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You just got your first motorcycle and you want to look like a biker. Like the ruggedness of the look but aren't sure if you can pull it off? Follow these tips to look like a biker. Biker facial hair styles.

Grow your hair long. Bikers often have long hair blowing out the back of their helmets. Let your facial hair grow if you are a man because bikers often have long beards.

Tattoo your arms, chest or back. Get a tattoo of a biker, a skull or a dragon. Bikers often sport more than one tattoo.

Wear a black leather coat and black leather pants or chaps. When you aren't wearing leather, wear black jeans with a black t-shirt. You can collect black shirts with group logos on them for the biker look.

Dress for the warmer weather by wearing a black or brown vest with side laces or front fringes. Add ride pins to your vest or get a club logo on the back if you belong to a club.

Add black leather biker boots to your outfit. You can get black boots with straps for men and black boots with laces for women.

Facial hair styles for bikers

Include biker accessories in your look. Carry your wallet on a chain that is attached to your belt and wear shades or biker glasses to finish your look. Add the Harley Davidson logo to your jacket, vest or shirt.

Dress like a safety conscious biker with a black helmet or skull cap. Bikers also wear black leather gloves with or without fingers as well as bandanas and caps with logo pins.

Look like a biker chick by wearing leather halter tops with chains or hinges. You can buy ones that tie at the back or zip and button up at the front. Add black leather pants, a skirt or booty shorts. Women's biker outfits also come in pink and can be plain leather or include fringes.

Tips &, Warnings

Get a bike. You will look most like a biker while you are on one.


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Biker facial hair styles

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Biker facial hair styles

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