Hollywood beard styles. Grow Manly Facial Hair, The Manliest Guide on How to Grow Facial Hair

Want to know how to grow facial hair like a man? Hollywood beard styles.

Drop the clean shaven look. You’,re not in the 8th grade anymore. F acial hair is a physical statement. A male with facial hair is telling the world that he’,s no longer that kid wetting his pants, collecting Pokemon cards.

No sir. You are a grown ass man.

A beard shows style and confidence. Here’,s the items you’,ll need to get started.

What You Need to Grow Manly Facial Hair

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Hollywood stars beard styles

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Ultra Beard Conditioner and Wild Berry Shampoo by Beardsley

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Don’t know how to style your facial hair? No problem.

Check out some celebrities. Some celebrities do facial hair right, and some fail miserably. But ultimately, the best facial hair style for you is something you can’,t just copy from a celeb. It takes a good eye and some practice to grow and to shape a beard that fits your face. Consider one of these 7, manly styles when you decide how to grow that beard.

Short Circle Beard

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You might feel that a Leonardo de Carpio look would suit you. This beard style might help you achieve that look. This seems to be appropriate at all times with its neat look. It can also make your jaw line come out more masculine. It’s important to note that this style will ask you to trim, shave, and shape regularly.

Hollywood beards in style

Sometimes, growing a circle beard is an issue. Some men don’,t have the hair to connect their mustache to their chin hair. In this case, learn to grow a rockin’, goatee instead.

The Shadow

This beard is best worn by men whose facial hair grows rather swiftly. Likes of Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling is one of those men who wears this style best. You might want to invest in a specialized tool such as a stubble and facial trimmer to achieve and maintain this simple style.


This is preferred among men for its low maintenance style. Women also love the look as it gives you that bad boy sex appeal and masculinity. Though you don’t have to give it an extensive maintenance, still you must ensure to have it trimmed regularly, like any other beard style. Learn how to get the right trim from these beard trimming tips.

Full Beard

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This beard is a classic style and spells a lot about your manhood. In fact, there are many styles of full beards. Any of these styles are recommended for the manliest of men, who have been endowed with great, alpha male genes. Make sure to identify its shape properly when growing one. You must not shave or trim for at least four weeks to give your beard full time to grow. And if you want to go completely cave man, try our these tips on how to grow a thicker beard.

Side Burns

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This style can be worn to balance your facial features. Make sure to wear it at normal length which is usually at ear’s midpoint – not too long or not too short. Ensure that you check it out every time you shave if it needs to be shaped. An interesting note for this beard style is that women find it sexy!

Hollywood actors beard styles

Chin Curtain

This is basically a full beard without mustache. One of the easiest ways to grow this style is to grow a full beard first with mustache. After that, you may shave the mustache off. This is also simple to maintain by cleaning your cheeks, bottom lip area as well as the mustache with a razor.

Chin Strip

This style is best suited to men who don’t like to leave its face “naked”, as there is still enough hair to accentuate their face. Its length extends over the tip of your chin. When starting, it’s wise to begin it with a full beard growth to provide sufficient hair for shaping. A razor and a stable hand can trim this style well.

It’s never easy to decide as to how you would grow your facial hair. But, don’t rush into checking out the latest trends! You don’t need to do that for you to know which beard style to wear as beard growth differs among men. It’,s been well documented that genetics has an important role to play in this whole process. The ways mentioned above are there to guide you. Ultimately, growing a beard must be about your preference and style in grooming. Don’t forget the comfort you’ll feel when wearing those beard, too. Remember that no matter what style you choose, having it regularly trimmed is still the best way to wear it. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start growing that beard the manliest way!

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