aspects. You can get a lot of different haircuts by using the hair kits such as hair dryer clipper cisor brush flat iron and curling iron. Apply fancy hairstyles to your model and attempt to please her. We have good hope youll enjoy this fantastic hairdresser game.

Pamper yourself and your hair with a relaxing day at the salon. Your hair needs a nurturing treatment in order to grow healthy beautiful and strong so dont wait any longer.

Poor Elsa looks terrible. She lost almost all her hair for unknown reasons. You have to do something to help her. Use the special shampoo and soap to wash her scalp. Then treat her scalp injure. Finally use the special hair treatment to make her hair grow back the way it was. Elsa will regain her beauty and good spirit. Enjoy

The greatest moment has finally arrived And Elsa is really nervous about what to wear at her wedding to look beautiful. All of her friends family and people from the kingdom will be there so make sure Elsa looks incredible stunning in her long blue dress with snowy motifs and her prince match her perfectly.

Pou has been waiting for his beard to grow, so he could come to your fancy salon and get a stylish masculine look. So make Pou happy in this fun game and wash,cut, dye his beard and offer him a glamorous and noble stylish look that will leave the ladies speechless.

This cute girl wants to go to her friends party tonight. Her mom told her she can go only if she cleans the bathroom. Help the girl find all the tools she need to do the cleaningthen help her clean the toilet. After you finish the work it is party time. Choose a cute outfit hair style and makeup for the girl and she can go to the party and have fun.

What should you wear at a weekend festival This girls want to find the answer to this hard question and they need your help. Choose for them some cute clothes and accessories and take care of their hair style. Have fun

The monsters from Monster High need some nice and cool haircuts and they know that your hairstyle saloon is the best Can you use your skills and imagination and make them look amazing

Still searching for the perfect hairdo for the biggest day of your life Get inspired from this great game and choose from the many styles then simply follow the instructions and you will get a fabulous hairdo worthy of a princess. Your wedding hair will ultimately complete your look and make you feel more beautiful than ever

Clawdeen Wolf is a lovely girl who has always had a glowing hair. Well today that is changed about her and she wants to fix this issue immediately. Play this game and use your imagination to give her a new haircut that will put her again into the spotlights. Enjoy

Bella has been training really hard in the past months for the biggest swimming competition of the year taking place tomorrow. She feels really confident and hopes will bring home a golden medal but from all the pressures tensions and hard working she totally forgot to shave her armpits hair. Quickly apply an exfoliating gel to remove the dead cells then apply a shaving cream and start shaving her hairy armpits afterwards put on a moisturizing cream for her skin to recover quickly. Great now that her armpits look fine pick up a fabulous swimming suit accessorized nicely and she is ready to win. Keep your fingers crossed.

Anna is trying a new hair style today a waterfall braid that looks great on her long hair. Let us help her wash the hair with shampoo then apply a nourishing mask and dry the hair. After the hair is combed all you have to do is make the braid. Have fun

Play this fun game and create a new look for Barbie. Follow the instructions and use the products to make her look flawless. Clean her face give her a new makeup a crazy hair style and the most amazing outfit. Now Barbie is ready to party. Enjoy

Facial hair styles games

Help Barbie become a red carpet diva. She must attend a very special event and she must look perfect. Choose for her the perfect dress accessories and hair style. Nothing must be neglected in irder for Barbie to shine.

Monster High will not be the same without fabulous Clawdeen Wolf a fashion adviser who knows everything about the latest trends in clothes accessories and hairstyle. Today she decided to let you do whatever you like to her beautiful hair so go crazy with bright colors and funky haircuts and complete her makeover with a cute outfit.

Queen Elsa want to look gorgeous at the Thanksgiving party. She needs a new hair style and you are the one who can help her. Follow the instructions and use the hair dresser tools to make her look spectacular. Have fun

Have you ever wanted to be a hairstylist Now is your chance to use your imagination and create the most unusual and amazing look. Get crazy with bold colours curl or straighten her hair and complete the wonderful makeover session with a glam outfit and bright accessories.

Dora did not listen to her mother advice and when no one saw her she played with a box of matches. The result is dramatic. Dora lost a good part of her hair and has some light burns on her scalp. Help Dora grow back her nice hair. First wash her hairthen heal the burns and blisters using the drops. Finally use the 2 Phase hair growing treatment so that Dora look beautiful again. Have fun

Help Taylor Swift improve her looks. Follow the instructions and use the cosmetic products to make Taylor have a smooth and flawless skin. Choose a new makeup hair style and outfit for her and the makeover is done.

Rapunzel should have made a life insurance or a health insurance because right now she really needs some medical care. Follow the steps and treat Rapunzel scalp using the indicated tools. Let us help she will heal as soon as possible.

