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Chin Strip While Leaving Your Clothes On

A chin strip is like a thong for your face. If you just don’t feel like going completely face-naked, a chin strip might be just enough hair to keep your manliness intact. Chin strap beard styles.

The chin strip is essentially a long soul patch that extends down to the tip of the chin. Chin strips come in two styles. The most common is a rectangle of whiskers the same width from top to bottom. A second version has the bottom of the strip shaped into a point.

Who the Chin Strip Says You Are

If you wear a chin strip, you might be seen as the kid who had to wade into the pool a step at a time before he was willing to go all in.

You Know a Chin Strip is Right for You if…

You don’t mind women thinking you just forgot to shave that part of your chin.

You were looking up “chin strap” and got confused.

You needed an option after your roommate got pissed at you and shaved off half your beard while you were sleeping off last night’s party.

Thin chin strap beard styles

That part of your chin is the only place you can grow facial hair.

How to Grow a Chin Strip

Even with so small a patch to grow, barbers still advise starting your chin strip project with a full beard growth. This provides enough hair for shaping every facial hair style. You’ll also want to see where your hair grows and where it doesn’t. Leave it alone for a minimum of four weeks, or until you have about a half-inch of hair grown out.

How to Groom a Chin Strip

A key factor for a well-placed chin strip is positioning it right down the center of your chin and aligning it with your nose.

With such a narrow patch of hair it’s critical that you get it straight.

Some barbers recommend using an electric trimmer without a guard as a good way to start the beard trimming process. The trimmer will give a precision line around the facial hair you’re leaving in place. A safety razor and a steady hand can also do the job.

Chin strap beard out of style

Starting by your ears, shave your face inward. To achieve balance on both sides of your face, alternate shaving the two sides a section at a time.

When you get to your chin, shave from side to side until you get the width of the chin strip that you’re shooting for.

Manicure the remaining facial hair with a trimmer fitted with an adjustable guard, shaving the patch against the grain. Clipper the hair until it’s short and has an even length to it.

A chin strip about the width of your nose is a pretty good reference point. A narrow chin strip can help make a wide jaw look a little more tapered.

Similar Beard Styles

Petite Goatee – A narrow goatee that starts below the bottom lip and narrows to a point at the chin.

Chin strap beard styles pictures

Soul Patch – A dab of facial hair in a circle, square or rectangle (or any other shape) just below the lower lip. A favorite of beatnicks and jazz musicians.

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