Beard styles and grooming kits. The Ultimate Beard Grooming Kit

If you are thinking about growing a beard or just starting to grow one, you might want to think about what that is going to entail. Beards require maintenance and grooming. So if you think a beard is just an excuse for you not to shave, think again. Beard styles and grooming kits.

Men’,s Beard Styles

There is more to a beard than you think. If you want to make sure you look as good as Justin Theroux, you’,re going to want to invest in a good beard grooming kit. Now this doesn’,t mean you have to get a pre-assembled kit. What it means is that you need to have select tools and products at your disposal that will be used exclusively for maintaining your beard. This beard grooming kit should include, at minimum, beard trimming scissors and a beard comb. If you want to take your mens beard grooming kit a step further, add in a straight razor or double edge razor for a clean shave to those areas that define the lines of the beard and moustache.

A good pair of beard scissors should indicate it’,s for ‘,trimming beard’, on the package. If the scissors do not specifically say they are meant for a beard, they are probably not the best for your kit. Why? Because beard hair has different consistency than the rest of the hair on the face or head. It tends to be coarse and somewhat curly. Therefore, you will need beard trimming scissors that have serrated edged to properly cut and shape this type of hair. Also, the length of the blades makes a big difference in how easy it is to trim the beard.

Beard styles and grooming kits

A beard grooming kit should also include some wet good products such as a beard conditioner which softens the beard hair, making it easier for the scissors to cut through the hair. Beard conditioners, which can also be used on a moustache, make it easier to shape and manage. Beards can easily collect bacteria and debris, so it’,s important to wash your beard hair regularly and especially before any trimming so you protect the blades of your beard scissors. Be sure to condition the hair as well so the hair is more manageable.

Cool Beard Styles

If you are brave enough you can use a straight razor to outline your beard. A straight razor shave gives you the closest shave. If that scares you, opt for the next best outline with a double edge razor as a DE razor gives the next closest shave. If you want something more electric, look for a clipper specifically meant to shave around the beard or moustache.

Beard styles and grooming kits

Depending on your beard grooming needs, create your own ultimate beard grooming kit. Include tools as well as wet good products to make sure your beard grows in just right. Good luck!

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