Civil war era beard styles. Civil War Beards

Two unidentified Union sergeants in frock coats, both with excellent chin beards Civil war beard styles.

Happy Birthday to General William T Sherman and his amazing beard!

Alfred Bailey was a freeman from Virginia who joined the United States Navy in 1864, serving aboard several ironside vessels including the USS Monadnock which would sail around Cape Horn

Charles O'Connor of Company K of the 155th New York was shot in the left arm at the Battle of Jerusalem Plank Road (part of the Petersburg Campaign) on June 22nd 1864. He was sent to Harewood Hospital outside Washington to recuperate and was finally discharged on June 25th 1865. Besides his great goatee he is wearing a wonderful example of a grey domet flannel issue shirt, as opposed to the more common off white.

Civil war era beard styles

Today I bring you Corporal N. Burke of the 23rd U.S.C.T. who has a great goatee!

Today I bring you Corporal Felix Arroyo of the 5th Company of the Washington Artillery from Louisiana. Arroyo was wounded at Chickamauga but would survive his wound, eventually surrendering with the rest of his unit Meridian Mississippi in May 1865. The photo, taken in late 1864 or early 1865, shows him wearing the famous Richmond Depot jacket. He&rsquo,s got a really good example of a Civil War moustache.

For today&rsquo,s entry I present this unidentified Confederate private wearing the so called &ldquo,Richmond Depot II&rdquo, jacket. He&rsquo,s got a really wonderful chin beard

Civil war era beard styles

Today I present a Union cavalry private with a really interesting goatee

Today I present a sailor with a mustache!

Today we celebrate Lt. Alonzo Cushing. Graduating from West Point in 1861 Cushing commanded Battery A of the 4th United States Light Artillery. On July 3rd 1863 at Gettysburg Cushing&rsquo,s battery was positioned near the Union center on Cemetery Ridge. The Confederate artillery barrage decimated his battery leaving only one serviceable gun. As the Confederates began their assault (known later as Pickett&rsquo,s Charge) Cushing took personal command of the gun. Despite begin wounded in the stomach and shoulder Cushing refused to leave his gun. With the rebels less than 100 yards from his position Cushing was killed by a rifle shot. He is buried at West Point. This September Cushing will receive the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Civil war era facial hair styles

In this photograph Cushing stands at center. The other officers are (Front left to right) Lt. Evan Thomas, Lt. Rufus King Jr., and Lt. James McKay Rorty. (back) Lt. Arthur Morris, Lt. Alonzo Cushing, and Lt. Edward Field. Three of the officers give good examples of Civil War facial hair with a thick moustache, a trimmed and style beard and a chin goatee. The officer with the goatee has managed to strike a smile!

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