Hollywood stars beard styles. An Official Ranking Of The 51 Hottest Bearded Men In Hollywood

51. Tyler Posey

This is what I like to call &ldquo,the baby beard.&rdquo, In other words, it&rsquo,s just starting to come in. Teen Wolf should basically just devote an entire plotline to Tyler&rsquo,s beard and call it a day. Hollywood stars beard styles.

50. Taye Diggs

Hi, Taye. Your smile alone caused my sexual awakening in How Stella Got Her Groove Back. But when it&rsquo,s covered in a beard, it&rsquo,s even more beautiful. Thank you, bb.

49. Charlie Day

Funny man + beard = Hi. Hello. Hi there.

48. Seth Rogen

Sorry, but I&rsquo,m not sorry that when Seth Rogen has a beard he&rsquo,s way hot and sometimes it makes me sweat a little.

47. Jeff Bridges

Dude, hello, I think we may have met before: My name is &ldquo,Please don&rsquo,t ever shave.&rdquo,

46. Lee Pace

Oh, hai. You were in The Hobbit, and now I think we should retire to Rivendell so I can stroke your beard.

45. Keanu Reeves

Hey, Ke Ke. Nice beard. It looks great on your face.

44. Justin Timberlake

Even though &ldquo,Suit &, Tie&rdquo, was bullshit, a little beard can make up for that.

43. Joe Manganiello

42. Drake

Kevin Mazur / WireImage for MTV / Getty Images

Let&rsquo,s write a song about your beard together? Then I will be happy forever? We can use those lines as a rhyme, whenever. (See what I did there, Drake? Marry me?)

41. Chris Pine

Jun Sato / WireImage / Getty Images

OK, hi, you should never trim your beard, because it&rsquo,s changed my view of you entirely.

40. Jason Sudeikis

In the immortal words of Salt-N-Pepa: You make me wanna shoop.

39. Paul Rudd

John Lamparski / WireImage / Getty Images

If I had one complaint about Paul Rudd&rsquo,s beard, it would be that there&rsquo,s not enough of it.

38. Josh Groban

Oh, haiii, Grobes. That &ldquo,Caution&rdquo, sign on the door is there because that beard has set my heart ablaze. Thank you, bb, xoxo.

37. Antonio Banderas

Can we all just take a moment to marvel at all of the parts of Antonio Banderas&rsquo, body hair (beard, chest, arms, other)?

36. Nick Offerman

Tommaso Boddi / WireImage / Getty Images

Hi. Can you whittle me a kayak so we can sail off into a lake on it?

35. Idris Elba

Hey there&hellip, Does it make you feel weird to be so handsome? Or is it just empowering enough to feel good? Please tell me the answer by calling me.

34. Johnny Depp

Errrr&hellip, Hi, Johnny. Hi. I have a deep fondness for your pirate hair and beard, and how you always kind of look that way, even when you&rsquo,re not in pirate films.

33. Matthew McConaughey

What&rsquo,s better than McConaughey&rsquo,s Southern accent? His accent topped off with a BEARD accent.

32. Russell Brand

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Hollywood stars beard styles

I love British comedians with beards. Especially when they also have sexy chest hair. It&rsquo,s all just wonderful.

31. Ryan Reynolds

A life without Ryan&rsquo,s beard is not a life worth living at all!, Some would say&hellip,

30. Rob Pattinson

Lisa Maree Williams / Via Getty

Ummm&hellip, Hi there. In case you were wondering, I&rsquo,m drooling right now. Drooling profusely.

29. Michael Ealy

Let&rsquo,s start with the good news: Michael Ealy is perfect. Now for the bad news: There needs to be more of this beard in order to make the world a happier place. That is all.

28. Alexander Skarsgard

Paul A. Hebert/Stringer / Via Getty

Umm&hellip, Hi. Can I rub my face on your beard? No? OK.

27. Chris Pratt

Chris, baby, you don&rsquo,t need to point out how wonderful your beard is. We can all see its glory from here.

26. Lenny Kravitz

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Lenny, Len &mdash, can I call you Len? &mdash, your beard is delightful. As are those shades.

