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Hollywood is a district, not an actual city. It refers to the movie  industry centered in Los Angeles, California, and to a part of town  loosely bounded by the Sunset Strip &hellip, (technically in West Hollywood)  to the west and the Hollywood Bowl and Hollywood sign to the east. (MORE)

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If you want a trim mustache, it's a good idea to learn to groom it yourself. These video tutorials offer tips and information on how to care for your mustache. Tutors include &hellip, people who wear mustaches themselves and those who groom them for others.BigBigMustache on YouTube offers a tutorial on how to trim a handlebar mustache. This tutor, who sports a fully curled handlebar, talks about a variety of mustache grooming issues. The video shows you how to trim your mustache and also helps you determine when it's time to trim it.[BigBigMustache](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPmA7XgQAIo)Vincent Vincent, a professional barber, provides a tutorial on how to trim your mustache. The tutorial teaches you how to groom your mustache using only a comb and a pair of sharp scissors. Vincent suggests that you be careful to not trim off too much hair since there is no way to reverse that cut.[Vincent Vincent](http://on.aol.com/video/how-to-properly-trim-your-mustache-517616774)Another tutorial on how to trim your mustache is provided by the BeardCoach. He talks about the importance of trimming your mustache above your lip for comfort as well as style. The BeardCoach suggests using a hair trimmer rather than scissors to trim your mustache and shows you how to do so.[BeardCoach](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Clem3Nll8R4)This video from How Cast offers a complete, detailed tutorial to teach you how to have a trim mustache quickly and easily. The video includes a full list of everything you need to have on hand before you begin. It takes you step-by-step from wetting the mustache to completing the actual trim and combing afterward.[How Cast](http://www.hulu.com/watch/407529)George of Pall Mall Barbers offers a professional video on how to trim your mustache. He shows you the tools you need and clearly details the steps to take. George does the trimming on a model, but use his instructions to trim your own mustache as well.[Pall Mall Barbers](http://www.youtube.com/v/rTUOIXVwXww&hl)Each of these videos shows you how to easily have a trim mustache at all times with just a little effort. Since they're short and free, watch them all so you don't miss an important tip or guideline.Finding the right style for your new mustache takes some time. Try a number of mustache lengths and thicknesses. As you search for the right style, always shave from outside of your mustache line. This leaves you room to clean it up properly and make it symmetrical, which the ladies appreciate. (MORE)

Hollywood stars beard styles

Maybe you don't want a traditional looking mo or you're tired of the look you've been wearing and you're in the mood for an edgier look. Your barber or stylist can help. Non-t &hellip, raditional mustache styles are showing up in droves in sports, Hollywood and red carpet events. If you see something you like, grab a picture of it to show to your stylist. Even if it won't work for you, it will open the discussion for finding something else you may amount of facial hair you have is relevant when determining the best shape and length for a mustache style. A thick, dense mustache is normally best (and most acceptable) when it's kept short and neat. For instance, for most men with thick facial hair the full mustache, if left long, will appear overpowering. For a cleaner more orderly look keep a dense mustache clipped on the short sideIf your mustache grows in with some bare patches, or is on the sparse side it doesn't mean you can't wear one. Those with a less substantial amount of facial hair look best to keep the bulk or weight in their mustache while keeping stray ends neatly you tend to keep the outside length of your stache short, (not reaching past your lips) it's fairly easy to keep it uniform, but when growing it longer than that keeping it symmetrical becomes more challenging. When trimming a mustache even a slight variance in length on the ends will look awkward. To make certain both sides are even and balanced, comb through your mustache and use the corners of your mouth as your guide. Double check your work by standing a few feet back from the mirror, the distance will give you a better perspective.Unless your stache is being grown for Movember or another cause, your best mustache will always be in proportion with your face and features. A smaller face is overpowered by a mustache or beard that is left too thick or too long. An oblong or rectangular face will appear more narrow and elongated with a long mustache or beard. For a balanced look the size and shape of the mustache should be in proportion to the of the biggest mistakes made when trimming a mustache happens in the art of edging it. When the bottom edge of your stache rides over the lip or into your mouth, it looks scruffy and loses its style at best. And when the line edging the lip is cut too high above the lip, it looks odd and a bit like a rooky was responsible. Mustaches look best when trimmed right on the lip line. Trimming can be done by using a mustache comb and scissors, or a better, easier tool for the job in my opinion, an electric or battery operated trimmer like Andis Professional T-Edjer. The corded Andis T-Edger was the trimmer we were given in barber school and it proved to be reliable and easy to use. Its small size makes it easy to manipulate for precision cutting in tight areas.Mustaches can take on odors from tobacco and they tend to collect bits of food which can quickly become a turnoff. So, get in the habit of regularly washing your mustache and rinsing it with warm water after meals. Your normal facial cleanser will do. To keep your skin from getting dry and flaky, rub in a daily more life from your razor blades: Blades dull and corrode from shaving cream and water left on the blade. Rinse the blade in alcohol and gently dry after each use for a longer lasting edge.Growing a new mustache or beard is arguably the quickest and easiest way to change your look. Be daring or not, but any style works if it suits your personality and the type of facial hair you have. There are facial hair styles to suit every personality, but whichever mustache style you choose to wear, have fun with it and wear it in style by keeping it well maintained. (MORE)