Wow! This girl is really hairy, and she certainly need your help! She has a fused eyebrows, mustache and even beard! Ouch! And what is this? It',s a lices! Come on, let',s give her a new glamorous look!

Rapunzel is getting married and she wanted a princess wedding. She hired the best wedding planner who took care of everything. She payed the wedding planners with her master card. You have to help Rapunzel with the most important task. Choose the wedding dress and her hair style. Have fun

Anna wants a hair style change and she needs your help for that. Trimcut or curl her hair using professional tools and figure out what kind of hairdo fits better for Anna. There are over 20 colors you can use to make her hair stand out then you can add a bit of glitter or some hairpins. In the end dress her up in a special outfit and you are done.

Elsa Anna and Rapunzel decided to spend a lovely day by the pool. The girls have prepared all kind of surprises and fun things to do like beauty treatmentshair masks and ice cream. Join the princesses and have a fantastic time together

Elsa needs to look her best for her Coronation day and she needs your help. Start by washing her hair and applying a nourishing treatment. After this comes the styling part. Choose a nice hair style and follow the instructions to do it. She will be very glad that you helped her and you will have a lot of fun together.

Create the best hair style for this funny minion. Make him look wonderful and unrecognizable. Use the hairdresser tools and start the makeover. Have fun

Pamper yourself and your hair with a relaxing day at the salon. Your hair needs a nurturing treatment in order to grow healthy beautiful and strong so dont wait any longer.

Tom fur grew very long. You have to help him trim it so he can look handsome again. Use all the instruments in the right order to make Tom look wonderful. Have fun

You know Monster High girls They are very special and in the last time they have asked quite often our help. In this game is Venus the girl who you should help. You can makeup her choose some dresses for her and maybe arrange her hair. Good Luck

Step right now at the best pet salon in town Let your beloved fluffy kitty or puppy be pampered and feel relaxed we offer you full services from cleaning bathing grooming and dress up. We need all the help we can get when it comes to taking care of sweet animals so give it a try in this great game.

Girls always want to look pretty and flawless with a soft skin but we all know how hard that it is. It is time for shaving girls so prepare your tools and patience and get that dreamy skin you want.

Barbie is a very respected lawyer but she looks and act different from the other lawyers because she is a fun lawyer. She wanted to have rainbow hair because it is the latest trend and she does not care what other s think about her. Help Barbie get the perfect rainbow hair.

This cute girl love dressing up every day for school. She likes chic outfits and she always fixes her hair in cute hair dues. Today she wants to try something new and she needs yor help to braide her hair. Start by washing her hairapply a conditioner and a hair mask. Then choose the hairstyle you would like her to try out today. Start creating the braide by following the instructions. In the end you can accessorize her hair with hairpins or with colorful hair bows

This cute girl wants to go to an exotic vacation and the money she saved so far are not enough. So she decided to apply for a job. Besides from her profesional skills she needs to look very good for the job interview. Choose a nice outfit and hair style for the girl so she can make a good impresion.

Barbie needs a new fabulous look for the Christmas party so she has come to your hairstyle studio. Wash brush dry and arrange her hair in a lovely matter that best suits her.

Find out Rapunzels beauty secrets in a new makeover game and help the future mommy relax at the spa Prepare the bath with wonderful flowers shampoo her hair and apply beauty treatments After that have fun with colorful eye shadow lipstick and false lashes in the makeup stage. Pick up a beautiful dress for the pregnant princess and some fancy accessories and the makeover is complete Rapunzel will look amazing and ready for a relaxing night out.

This beautiful girl is preparing for a romantic dinner with her husband celebrating their wedding anniversary. She wants to pleasantly surprise him so she needs your help to do her hair in a nice manner. Inspire from this great game and follow the instructions to get a marvellous hairdo with nice accessories.

You will need to rush across the town to make sure that the bachelorette Barbie party is her looks gorgeous.

Barbie looks terrible after she tried to curl her hair. She kept the curler too much in her hair and besides the fact that she lost a good part of her hairshe also has a minor burn. Help her wash her hairthen take care of the burn finally apply the hair growing treatment. Very shortly the hair will grow back and Barbie will be happy.

Briar Beauty has long, wavy brown hair with pink streaks, partially tied into a flower-like bun on top of her head. But she tired of her typical hairdo so she wants you to give her a complete hair makeover. First give her hair a washing and then choose a beautiful new haircut style and color. Finally choose the perfect dress and some lovely makeup.