25. John Legend

Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

Ughhhh&hellip, I was actually just rendered incapacitated, because I fell into the lovely valley of your bearded cheekbones and died of happiness.

24. Javier Bardem

Somewhere, there&rsquo,s a choir of beautiful angels weeping, because nothing will ever be as glorious as Bardem&rsquo,s beard.

23. Bryan Cranston

David Livingston / Via Getty

Sweet sassy mollassey&hellip, Walter White cleans up real nice. And by &ldquo,cleans up,&rdquo, I mean he looks really fucking good with a beard.

22. Damian Lewis

Hi, I like your tinge of ginge. I think we should go talk somewhere, so I can touch it and know what real love is like.

21. Ian Somerhalder

Oh hey, Ian, you can bite the fuck out of my neck any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Thanks.

20. Naveen Andrews

Let&rsquo,s just say that I&rsquo,m Lost without this beard in my weekly TV life.

19. Adam Scott

I just spaced out while staring into Adam Scott&rsquo,s beard. It&rsquo,s like I never knew what true beauty was until I met this facial hair.

18. Hugh Jackman

Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

17. Sendhil Ramamurthy

Life isn&rsquo,t fair, ya know? Like, for example, I want to lock Sendhil Ramamurthy in a cage in my basement so that I can gaze upon his bearded glory for all eternity. But the law says I&rsquo,m not allowed to be happy in that way. Is that just? Nay, I say.

16. Michael C. Hall

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Via Getty

Hollywood stars beard styles

As far as I&rsquo,m concerned, Michael C. Hall needs to put down any razors that might be in his possession and embrace the full-on beard love.

15. Ben Affleck

Look, call me crazy &mdash, but maybe Affleck&rsquo,s Batman should come with a beard. ALL I&rsquo,M SAYING.

14. Aziz Ansari

Mmmm&hellip, Hi. You are hot, funny, holding what appears to be whiskey, and wearing a sensible scarf. Can we talk about falling in love?

13. Jake Gyllenhaal

Hi, daddy issues, I never even knew I had you. But now I do. Thank you.

12. Richard Madden

Kevork Djansezian / Via Getty

This beard proves, once and for all, that Richard Madden is the true KING OF THE NORTH.

11. Chris Hemsworth

Hiii, bb!, If you ever need someone to hold up your chin under the weight of all that beauty, please call me. I&rsquo,ll be around. Waiting. Watching.

10. Charlie Hunnam

Here&rsquo,s a fun movie idea: Fifty Shades of Don&rsquo,t Ever Ditch That Beard.

9. Aaron Paul

Neilson Barnard / Via Getty

OH MY GOD. OMG. It&rsquo,s like, even his eyes know how wonderful the rest of his face is.

8. Brad Pitt

Pascal Le Segretain / Via Getty

Brad&rsquo,s beard is aging splendidly: little dashes of gray, whispers of honey, and a whole lot of sexy sexiness.

7. Charles Michael Davis

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Hi. Hello. You are tasty. You are also on a show called The Originals, where you play a vampire. I will be watching this show, mainly because of your face.

6. Kit Harington

Michael Buckner / Via Getty

Let&rsquo,s all take a moment to appresh Kit&rsquo,s beard.:::pause, appreciate, pause::: OK, and now it&rsquo,s time to slowly clap, because this beard is everything.:::slowly clap, weep in appreciation:::

5. George Clooney

Ah, the old standby beard. That is what Clooney provides us with: It will always be handsome, always fill you with hope, and never, ever go out of style. Bless you, Clooney beard.

4. Donald Glover

Haiii, Donald. Is it hard to be so beautiful and funny? I think it probably is&hellip,

3. Tom Hardy

Look, Tom Hardy is a manly man with a full beard and it&rsquo,s WORKING. It&rsquo,s just WORKING.

2. Jon Hamm

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Via Getty

That sound you just heard was my head hitting the ground, because I just blacked out from Hamm&rsquo,s epic beard beauty.

1. Ryan Gosling

Were you really surprised to see Gosling here? Look into his eyes. They&rsquo,re telling you to look down, because the real window into his soul is through his beard.

Hollywood stars beard styles

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An Official Ranking Of The 51 Hottest Bearded Men In Hollywood

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