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Celebrities may be wearing milk mustaches to promote the importance of milk, but real mustaches are a different matter. The way a mustache looks really depends on the man, like most facial hair. While it suits both Toms &mdash, actors Tom Selleck and Tom Skerrit &mdash, it may not suit everyone. The 'stache may not be in style anymore: even Magnum PI has chosen to keep his upper lip bare and rid himself of his trademark. Latest beard styles for youth.

Sideburns add a nice touch to a man's face, but again, make sure to keep your sideburns short and trimmed. You may want X-Men Wolverine's claws, but you don't want his sideburns. If you didn't see the movie, just think of Elvis Presley's sideburns &mdash, avoid the King's sideburns at all costs. To keep your sideburns trimmed, an electric razor would be most effective.

Like a haircut, a change in facial hair is a great way to change your look. You can experiment with different facial hair styles and be creative.

Latest beard styles for youth

Many celebrities have fun when it comes to their facial hair. Play around with different styles by varying the basic styles and giving it a unique touch, like having a goatee that only surrounds your mouth and chin, without completely covering that area.

As for how to shave, the best time to shave is after a shower since the hot water opens up and softens your pores, preventing you from getting nicks and cuts. To read more about how to get the closest shave, click here.

Latest beard styles for youth

Facial hair grows back, so any change you make can be repaired within days. Don't be afraid to try out new styles with your facial hair, since no change is permanent. If you are too worried about a drastic change, like shaving your beard of 20 years, you may want to trim your beard gradually, to see how you would look with such a change step by step. Keep in mind that some facial hair styles may not be appropriate for some professions, so when choosing a style, keep your occupation in mind.

Remember, whichever style you choose, you need to maintain the neatness and length of the hair so that it doesn't look like you've just been kicked off the Survivor island. Have fun trying different styles and remember, variation in the style of your facial hair always makes for a refreshing change.

Latest beard styles for youth

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