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Written By Rafael Marquez - February 23 2017

Beard style for men

Finding a beard style that is right for you can take some time. If you have never grown a beard, then it is okay to experiment with different looks to figure out what suits you. When first growing a beard, you will probably feel different. By different, I mean you will be feeling stubble and prickly sensations which are all normal rights of passage in this beard growth journey. You will quickly get used to it. For some men, it may take longer than others to grow out a beard out. To help speed up the process, you’ve got to groom it properly and use oils that will promote beard and skin hydration. Some oils to look out for are castor seed oil and apricot oil which both help to promote hair growth. Another thing you can do to start early in the growing process, is figure out the right shape of beard for your face.

Figure out your Facial Shape

The most sought after face shape is oval. Keeping this in mind you should look in the mirror before growing your beard and figure out your face shape. Look at the spacing of your forehead and your eyes. Look at how the jaw curves down and becomes your chin. Some people have square shaped faces where the forehead, chin, and sides of the face are all the same length. Others have a round face which is similar, but the transition from one part of the face to others is less defined. It is smooth which gives a rounder look. Other people have long sides to their face while the forehead and chin are shorter. This may come to a point where the chin is less wide than the forehead or they could be equal leading to a rectangle look. The combinations can vary from person to person, so you just have to look in the mirror and study your face first to see what shape it is.

Now that you have studied your face and know its shape you need to know which type of beard to pick for it. Keeping in mind that you are aiming for an oval shape face will help in understanding why having certain parts of the beard longer and certain parts shorter will help.

If you have a square face, then you need to make your face look longer without making the sides wider. This means you should grow a beard that has the chin part longer and keep the sides cut shorter. The extra length on the chin will help drawing your jawline and side of the face down. Also, for a square face, you want the longer chin hair to be tapered to more of a point. If you have your beard squared off, then it will not give the rounded look and instead will turn your square into a rectangle.

Beard styles for thin beards

If your face is round then you are in the same boat as the square face person. The only difference between round and a square shape is on a round face the widest point is at the check bone. For a square, the widest point is the chin and forehead. The reason long chin beards work and short sides are because it again elongates the length of the face. By keeping the longer part tapered in it will help create the rounded look. Turning a circle into an oval is easier than a square, but both face shapes are similar and should wear a similar beard.

If you have a face that is longer than it is wide, then you have a rectangle or oblong face. To get this to look like an oval you need to widen the face. You don’t want a long beard on the bottom because this just makes your face longer. Instead, you want fuller sides to thicken the look of your face some. This may mean that you only grow out your sideburns some and don’t even grow a full beard. Remember the good old mutton chops, and that gives you an idea of what you should be going for. You don’t have to have mutton chops, though, but they will turn a rectangle face into more of an oval.

If your face is triangle then you have a narrow or pointed chin but have wide cheekbones and forehead. To make this shape more oval use the beard to fill in the spaces that appear empty. Short sides generally work best with this beard since the cheekbones are already wide, but the bottom part can be lengthened on the sides more than the middle of other styles to help make the shape of your face more oval.

Diamond faces are like the triangle for the type of beard you need. You want to use the beard to fill in the space created by the sharp lines of the jaw. The cheeks are the widest point with diamond, but diamonds differ from circle because the transition lines are not smooth. Instead, they are sharp and the beard can be used to smooth them out to give the oval look.

If your face is already oval, then lucky you. Most all beards will look good because your face is already aesthetically pleasing. When growing a beard just try to make sure you keep all parts even in length. Most people with oval faces will keep the beard shorter, but you don’t have too.

Beard styles for thin beards

The whole point of having a beard is so you can have your own unique look. These recommendations are just suggestions to help you get started on picking out the right shaped beard for your face. Going off these guidelines it will help others to find your beard pleasing. However, growing a beard is about being unique, so don’t let what other people think or these suggestions stop you from doing what you want to do. If you know how you want your beard, then grow it that way. Just remember to properly groom it and use oils to keep it moisturized so it will look healthy. As long as your beard is healthy it will be pleasing to the eye.

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