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At 18/8, style runs in our veins. We spend hours contemplating the finer points of an excellent haircut, we scour the land for the best barbers in the business and train them with the best tools and techniques of the trade, and we make a point to turn every one of our expert grooming services into a complete luxury barbershop experience – and nowhere does that experience shine like in our shaves and beard trims. Best beard style for a shaved head.

We’,ve taken the classic barbershop straight razor shave – the same one your grandfather would have gotten – and modernized it for the 21st century, creating a grooming experience that’,s timelessly classic yet luxuriously modern. These shave and trim treatments won’,t just give you a clean look: they’,ll make you feel like a new man.

The Classic Straight-Razor Shave

At 18/8, we think that a straight shave should be more than just a grooming treatment: it should be a luxury experience. That’,s why we’,ve turned our straight shave into a complete barbershop experience designed to invigorate you from start to finished. We’,ll begin with a hot towel treatment to ease away stress and soften the skin and whiskers for the shave, after which we’,ll treat you to a luxurious hot shave lather that moisturizes skin and lubricates facial hair. Next comes the main course: a classic straight razor shave from one of our expert barbers. You’,ll experience a shave straight from the days of your grandfather, and it’,ll give you a cut so close and so comfortable you’,ll have a hard time believing it came from just one blade. Once you’,re finished, we’,ll end the experience with an aromatic hot towel treatment that refreshed the skin and reinvigorates you to take on anything.

Moustache &, Beard Trimming

A moustache or beard is a great look on almost any man –, but choosing and creating the right styling and trim is a hard job. So why not leave it to the experts? We’,ve helped countless men choose and maintain the perfect style for their facial hair, and our barbers are artists when it comes to defining the lines and shape of your facial hair to accentuate your natural features. We’,ll use our style expertise to define the neckline, cheek line, and every other aspect of your facial hair, helping you look like the classy gentleman you are.

Best beard style with shaved head

Head Shaving Services

Choosing a shaved head is a statement. It’,s a bold, strong look that makes any man look confident and powerful –, but without a quality, even shave, it’,s easy to look like an amateur. If you’,re hair is starting to grow back a little too long or you’,re switching to a shaved head for the first time, let the experts at 18|8 give you a head shave fit for a king. We’,ll provide an even, close shave that leaves you looking well kempt and powerful so you feel like you can take on the world.

The 18/8 Shave Package

When it comes to grooming, it’,s best to go for the full package –, and if you’,re feeling like treating yourself, the 18|8 shave package is perfect. You’,ll experience everything from our undeniably classic straight shave experience, giving you a shave so close and comfortable you’,ll swear you never had hair in the first place, plus our executive haircut, which is designed to make you feel like the boss you really are. Once you’,re finished, you’,ll walk out of our barbershop looking and feeling like a brand new man.

Book an Appointment With Your Sugar Land, TX Men’,s Salon

So, what are you waiting for? A shave or beard trim treatment is the perfect thing to keep you looking your best and put the spring back in your step. Give us a call at (281) 751-9188 or go ahead and book your appointment online today. Trust us: you’,ll be glad you did.

Best beard style for a shaved head


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