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Philips QT4011 Trimmer For Men

An advanced stubble and beard trimmer from Philips, the QT4011 styles your stubble with a precision of 0.5mm to 10mm.

Precision: With a precision of 0.5mm, you can easily trim your 3-day beard or full beard with ease. Turn the adjustable wheel, select your required setting from 20 length settings between 0.5mm to 10mm, and lock-in this setting.

Performance: For a comfortable trim, this Philips trimmer comes with non-scratch teeth. Moreover, the titanium-coated stainless steel blades deliver flawless and expert cutting.

Design: The trimmer is ergonomically designed for ease of hold and use, hence making it easy to trim the tricky areas. Beside, it comes with a comfortable grip.

Power: With an hour of charge, you can get up to 90 minutes of cordless use with this Philips trimmer. The trimmer is worldwide voltage compatible. Furthermore, the trimmer sports a battery status light indicator.

Maintenance: This Philips trimmer comes with a detachable head which can be easily cleaned under the tap. However, you must make sure that the head is completely dry, before attaching it back to the trimmer body.

Philips QG3383 7-in-1 Multigrooming Pro

Different beard styles in india

Philips brings to you a metallic trimmer with a set of 8 attachments, such as adjustable combs and up to 18 length settings, which provide an accurate and close shave to you.

Skin-Friendly Performance: Get that perfect shave or stubble with the new Philips 7-in-1 Multigrooming Pro Trimmer.

Easy Styling: Style your beard with ease and get precise results with the help of the full metal guard on the trimmer that is skin-friendly and will give you a professional, salon-like shave.

Detail Trimmer: Get the uber cool look with this detail trimmer that creates fine line detailing on your face, so that you can get rid of unwanted hair effortlessly.

Beard & Mustache Comb: Get a clean shaven look, or a stylish stubble, if not a fully-grown beard, by choosing from among different length settings in 1/32"/ 1 mm steps, with the help of beard & mustache comb on the full-sized trimmer.

10 Length Settings: Use the body-trimming comb to trim body hair to a length of your choice. Choose from among 10 different length settings.

Detail & Eyebrow Comb: Eyebrows are a tricky area when it comes to trimming, but with the detail & eyebrow comb, you can get accurate trimming around eyebrows with precise fine lines.

Turbo Power Boost: Enjoy a quick shave every morning by enabling the turbo power boost mode that trims thick hair with enhanced cutting speed.

Water Resistant: The trimmer is fully water resistant and thereby allows you to clean it easily under tap water.

Beard styles in india

Philips QG3343 - 7 in 1 Multigrooming Kit

Designed for perfect styling, this Philips Multigroomer 7 in 1 trimmer is fully waterproof and easy to use.

Design & Operation: This high performance Philips trimmer consists of an 18 length setting beard & moustache comb, 12 length setting detail & stubble comb, full-sized trimmer, and a detail foil shaver.

Performance: The blades of this Philips trimmer are made of steel which are self-sharpening. With these extra-sharp blades,you can be confident of a neat and clean trim always. Moreover, the blades come with rounded tips and combs, keeping you safe from skin irritations.

Philips QT4005/15 Trimmer

Style your beard the way you want with the Philips QT4005 Trimmer.

Precise Trim: The Philips QT4005 allows you to select and lock-in length settings from 0.5mm to 10mm, with a 0.5mm precision. Simply turn the wheel, choose the perfect length setting and get a precise trim every time.

Skin Friendly Blades: It's time to say goodbye to accidental cuts and blade irritations. The sharp stainless steel blades of this Philips trimmer has rounded tips and non-scratching combs for extra protection and comfort.

Design: Ergonomically designed, the trimmer comes with an easy grip handle for a better hold and comfortable use. Also, it is easy to trim those hard-to-reach areas with this sleek trimmer.

Different beard styles in india

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Top 4 Philips Beard Trimmers in India Review. Online Price for Best Trimmers and Shavers in India



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