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I don't know when and where it started, but the goatee has become an absolute rage at least since the 80s. Not too hard to comprehend, the goatee, as the name suggests is a beard that resembles that of a goat. A classic goatee essentially sports hair on the edge of the chin. But if you're tired of having the same old goatee, and are looking for a new look goatee, the following article will take you through some interesting styles. French beard styles photos.

We all know what it is, but the article would look pretty incomplete without mentioning this one, wouldn't it? The classic goatee has facial hair growth at the edge of the chin. The hair is typically supposed to be a bit longer, about an inch in length. This style is one of the most popular beard styles for men, because, lets face it, it makes us look good and gives a lot of prominence to our chin, which it would otherwise never get. Besides, the goatee can also effectively hide a double chin! So no wonders there that the goatee is such a popular type of beard. The classic goatee is quite easy to maintain - the only thing you need to do is trim it once in a while. This beard style looks great when the sides are trimmed well with a fading facial hairline and the center is longer. The goatee goes well with a mustache as well and gives the person a really mature and grown-up look!

The Balbo is a pretty high maintenance goatee, which connects the soul patch facial hair to the hair on the chin. It also needs a well-trimmed mustache to go with it. Unlike the classic goatee, the mustache and beard aren't connected in this style and the beard is generally trimmed short. This beard requires frequent trimming in order for it to look good and as already mentioned, it also requires a well-trimmed mustache.

The wide goatee is another style which can be a little too time-consuming to maintain. The wide goatee sports well-trimmed facial hair extending from the usual goatee position right till the angle of the jaw. A well-trimmed mustache also goes well with it. You would also want to shave the little part under your lower lip. Unfortunately this is one style which suits very few people.

The chin strap is one of the most popular styles for Afro-American men. The chin strap combines both the chin strap, which is a thin well-trimmed line which runs all along the jaw line and eventually meets the goatee. Chin straps generally give a very good look the chin and hence a well-trimmed goatee really goes well with a chin strap. It is a quite low maintenance beard.

There are several long goatee styles which allow you a lot of creativity. The long goatee can be anywhere up to a foot long. The long goatee as you probably figured requires little maintenance whatsoever and you can probably make some funky cuts across it to make it look good. The only catch is, it looks better with long hair!

French beard styles images

The modern goatee runs from the edges of your mouth to the chin. You can either keep it long-haired or trim it. Those who choose to trim it, will have to keep doing it often to maintain the look. There is no mustache grown in this type of goatee. The shape may be round or rectangular depending upon the individual facial shape.

This is not a goatee, technically speaking, but has come to be said to be type of it. It is a simple line of beard that traces your jaw line. You may trim it if you want or keep it long-haired. Nowadays people prefer to trim it, so that it is just a thin line along the jaw.

The most popular version of the goatee is the Van Dyke. All you need a goatee on the chin hair, and a mustache connected to the beard for it to turn into a Van Dyke. This style is quite a hit among many Hollywood celebrities.

The moutee, also called the circle beard is a unique type of goatee beard style. In this style, the goatee and mustache are connected by hair grown on either side of the mouth. This leads to a complete circle like look of the beard.

This a goatee beard design where variable hair length helps create a multilevel beard. The variable lengths help in forming distinct sections in the goatee.

French beard styles photos

The imperiale or the royale is a goatee style in which there is a just tuft of hair right under the lower lip without a goatee. This style can be worn with a mustache like a Vandyke beard style the English way. This beard was worn by the French officers as a badge or to display their military rank or status.

These chin bush or chin shrubs are just like a goatee with a cleaner cut.

This goatee beard design is not one but, a double-pointed goatee. It was worn by Richard Francis Burton, who was an English explorer of the 19th century.

The Rico is a very fine arrow pointed goatee that can be worn with a soul patch. It is not necessary that the soul patch should be connected to the goatee. This style was first flaunted by George Rico, who is a master cigar maker and thus got the name 'Rico'.

Choose one that suits your personality as well as style. You can try different looks till you find one that does wonders to your overall appearance. So, what are you waiting for? Try out the different styles for yourself and find the one to keep!

French beard styles photos

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