How to shave different facial hair styles. Types of Facial Hair, The Different Types of Facial Hair Styles

This is the mega list of all of the types of facial hair out there. Obviously, people will continue to do crazy things with their facial hair and I can’,t account some of the more colorful or original variations. I will continue to build this list as I find new styles of facial hair. If you want to share your facial hair style, you can use the form to the right to send in pics. How to shave different facial hair styles.

Without further delay, here’,s the mega list of facial hair styles.

Beard –, This is the most commonly known types of facial hair that usually grow along the chin, neck and cheeks. Sometimes the hairs grow along the upper lip.

Chin Curtain –, The hair grows exclusively along the jaw line. Some may grow the hair even beyond the chin area but the trademark of this facial hair type is to produce a curtain-like hair that hangs from the jaw.

Balcarottas –, The style involves long hair sideburns. To accentuate the facial hair style, some prefer to shave the head for a stylish impact.

Chopper –, The hair grows to circle the mouth while the chin, cheek and neck are shaven.

Goatee –, Anyone wearing this facial hair style will look like a goat because of its close similarity to the hair grown in goats. The style involves facial hair growing along the chin with longer strands along both sides of the mouth.

German Goatee –, This type of facial hair style is Goatee inspired only with a touch of intimidating look and aggressive appearance. The hair grows surrounding the mouth and the hair along the jaw line flares out.

Full Facial –, The style involves the hairs that are connected from the eyebrows to the cheek and extends to the forehead hairline. It may even be connected to the hairs on the jaw line down the neck.

How to shave different beard styles

Horseshoe a.k.a. The Hogan –, This type of facial hair was popularized by the famed wrestler Hulk Hogan. The hair is worn like a mustache extending beyond the ends of the upper lip. Then the hair goes all the way down to reach the chin or jaw line.

French Fork –, The hair is styled like a goatee or a beard with double points.

Moustache –, The hair grows exclusively along the upper lip.

Five O’,Clock Shadow a.k.a Stubble –, If a guy shaves in the morning, usually by the evening hair will make a reappearance. This growing hair is thin and short enough to see the skin beneath. Some men cultivate this look intentionally by using a beard trimmer to keep the hair close, but longer than it would be if a razor is used.

Franz Josef –, This hair style on the face produces a sideburn connecting to a mustache. It will look like a beard that does not have hair on the chin.

Moustachio –, This is a highly luxurious looking hair forming along the sides of the mouth. Some call it nose beard.

Neckbeard or “,The Huey”, –, The hair is grown on the neck only. It is also known as “,the scarf”, or “,throatee.”, As Reddit users can attest, this is the preferred facial hair style for basement-dwelling creepsters everywhere.

Klingon Beard –, This is a Star Trek inspired facial hair style where the facial hair grow as a mustache but the middle portion is completely shaved.

How to shave different beard styles

Burnsides a.k.a The Lemmy –, The hairs along the neck and chin are shaved clean while a beard connects across the upper lips.

Soul patch –, A small patch of hair grown in the middle of the chin below the lower lip. It has a certain “,date rapey”, vide to it and is probably a secret location for stashing roofies.

The Marcos a.k.a Pornstache –, This was famous among porn stars in the 70′,s where a thick and wide mustache grows extending over the length of the lips.

The Pencil Mustache a.k.a Mouthbrow –, A narrow hair growing to outline the upper lip and there is a wide gap between the nose and the hair.

Pubestache or Pubeard –, This facial hair type is known for its large and course hair strands that resemble pubic hair. It is usually prominent and dark and generally dry-heave inducing.

Pork Chops –, The face comes with a clean look without any facial hair except those growing as side burns along the side of the face.

Musketeer a.k.a. “,The Van Dyke”, –, The facial hair style is a combination of two patches, one as a goatee and the other as a mustache. Both are shaped differently with the hair on the chin shaped like a narrow oval while the mustache flaring out.

Toothbrush –, The hair only grows limited below the nose but are too narrow that it do not go beyond the nose sides. The hair is usually thick and is limited only to about 2.5 cm wide.

How to shave different facial hair styles

Viking beard –, This is a kind of a beard that grows along the upper lip, cheek and the chin. The hair is so thick that the skin beneath the hair is not visible. Some grow the hair down the throat. It may take more than six months to grow this type of facial hair.

Now, you can identify these types of facial hair. If I’,ve forgotten any, please let me know in the comments.

While there are many types of beards, many of them don’t need a mustache to pull of the look. Below you will find a list of those types of beards where a mustache is required. Below you will find a list of these specific types of beards. The Full Beard – The mightiest of the beards, this can be trimmed but requires all facial hair components to truly be a full beard. This includes the mustache, chin, cheeks, mustache, soul patch, and even a bit of neck beard. Some trimmed variations of this beard might leave out the soul patch and/or [...]

The goatee is specific breed of beard that incorporates chin hair, but no cheek hair. This gives the goatee a sot of “detached” look from one’s actual hair, rather than the connected look of other facial hair styles. A goatee may or may not incorporate mustache and/or soul patch components. Here is a list of the different types of goatees. Let me know if I’ve forgotten anything. Natural Goatee – This type of goatee involves naturally growing out the hair on the upper, and lower lip as well as the chin. The hair may be styled but not trimmed. According to [...]

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Beards are like the statement of being a man. However, from the amount of styles and types of beards out there, it can be quite daunting to choose only one. By learning some of the most popular types of beards, you will be able to choose the best beard that best suits your personality. List of the Different Types of Beards Soul Patch - A soul patch is basically a variation of goatees. To grow a soul patch simply allow the tiny area right under the middle of your lower-lip to grow hair. Set the size whatever you want and shave [...]

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