Mustaches define your style, cover your scar and change the appearance of your face's shape. Whatever your reason, keep your mustache clean and well-tended. Use these mustache &hellip, trimming tips to tame your mustache and keep you looking great with your new style.Before cutting any hair, be sure to brush your mustache up and out against the grain. By doing this, you cut all your mustache hairs to the same length. Use a thin-toothed comb to pull your hair outward with one hand, and simply snip the hair poking out of the comb with the best place to start when trimming your mustache is always the middle. By starting in the middle, you judge symmetry and make adjustments as you go. This ensures that you end with a uniform finished mustache that does not appear off-center or crooked.Scissors quickly trim your mustache length and provide an overall clip. However, for shaping, an electric trimmer is easier and much more thorough. Follow the curve of your lip with the trimmer, working from the middle outward, and use a low attachment to thin out the hairs closest to your lip for a tapered look. Finish with a blending attachment for even more is important to give a final check at the end of trimming to ensure that you trim both sides of your mustache to the same length. Determine the length by pulling on each side together at the same time in the same way you do with your sideburns. Fix up any differences at this time so that you end up with an even trimming your mustache freehand, do not apply too much pressure. The over-application of pressure causes you to trim more hair than you desire. Trim hairs using an upward motion with a slow, light pressure for the best results.Mustache trimming is quick and easy once you get the hang of it. Practice using these tips, and experiment with different mustache styles until you find one that suits your face and your personality. Once you go with a mustache and learn to maintain it properly, you never want to go back to a clean-shaved look again.Every year the American Mustache Institute hands out the Mustached Man of the Year award. In 2012, the winner was singer Robert Goulet. (MORE)

When it comes to hairstyles and beauty, the terms often only get used in relation to women, but nothing could be further from the truth. A man's hair can be just as important, &hellip, as it really conveys a message to the world. This is also true with facial hair. There is a world of difference between Johnny Depp's perfectly trimmed goatee and an unshaven, improperly groomed mess. Ask yourself what your mustache and soul patch communicate to the world. Here are a few things you should know before you decide to grow in that handle bar a man, a full beard can be seen as a sign of being an alpha male. Burt Reynolds is a good example of an iconic mustache in American cinema. To a woman, it often depends on how the beard is worn. A neatly trimmed full beard can be sexy and could imply a man's virility. For an example of a neatly trimmed beard, look to movie star George Clooney. A full, bushy beard, on the other hand, can make a man look rugged and outdoorsy, which can still be sexy for some women. A wild, unkempt beard can make a woman think a man is lazy, crazy, or worse. If going for the full beard look, keep it in order and don't venture into out of control territory.Overall, facial scruff is very popular. Men's first thoughts when they see other men with this look may be that the men are posers. For many women, this is a facial hair preference, as can be witnessed by the admiration of stars like Ryan Gosling. When wearing facial scruff, it is important to wear nice clothes and have well-trimmed hair. Otherwise, the look ventures into bum territory. What once was sexy can quickly turn creepy from the female perspective.There are so many ways a mustache can be worn, and there are just as many opinions about them. A thick, well groomed mustache can make a man seem sexy, as is the case with Tom Selleck. The mustache and soul patch can also create a villainous look, depending on how it is worn. Beware of going too far with this look. Elaborate designs could signal to women that you are high maintenance. The facial hair landing strip, which is the long strip of hair grown in a straight line from lip to chin, has never been "in" so avoid it. If you are working the soul patch, be sure it is well answer for this style of facial hair on almost all men is simply don't do it. If you don't have the perfect chiseled face, the chinstrap will only emphasis this. If you were blessed with the perfect jaw line, don't mar it with an ugly strip of hair. Women often see this look as too fussy and unsexy. If you go for the chinstrap/soul patch combo, this could definitely be a bit too in doubt, a clean shaven face is always classic. A recent study even concluded that among women polled, the clean shaven look is considered to be the most attractive. Men with very young faces, however, may look more mature with a little facial hair. If you are wanting to look a few years younger and you have facial hair, try getting rid of the hair and go back to smooth. Clean shaven men in Hollywood who rock the look include Channing Tatum, Ashton Kutcher, and Matthew McConaughey.Hairstyles and facial hair can have a major impact on how you are viewed by others. If you are still undecided, it never hurts to seek out a second opinion, especially from a female friend. Another major factor in choosing your facial hair is how it makes you feel. Self-confidence is sexy so go ahead and keep your mustache and soul patch if it keeps the swagger in your step.Research sponsored by the Guinness Brewing Company discovered an odd fact about drinking with a mustache. On average, the Guinness drinker with a mustache traps a pint and a half of beer in his mustache every year. Of course, the average may vary, but that is a lot of wasted beer. Perhaps shaven men enjoy their beverages a bit more, just based on sheer volume. (MORE)

