Civil war era facial hair styles. Badass Civil War Beards

This goes out to all of the brave men who fought to keep America united (or for the Confederacy, we don't judge) all while sporting sexy facial hair.

Fun Facts

Two fun facts about Joseph Barton Elam: Civil war era facial hair styles.

1. His cousin was the lawyer who helped find and free Solomon Northup, the free black man who was kidnapped and who wrote about the experience in 12 Years a Slave.

Powell Clayton was a Radical Republican with a radical goatee and mustache.


I don&rsquo,t quite know how to describe James Johnson&rsquo,s facial hair. It&rsquo,s like a half-goatee combined with a neckbeard.

Insane in the Crain

Newton Crain Blanchard was a governor of Louisiana. And, funny story, he once went to a talk hosted by Teddy Roosevelt for state governors about conservation, and he went even though his term as governor had ended one day before.

Civil war era facial hair styles

I only mention this because I don&rsquo,t think he did a great job of conserving his own facial hair.


Which Instagram filters did Francis S. Bartow use on this picture of him?


Samuel Douglas McEnery was governor of Louisiana, but he dealt with a lot of problems while in office. Apparently the corrupt Louisiana State Lottery Company was a huge issue for him?

Either way, I hit the Mega Millions jackpot stumbling across his swoon-worthy goatee.

Civil war facial hair styles


This doesn&rsquo,t have anything to do with beards but Albert Gallatin Porter was a governor of Indiana whose General Assembly considered granting women the right to vote in exchange for enacting Prohibition which has me so conflicted inside that I can&rsquo,t even focus on his lovely, dashing trim beard.

Candler in the Wind

Allen D. Candler fought in some of the toughest battles of the Civil War, and lost an eye at Jonesboro. But after the war, he joked that &ldquo,he was more fortunate than many&ndash, He still had one wife, one baby, one dollar, and one eye.&rdquo, I&rsquo,d like to add &ldquo,one beard&rdquo, to that list.

No Shave November doesn&rsquo,t have to end! Downy-Faced December starts tomorrow!

Haile to the Chief

All Haile William Henry Haile&rsquo,s mustache!

Civil war facial hair styles

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