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We',d dedicate a Shakespearean sonnet to these beards. Business man beard styles.

Fact: If the word sexy had a picture in the dictionary, it would be of a man rocking a super-scorching beard. I can't deny that I love a good beard. I don't know what it is but c lean-shaven men or guys with baby scruff have just never been as appealing to me.

Give me a man who's 20 percent beard and 80 percent personality, and I'd say it's a perfect match. And according to this recent study by the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, I'm not alone in this obsession.

After surveying a group of men and women on their perception of facial hair, researchers found that "beardedness affects judgements of male socio-sexual attributes and suggest that an intermediate level of beardedness is most attractive while full-bearded men may be perceived as better fathers who could protect and invest in offspring."

Science confirms what we already knew: Women (and men) dig facial hair.

Even though the study says that most women shy away from heavier beards, I'm not ashamed to admit that I sometimes have a soft spot for the hipster variety, and would dedicate a Shakespearean sonnet to the 'Captain Jack' type.

Side burns and a 'stache? Can't get any hotter than that.

That being said, check out this sexy infographic from Hairstyle On Point featuring the most popular beards in 2015:


This über-hipster has taken "unique" to a whole new level. He's mostly harmless, thought he might get on everyone's nerves after a while. Plus, he totally attracts bees.

Business man beard styles

1. The dude with flowers in his beard.


There's this guy. No other words are necessary.

This screams of daddy-issues. Either that, or your parents will think you're a gold digger. Do you really want them thinking either of those things about you? We didn't think so.

3. Any dude older than your dad


And vice versa. Someone who leans heavily to one side won't necessarily be so welcome in the home of people who support the other side.

Business man beard styles

4. A Republican (if that’s not your thing).


None of them are as hot as this guy, and your parents will not think he's sexy.

5. An actively incarcerated inmate.


No. Hell no. Forget your parents, we won’t let you date this guy.


Your parents won't be impressed by a guy who wants to take you BASE-jumping or really to do any other dangerous activity. They are your parents, they don't want to outlive you.


Business man beard styles

Along with the porn star, this is a fella you want to avoid. Your folks will totally be able to tell what kind of man he is (particularly if he hits on your mom), and they want better for you.


What are you thinking, kids? This guy will make your loving parents lie awake at night wondering how he is going to hurt their baby/get you arrested. Please, spare them the stress.


But he's not just any old Tattoo Guy. He's a modified, horn-possessing, ear-gauging, spike-implanting mother guaranteed to send your folks into cardiac arrest.

10. And finally, there',s Tattoo Guy.

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