Facial hair styles 2013 games

This girl has some beauty problems because her face is very hairy. Help her get rid of all the unaesthetic face hair using the right skin products and tools. Finish her transformation with a nice makeuphair style and a cute outfit. She will look fantastic thanks to you. Enjoy

Ladies and gentelmen it is Ball time This cute little princess and her lovely mother have to get ready for a very important event. The first Ball of the baby princess. Use your skill to dress up the two of them and choose the most spectacular hair style and outfit. Do not forget shoesjewelry and most important the crown. Now you are ready to party

Girls you know that princess Belle is a symbol of beauty and flawless look but today she wants a different hairstyle to impress her prince. Everyone will envy Belle at the ballroom so start playing this fun makeover game and offer Belle a wonderful hairdo. You get the chance to try on different haircuts and hair dye from the amazing palette surely Belle will look amazing.

Elsa needs a new hair due for a ball that she is attending. Join her and use the hair dresser tools to give her an unique look that no one will forget easily. Have fun

Shakira has many concerts all a over the world and she needs to prepare and dress up proper every time. Help her choose the right makeover and outfit for the concert tonight.

Help this cute pony get a new hair style. He needs to look good for the beginning of school and you are the one who can make him look great. Follow the steps and use the hair dresser instruments to completely change the look of the pony. Have fun

Beard is a great accessory when you want to change your look but sometimes you get tired of beard and it is time to take it off. You have to help this nice man shave his beard. Follow the steps and use the tools to make his face soft and smooth. Enjoy

Women always want to change something about their look. Rapunzel wants a new hair style because she has a beautiful long hair and she wants a change. Use the hair dresser tools and get creative. Curlcutdye and see what an amazing result you will get. Have fun

Decorate the salon and make up the beautiful girl. Search through various cuts and styles until you find the one you cant live without Choose from a wide selection of lovely colors and glamorous clothes to complete your outfit.

Zoe is enjoying a great head massage followed by a refreshing hairstyle but her mother is taking too long and is occupied with other things so Zoe decided to entertain with different stuffs. She wants to do some slaking with the accessories and item available at the saloon although she is not allowed so help Zoe go crazy without getting caught by her mother.

Bad guys always get caught eventually and need to respect some rules when in prison. This prisoner needs to get his beard shaved so prepare your tools and show your barber skills in shaving his long evil bushy beard.

Sofia is in your new hair salon and you will get to make her look awesome. Choose the new hair style, length and color, then you can shape it however you want.

Barbie is getting ready for a date with her friend and she wants to relax and look great for this event. Help her have a relaxing bath and some beauty treatments so she can feel pampered. After the spa experience choose a nice hair stylemakeup a cute outfit and some chic accessories. She will look stunning.

Play this fun game and give Sofia a new look. All you have to do is play with her hair. Curl itcut itstraighten it or even dye it in cool colors. Use your imagination and make her happy by giving her a new hair due. Have fun

Barbie is undecided about what to wear on her first day at high school. Help her choose some nice but proper outfits for school. Also choose a cute hair style and some fun accessories. She will look amazing and she will be so popular thanks to you.

Whether you like your hair short or you prefer long hair with curls, you can experiment many styles with this hair styling ga

In this game you have to use shampoo on Rapunzel hair then wash it. Dry her hair off then brush it nicely with the hair brush. Cut it with the scissors then paint it with any colors you want.

Bet you love the Princess Hair Salon 1 and 2! Enjoy another level of fun with Princess Hair Salon 3. Share your hair salon talent to everyone now.

A Ballerina wants a new look for her hairstyle. Can you be her hair stylist for today and use the equipment in "Hair Salon"? Make her pretty today!

A Fairy wants to have a new look for this year. Yet she doesnt know where to start. You are just on time to make her one. Make Her A Trendy Fairy Dress!

There is going to be a "Tea Party" later and someone needs your help. Will you help em do a beauty Preparation? Let',s start and enjoy the tea party!

Frozen Anna wants to have a new Makeover to make her look pretty for Kristoff. Do you have what it takes to make Frozen Anna satisfied? Let',s do it!

Lollipop Land Princess wants to have a new look that matches her Lollipop land. Can you make the best Makeover for the princess in Lollipop land?

Nurses have to look pretty every single day thus inspiring confidence to her patience. Make this sweet nurse look flawless and modern every day so mix and match different clothes and offer her a great style.

Elsa wants to become a real super princess and she needs a style makeover. Help Super Elsa look like a real heroine by choosing for her a great outfit. hairstyle do her makeup and choose awesome accessories. Have fun

Use your hairdresser skills on baby Talking Tom. Make him special and extra groomed using the special tools. Tom will be pleased with his new look. Have fun

Rihanna loves to take care of her hair because it is one of the aspects that made her famous. If youd like you can find out her secret hair treatment but first of all you have to play this game. After that you can try to apply what you found here on yourself so what do you say about it

Facial hair styles 2013 games

Barbie was very busy this week. She used her master card to pay her health insurance and went shopping. She spend all her money from the master card on new clothes and now she can not afford to go to a hair salon. At least she solved the health insurance problem. Help Super Barbie get a new hair style and a new look. Have fun

Girls poor Talking Angela had a skin infection so she had to let her hair grow in order to get well but now she looks untidy and needs your help urgently. You must shampoo wash clean dry then prepare your barber skills cause there is lots of hair to be cut and shaved. Angela will look pretty again thanks to you.

