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Oh it’,s that time again. The time for us girls to look and talk about men, on one of the most discussed and flaunted men topics in the past years: FACIAL HAIR. Its power to transform any young lad into the next hipster/masculine hunk/caveman is undeniable, and all one has to do is just get sloppy with his hygienic routine. Ouch. Scruffy beard looks.

Well…, the truth is, there’,s something fucking irresistible about a guy who’,s too lazy to shave off and decides to wear a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 hell a 10 days stubble and pull it off. By the time he decides to go back to the Don Draper clean shaved face, it strikes him: women have been eye-balling and flirting with him like crazy in the past days, he’,s been going on dates as if he’,s George freaking Clooney (btw he too has a stubble), or his partner is smitten with him as if they just met. Ha! Yep.

The beard has this spectacular power to transform boys into men. As if. But you know what I mean. According to the vast world of web a few things have been known to remain true over time. (1) Men think they look better clean shaved, or that’,s what they think women think. (2) Women prefer the scruffy look. Period. Finally someone decided to do the math on this shit, hence the scruffy look trend.

Both teams love it and for the right reasons, I mean what’,s not to love about it? It adds coolness and gives a man a touch of masculinity, aggressiveness, that rugged edge and toughness they all think they have, and we all hope at least one proves true. So, if in the past, the dilemma lingered around the ‘,To shave or not to shave’, question, now, as the obvious answer is NOT, the question shifts to ‘,HOW SCRUFFY IS TOO SCRUFFY’,?

How long does a beard have to be, or not to be, to look HOT, or before it stops looking HOT?

Get scruffy beard look

Ladies, it’,s time to break this shit into pieces and debate.

1st of all, all male specimens should drop the goatee (before we start a revolution). It looks ridiculous. It’,s either facial hair everywhere or clean shaved. Same crap applies for mutton chops. FUCK.

1. And then this heaven-of-sexy-men starts…, with a 5 o’,clock beard. Dayum. You know that few-days-old stubble that looks soooo freaking good and instantly ups your game. This is the one style I will assume ALL women love on a man. It translates to sexy, effortless, masculine, rugged yet not too scruffy.

Some look great with both short and longer versions of the stubble. Others like Ben Affleck do the shorter version much better. Or so the vast majority of women have spoken, when he had the rather full facial hair going on for Argo, the ladies could not wait to see that go away. Well…, I get it. Why hide a gorgeous face? Personally I think he’,s hot no matter what, and he could make the caveman beard hot as hell. More looks here: 2. Which brings me to the next facial hair look: the Jesus beard. I think this is great on those who know how to carry it. Personal style has got a lot to do with this beard type. The Jesus look is all about personal taste: of the carrier as well as the watcher. To each their own.

Get scruffy beard look

I’,ll say one thing. Its not that bad. On some boys. What do you think? The moment your facial hair has the potential to meet your chest hair, pleaaaaaase shave. The moment by-passengers can tell today’,s menu by looking at your beard, it’,s time to wear a shorter version, clean shave or just take some How To Wear &, Clean Your Beard classes. Those people who know what you had for breakfast yesterday are strangers!!! What’,s next? Birds nesting in that shit?

But then again, who gives a crap what the rest of the world thinks? We certainly don’,t, when we wear some stupid unflattering thing. So respect.

More looks here: What the stylists and savy people are saying is that regardless of the beard: stubble or full, men should wear one that fits their face shapes. Doh. But again, if you can pull off the Jesus slash Caveman look –, do it man. It’,s all about personal style and the right attitude so don’,t let no woman or stylist tell you otherwise.

Or are you boys trying to look more like men? Awww. ,)

Scruffy beard looks

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