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From goatee to soul patch to designer stubble – a beard is a cool way to spruce up your image. It can help accentuate your best features or balance some less striking ones. Shaving, trimming and styling your facial hair gives you the opportunity to reinvent yourself: want to look more business-like, sophisticated or venturous? Don’t be afraid to experiment with your beard! International stylist Fabio Vivan is an inside expert in the world of trendy beard styling and has beefed up everyone from Kasabian to the Rolling Stones. To let you in on his hottest styling secrets, we asked him to share some of his coolest beard styling tips with us.

Fabio‘s tips for unique & edgy beard styles

The basics of shaving

So now that you’ve decided that you want to be one of the cool guys and try your hand at an eye-catching beard style – how do you get things started? Before getting down to the details, Fabio tells you about a few hairy basics…

The perfect goatee

With the versatile cruZer face you can shave, style and trim just about any beard style you can think of – all you need is to pick one from the many, many facial styles out there. An all-time classic that is remarkably easy to achieve with the cruZer face is a trendy goatee.

Shave beard styles

The cool "badass" look

In addition to trimming your full beard, keeping your designer stubble in check or shaping any other style, the cruZer beard&,head is great for getting a cool "badass" look. Just combine a shaved head with a one-day beard and trim it every day.

How to get the “badass” look with cruZer beard&head"

No matter what details of your beard you want to work on, the cruZer precision lets you bring every facial style to perfection. For instance, the cruZer precision lets you work on your sideburns in a matter of minutes.

Know How: Sideburns

Expert advice on growing trimming and styling your sideburns - whatever your cheeks' hair growth is like. Sideburns draw attention to your facial features and need to be given as much consideration as the rest of your mug.

Shaving a beard styles

Face Shapes and Beard Styles

We detail the right styles for each of the eight facial shapes. The shape of your face is the biggest factor determining the right beard style for you. Dudes fall into eight basic face shapes as listed below. We recommend some specific styles for each of the eight facial shapes.

Wikibeardia Top 5

Shave your style launches Wikibeardia, the ultimate style guide to facial hair. David Glover details his five favorite Wikibeardia looks for the spring season – and shows us how to get them.

How wide should my goatee be? How wide should my goatee be?

Don’t let your goatee run riot all your face. Craig the Barber explains the correct width for the perfect goatee. Ever looked at someone sporting a goatee and wonder why it looks like the facial hair has taken over nearly half his face?

Beard styles shave neck

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