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As Movember has come and past, many of you might feel that you are required to shave your beard, but don’t ditch it just yet. With a new month comes another reason to grow out your majestic beard and its &hellip, Best beard style for a shaved head.

Maybe it started out small, just a few gray hairs that you quickly plucked out. You probably thought that would take care of it, right? Wrong. In fact, those suckers multiplied behind your back, and now you have an army of &hellip,

Did you begin to lose your hair sometime around the time you identified a notably hard case of dandruff? Or did you suddenly recognize a dandruff problem some time after you began losing your hair? Is there a cause and &hellip,

Drop those razors, gentlemen, it’,s Movember. No, that’,s not a typo. It’,s been all over social media, with guys on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter sharing selfies tagged “,Movemeber.”, Celebrities have gotten into the act, with Sylvester Stallone, Clive Owen, and Stephen &hellip,

Best beard style with shaved head

If the hair is getting thinner on the top, it’,s a good idea to let it go everywhere else right? The more hair the merrier? Well, sort of. While growing facial hair certainly gives you a look with more style &hellip,

Looking for a new hair clipper, eh? Whether you are a professional barber or merely want to cut hair at home–,you are covered. In the first part, we will be talking about what you should look for in a home &hellip,

Like many other social customs, the history of beards and beard growth has been fascinatingly diverse, enjoying periods of widespread popularity and other times of relative disfavor. The popularity of growing facial hair in ancient times was much more attributable &hellip,

Best beard for a shaved head

Here we go again! Owning a beard is not just having hair on your face. Beards are heritage-rich, impactful, life companions that played an important part in history and shaping of our culture. If you’,ve missed it, here is the &hellip,

Beards —, like most uncommon things in society, are prone to some peculiar misconceptions. These unnecessary false beliefs stop many potential beard-growers. It’s time to put them to an end. Below are eight beard myths that should have been dispelled &hellip,

I know this isn’,t news for you, but being clean shaven is no longer the only acceptable way to go around. Facial hair is now a standard accessory, and it’,s here to stay. It all started in the 80’,s. Now &hellip,

Best beard style for a shaved head

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