Black beard line up styles. How to shape up your it yourself! stop wasting MONEY!! - YouTube

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A simple tutorial on how to line up your beard. Stop going to a barber and PAYING for this SIMPLE service. DO IT YOURSELF!!

The Bible says I am to love you. What is love? For one thing it is to tell you the truth.

What truth? The most important truth you will ever hear! That Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior of the world.

And how does this impact your life?

Most of you will stop right here and trash this message. And I would totally understand!

Black beard line up styles

The idea of sin in ones life is not popular. In fact most people dont believe there is such a thing as sin.

Just "mistakes", "errors',, or nothing at all but chance and a certain feeling it will go away.

It is ludicrous to believe we are spiritually dead in sins and cannot have real fellowship with God nor enter into His presence! But there IS a way! He is the way! Jesus Christ!

But sin is something more. It is a condition we are born with! God says it is a life that does not measure up to God',s standards which are perfect. And since God is the creator, Our Father so to speak, why would we agrue about this truth unless we desired to be children without a parent, the maker of the heavens and earth, and all creation above, and on the planet.

All of us know we have done things that hurt others. Even not done what we could have which we felt bad about.

That reality eats at us for good reason. God has told us in the Bible that we all sin. No one is born without sin, even a baby. It is in our nature. One day it is revealed to us like a sickness that comes upon us suddenly.

What is the cure? God has it. It is also in us! The realization that something is wrong in our life. God is telling us inside that we need Him. And He has the cure waiting for us at that moment we have this realization and some of us find it.

Black beard line up styles

What you must think about: Is this message true or false? If you go on, it may be your destiny!

The Judgment Of GOD Was Upon Us As Lost Sinners!

All have sinned. Sin Must Be FORGIVEN


Well, where does this leave me?, you ask. Simply trust Jesus Christ today as your Lord and Saviour. Trust that His death on the cross was enough payment for your sin, and enough to take you to heaven when you die. Not being good, not going to church, not praying everyday, not reading your Bible everyday. Just Christ death alone!!

Say this simple prayer: "God, I know im a sinner, forgive me of my sins, I trust your Son',s death on the cross was enough to pay my sin debt. I thank you today for hearing my prayer and taking me to heaven when I die, Amen. "

If you said, and most important of all ment this prayer and made a definite decision to trust Him, you are saved today.

Black beard line up styles

He knows exactly what you need in your life. He loves you. He will see you through it all and guide you to a closer walk with Him.

I am here for you if you need me. I will help answer any questions you have.



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