French beard styles pictures. Mustache Styles, Types of Moustaches with Pictures

Aka The Dad 'Stache or The Ron Swanson 'Stache. French beard styles pictures.

The Chevron is one of the most classic styles of mustaches, hailing all the way back from the days of Tom Selleck and Freddie Mercury. Like an all-American dad who likes to polish shotguns and chop firewood, it's bold and aggressively masculine, yet comforting and well-known.

The Chevron is only worn by real men who've never heard of cold brew coffee.

The Walrus is a mustache that can only be pulled off by men in cowboy hats or dads who whittle on the porch. The Walrus completely covers the upper lip and is usually discolored by tobacco smoke or years of stroking it pensively.

The Handlebar is a thick mustache with extended ends that twirl upwards. Most handlebar mustaches require copious amounts of mustache twirling and expensive wax applied throughout the day.

Looking for an authentic handlebar mustache? Buy tickets to a Local Natives show or spend five minutes anywhere in San Francisco.

The Pencil 'Stache is a thin line of mustache running parallel to the upper lip. It is kept very neat and requires meticulous trimming and daily attention.

Usually worn by promiscuous spies or men capable of wooing ladies simply by whispering into their ears.

Parted down the middle of the philtrum (that vertical groove above your upper lip), each side of this mustache is groomed into thin lengths of hair that extend upwards like solo cat whiskers that are heavy enough to hang toe rings and paper clips on.

The Dali is worn by reclusive thinkers and artists who never make small talk in public and only hang out with girls who have bangs.

Th e Horseshoe mustache is a super thick, super full mustache that overpowers the upper lip with manliness. The bullhorns of all facial hair, this mustache style trails steadily down the corners of the mouth and keeps cruising on either side until it hits your chin.

Usually donned by aggressively indifferent dads, or wrestlers.

The Soulful Handlebar mustache is a regular Handlebar mustache with the ever so subtle addition of a small soul patch.

French beard styles pics

This look is for only the most adventurous of hipsters who are sick of looking like everyone else. If you've been dying to channel that pensive, introspective look, the Soulful Handlebar is the perfect facial aesthetic for the job.

The Fu Manchu mustache starts near the corners of the mouth, leaving a large hairless window just below the nostrils. It then drops down to your chin like thin, drawn hair drapes. Not too many people can pull this one off (aside from Fu Manchu himself).

If you see this mustache out in public, the owner is probably reading Nietzsche in an edgy coffee shop and/or playing shirtless ultimate frisbee in a park while wearing hip hugging khakis tied up with a shoelace.

Rap Industry Standard ',Stache

Aka The R 'n Beard. This ever-so-serious mustache is typically seen in the rap and/or R&,B scene. The Rap Industry Standard is the promiscuous love child of a soul patch, a goatee, and a pencil mustache.

The Rap Industry Standard mustache can only be worn by men who take themselves really seriously while dancing alone, and who lick their lips and touch their chin a lot while talking.

The Batstache is a creative approach to the average, boring old mustache. By incorporating a thick, triangular soul patch, a properly executed Batman 'stache looks exactly like the winged superhero symbol we all know and love.

As for the dudes who try to rock this risky look, you may not come to know and love them as quickly. Most commonly worn by dudes who drink Monsters and take driving selfies, the Batstache is one 'stache you should always be on the lookout for, and take care to avoid.

Wild, Wild West Handlebars

Aka, The Extended Handlebar mustache. Brought to life by frontiersmen and cowboys, hipsters don't have sh*t on these manliest of mustaches. It takes a real man to groom a 9-inch piece of facial hair into a winged mustache whisker that could poke someone's eye out while simultaneously functioning as a toothpick.

The Disconnect is a unique 'stache in that, it's unclear as to whether it's a deliberate choice or something the wearer doesn't have a say in. The Disconnect is a mustache with no hair on the philtrum. The rest of the mustache appears normal but there is a noticeable wasteland underneath the septum.

This style is most commonly seen on men who have a hereditary lack of philtrum hair growth.

French beard styles pictures

The Chevalier Chandelier

The Chevalier Chandelier was the winner of the 2014 World Beard and Moustache Championships in hipster capital of the world, Portland, OR. It's one of the rarest accomplishments in mustache growing and is a force to be reckoned with.

This ambitious look is worn only by the most introspective of elder gentlemen who have a keen sense of self-awareness and great taste in Scotch.

The Imperial connects hairs on the upper lip to hairs on one's cheek. It's typically worn by youthful hat makers living in Brooklyn or mixologists who like to look like they're starring in a 1860s period piece while behind the bar.

Aka The Chaplin 'Stache or The Hitler 'Stache. The Toothbrush is creatively named after the bathroom item it exactly resembles. It's located just below the nostrils and doesn't extend much past the nose.

Worn by the famous Charlie Chaplin and the infamous Adolf Hitler, the Toothbrush is most commonly resurrected on Halloween by snarky, Ivy League college students who have nothing better to brag about than how many Bagel Bites they consumed, distasteful references to what they're studying in history, and their girlfriend's cup size.

You know it's a Dirty 'Stache if you have to ask yourself if there's really a 'stache there or not. The Dirty 'Stache basically looks like you're starring in a fourth grade version of Oklahoma! and had to rub coffee grounds on your face for the performance.

Usually worn by men in their mid-twenties who are too stubborn to accept their forever-stubble-filled future.

Petite Handlebar Stache

The Petite Handlebar 'stache is a smaller version of the Handlebar 'stache. It takes a little more maintenance, as you must be more meticulous with shaping and grooming. The 'stache itself ends right around the corners of the mouth, but the extended hair is waxed upwards, away from the center of the face.

Men who wear the Petite Handlebar 'stache often speak French and often share pants with their significant others.

The Lampshade lands just above the upper lip. It's a well-maintained mustache that slightly resembles the Chevron, but is groomed in a slanting shape like an actual lampshade.

French beard styles pics

Who rocks the lampshade? Usually older men with attitudes who play chess or read the newspaper while drinking espresso at independent coffee shops. This mustache is also reserved for actors who are no longer in the Hollywood limelight but want to be recognized for some unique trait.

Identity Crisis Mustache

Has your mustache ever suffered from an identity crisis? If so, you'd definitely know, because you'd wake up one morning and your upper lip drape would actually be planted on your forehead. While you may jump to thinking about all the money you're going to have to drop on mustache therapy sessions, the beauty of the Identity Crisis mustache is that you can style it pretty much however you want.

Feeling Handlebars one day but English the next? Identity Crisis 'stache won't care... you know why? Because, at this point, Identity Crisis 'stache doesn't even know who he is anymore.

The English starts with a part in the center of the lips and extends in either direction of the mouth. At the corner of the lips, the hair no longer connects to the face and the hair is pulled straight into two spikes.

The English is most commonly worn by Sesame Street Live actors or people who like to play charades on Friday nights. It's also commonly worn by men who do historical reenactments at Renaissance Faires.

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