Black guys facial hair styles. No Shave November: 2015 s Best Beards, Bossip

Drool Worthy: These 11 Guys Prove Beard Super Powers Are REAL

It’,s something about No Shave November that gets the ladies all riled up! A nice beard can take you from friend zone to first base real quick! They can come in all different shapes, lengths and styles but if they’,re well groomed it can make all the difference in the world. Here we’,ve compiled a list of guys who are killing the beard game. Fellas –, take notes! Black guys beard styles.

What would this list really be without Champagne Papi? There’,s no argument that Drizzy’,s barber took him from “,nice guy”, to “,zamn, zaddy”, with this new facial hair he’,s got going on.

Usher has always been a handsome guy, but rocking this heard has made him look more distinguished lately. It’,s also the perfect length and shape for his face. His barber kept the grooming very natural so it doesn’,t seem forced with harsh lines.

The Lord Disick was an attractive guy long before he grew this beard. Despite his issues, he’,s still fine as ever with all this facial hair!

Alicia Keys knew what she was doing when she

Black guys beard styles

snagged this one. Not only is Swizz aging well at 37 years old, his beard game has been flourishing with every year that passes. He might have some of the most underrated facial hair of any celeb! It’,s naturally full, always well groomed and never looks “,too shaped up”,

Victoria Beckham is winning sooo hard.

If you don’,t know him, get familiar! He’,s a well known men’,s fashion influencer, blogger and model. He’,s best known for his this amazing beard and crazy suit game. He always keeps his hair back and lets the beard do the talking. We’,re definitely listening!

This rapper might have one of the best long beards in the game. When you start growing a beard in this shape –, it can go wrong reaaal quick without the proper maintenance. Not Stalley though, his beard is A1 as they say! It’,s naturally full, perfectly shaped, clean and moisturized. If you’,re into guys with heavy facial hair –, THIS is what it should look like.

Beard styles for black guys

Solo’,s hubby Alan Ferguson is something of a mystery man. He doesn’,t speak much but don’,t think we haven’,t noticed him. His beard game is oddly reminiscent of Common but in a more –, your best friends dad- kind of way. We love his old school, gentleman vibe!

Since Omarion made his comeback his entire look has upgraded immensely. Have y’,all noticed that beard though?? His barber knows exactly what ladies want. It’,s tapered yet full, close to the face and makes him look older in all the right ways. His new beard game is going to take him from B2K to heartthrob before you know it.

Yes, yes we know Rick Ross doesn’,t seem like the best fitted candidate for this list but we had to give credit where credit is due. Frankly, he isn’,t the best looking milk dud in the box but that beard is award worthy! He’,s giving us Issac Hayes tease with this full, rounded, perfectly trimmed bush!

He might be an attention slore but his beard is still pretty popping. This beard type is for guys who want to show off their inner G. It’,s full, long and shaped to the cheek but still rough around the edges.

Black male full beard styles


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