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We',re going to show you how to trim a beard. There are a few questions that we should always ask ourselves about what length, and what the proper beard length is, and how we should go about trimming it. You have to always be concerned about where you work, if you',re in the public eye or whatever and the style of haircut.

Conrad has I preferably like a medium length beard or a shorter beard, because he likes to wear his hair a little shorter on the sides. Somebody who has a little longer hair, they',d probably look a little better, they could get away with wearing something with a more full beard. The first thing is you always want to make sure you take your comb, you comb the hair in different directions so that you can get all the hairs out. That',s what we',re going to do through here.

Beard trimming and styles

What I',m going to take with Conrad',s beard, I',m going to actually use a clipper. I',m going to go ahead and we',re to medium trim it. I',m going to take a size two blade. We',re going to trim it and shape it up, and then definitely shape the mustache up a little bit, so it',s not sticking out so far.

Now if he would have had a longer beard, I probably would have done it with scissors and comb and trimmed it that way, almost the same way as I would probably give a haircut.

Since it',s a shorter beard, it looks and works much better when we go ahead and make a very, very clean-cut beard. Always make sure you close your eyes when trimming your mustache and beard, because the hairs actually pop up and you don',t want to have a hair stick you in the eye.

Now you can see that what I',m doing with the mustache, I',m just trimming and shaping it.

Trimming a beard styles

It',s not necessarily the same length as this, because we want to have a little different balance and a little different shape to it, and then of course you',ve got to line it up, right above the lip. When you',re doing this it',s always good to have one of your fingers to give a little stability on the chin, and that way you can give a good shave to him. Conrad, what I',m going to do is line this under you with outliners.

This is all a preference about how high you want it to go. Some individuals like a more of a chinstrap look or something under the jawbone, but we',re going to make his a little bit longer. Always want to clean these areas. I',m going to make this line just a little bit sharper through here. Making these lines for Conrad is going to help him, actually. When he goes home, he can do his own lines. It actually helps him out, because then he can follow the lines. There you go. That',s how you trim a short beard.



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