Hollywood stars beard styles

From the earliest historical periods, facial hair has played important roles in society. Facial hair styles have even helped to identify a person's socioeconomic status. Celeb &hellip, rities establish trademarks with distinctive features that set them apart, or help them establish a particular identity. Good examples include Sean Connery's conservative, closely-cropped mustache, Geraldo Rivera's ear-to-ear fluffy display, Hulk Hogan's upside-down half-circle masterpiece, John Water's pencil-thin rendition, and Salvador Dali's bullhorn-like artistic matter what style of mustache you choose to wear, it should always be trimmed properly to make a good statement. Start slowly, especially when you are new at learning how to trim your mustache. It's easy to take away more facial hair than you intended, especially with the electric clippers. For that reason, it's good to start with a shears. Most mustaches require shortening throughout, which can be done with a clipper or a shears. A barber will normally use a clipper over comb technique, to reduce the length or bulk of your mustache. Here are a few thoughts in regards to trimming your mustache,1. Decide what style of mustache fits your lifestyle best. Each style has unique maintenance requirements.2. Compare trimming advice from different sources in order to find one that addresses your unique needs.3. Be conservative when trimming, especially if you are not experienced with mustaches.~~ Good, barber-quality trimming shears ~~ Electric beard/mustache trimmer ~~ A fine-toothed comb ~~ Razor, electric or blade. ~~ Mustache waxWash and dry your mustache thoroughly. Comb through your mustache to straighten all the hair.Reduce the length or bulk of your mustache first, before fine tuning the edging around the lip line. The lip outline will be easier to define when the weight or bulk of your mustache is shortened and out of the way. If you're comfortable using an electric clippers, start with the longest setting. You can always take it shorter, but you can't add it back. Or, use a shear over comb technique, by lifting the hair with the comb and cutting. When using this technique be sure to keep the comb at an even distance from the lip throughout the process to ensure a consistent length in the weight of your mustache. Start by trimming the outermost edges, preferably starting at the bottom and using the lip as your guide line. Fine tune the shape of your mustache with an electric trimmer. Edge in the outline by starting in the middle, working down one side and then the other. Stand back and check for balance. Remember to go slowly, comparing as you go.Take your time! One slip of a trimmer can ruin months of effortToday, facial hair still plays an important role in defining who you are. Your mustache says something important about you, so make sure it's relaying a message you want to portray by keeping it neatly trimmed. Here are some related articles that you might want to check out:[How To Grow and Shave a Chin Strap Beard](menshair.answers.com/hair-styles/how-to-grow-and-shave-a-chin-strap-beard)[Goatee Styles for a Stylish Look](menshair.answers.com/hair-styles/goatee-styles-for-a-stylish-look)[Popular Hair and Beard Styles for Men](menshair.answers.com/hair-styles/popular-hair-and-beard-styles-for-men)[Beard Styles and Face Shapes](menshair.answers.com/hair-styles/beard-styles-and-face-shapes)[Popular Trimmed Beard Styles](menshair.answers.com/hair-styles/popular-trimmed-beard-styles)[Growing a Beard](menshair.answers.com/types-of-hair/growing-a-beard)[Goatee without Mustache: What it says about you](menshair.answers.com/hair-styles/Goatee-without-Mustache:-What-it-says-about-you) (MORE)

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