How to choose your beard style. We can help you to choose the right beard style for your face, Beard and Moustache

It is important to choose the right beard shape for your face. If you choose wisely you will be able to enhance some of your facial features. It is also possible to take emphasis off weaknesses if you believe you have some (but you probably don't – you're a handsome guy, remember that). How to choose beard styles.

The first thing you have to take under consideration is the shape of your face but you also have to think about other factors such as the size of your mouth, your jawline, etc.

Different beard types fit different face types. Read about face shapes and facial hair styles that fit them best:

Small Face

For a small face you should choose short and small beard types. The longer the beard the smaller and out of proportion your face will seem. Smart, trimmed facial hair will suit you best, we recommend:

How to choose beard styles

Big Face

Don't choose any small facial hair type – it will make your face look even bigger and out of proportion. You have to grow a longer beard and bigger moustache, this way you will keep everything in a right proportion. We recommend:

Round Face

If you want to make your face look less round you should choose a longer facial hair type at the chin. You should also avoid longer hair on the sides of the face – it's probably best for you to avoid sideburns like Mutton Chops. We recommend:

Long Face

If you have a long face you should choose a facial hair type that is shorter at the chin. You have to add width at the sides so you should choose a beard that is fuller there. We recommend:

How to choose facial hair styles

Square Face

Facial hair for a square face should be shorter at the sides and longer at the chin to add length to the face. It is similar to shaping a beard for a round face. Goatee is a good option if you want to add length to the face, but we also recommend:

Oval Face

Oval shape is a shape considered to be the best one and usually most beard types fit it. You can choose any facial hair style and it will probably look good on you. We would recommend:

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