These hot summer days are perfect to try cute braided hairstyles that will look great on any hair color and length. Start with a hair wash and a nourishing mask. After the hair is dry you can choose the braiding style and start creating a cool look. After you finished add some nice hair accessories and you are ready to go out and impress your friends. Enjoy

This wonderful princess needs the best hairdresser in the kingdom. They are in rush and both of them have to look spectacular for the ball they are attending. Prove your skills and give the princess and her baby an unique and special hairstyle and you will become the royal hairdresser.

Rapunzel is ready to try a look change. Today she is trying some beauty masks to get rid of her skin problems. After the beauty treatment it is time to fix her beautiful hair and perhaps dye it in a darker colour. Choose what you think fits her better. Complete the makeover with a cute outfit and makeup. Have fun

This cute girl needs to wear a dental brace and she decided to get a special one. Help her choose a trendy dental brace with colored pattern or sparkly stones. In the end choose a nice hair style and some chic accessories that will go with her new dental brace. Have fun

The big moment is finally here. Elsa is getting married with her Prince charming. You have the great honour of dressing them for this happy event. Start by choosing a nice hair style for Elsathen comes the makeupaccessories and the wedding dress. Now is time to dress up the groomchoose a chic suit and a nice hair style. Now it is time to party

It is time for Elsa weekly beauty treatment. She bought some new skin products and you have to help her test them. Follow the steps and take good care of Elsa s skin. Next you have to wash her hair and give her a new hair style. Have fun spending time with Elsa

This nice girl wants a special hair do for her prom night. She selected a complex braiding and she needs your help to do it. Start by washing her hair then apply styling gel and you can start combing the hair. Now it is time to work on the braid and finish the look with hair spray.

Elsa and Anna are getting ready to attend a ball in a near by kingdom. They have chosen their outfits and accessories but they forgot about the hair. You have to help Elsa and Anna wash their hair and choose a nice hair style matching their personalityes. Have fun

The gorgeaous underwater princess Ariel has always been interested in human things so today she is looking for a new hairstyle so she can impress her sisters at home. You have plenty of options in this awesome game just use your creativity and cut curl straighten dive her beautiful long red hair. Offer Ariel a fresh look from the hundreds of great hair styles.

Ariel needs a relaxing day at the sea spa. Help her enjoy a relaxing treatment for her face and hair. She is willing to spend all she has on her credit card just to have a great time. At the end choose a great outfit for beautiful Ariel. Have fun

Californian girls unforgettable fine fresh and fierce as Katty Perry says in her beautiful songs. Be part of the making of the video dressing up Katty with a sweet and savoury costume do her hair in a lovely way and choose the perfect setting.

Sometimes your hair needs a bit of an extra boost so by using a hair mask you can add loads more moisture into your hair and make it healthier. There is no use to spend lots of money on expensive products when you can learn in this great game to make a natural hair mask with ingredients found in your kitchen. Chop the banana add the almonds and stay the required time. Your hair will look awesome.

Barbie is a sweet angel who wants a look change. Going thru a makeover is not an easy task and looks like Barbie needs your help. Choose a new hair style and outfits for her. Do not forget about makeup accessories and a new pair of wings. She will look wonderful and she will fly with no worries. Have fun

Frankie prepares herself for a date and she needs you to take care of her hair and choose for her the perfect hairstyle and the appropiate one too. Help Frankie and she will help you too when you will need it.

Cinderella is almost ready for the big party and her meeting with the Prince Charming She only needs a little help with her hair and you are the right person to help her Give her a real nice haircut so that she can impress everybody Have fun

Today we are going to the salon for our baby first haircut I hope he will like it and he wont cry a lot Please cut his hair nice and try to keep him happy

Everybody says that health insurance is important. Well if you are ill you can not be treated in the hospital if you do not have health insurance. Barbie just got one and she is very happy. Now help her do her work in the hair salon.

Beautiful Clawdeen is having a big big problem her hair is really entangled and she needs to prepare for a party so she is running out of time. Help her unravel her nice long hair by washing brushingand cutting it dye it in a bright colour and give Clawdeen a great hairdo. After choose a dainty outfit with alluring accessories.

Design a brand-new hairstyle for Dora the Explorer!

Manage and style your own hair design!

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