Different beard styles with names. Overview on Common Beard Styles and Names

To rapidly and inexpensively freshen up your facial appearance, updated facial hair is the best way. And you can have plenty of beard style ideas by asking those professional trimmers near you or simply using the Internet. The good thing of keeping your beards grow is that it is not permanent and you can always change and customize its style and shape of your beard to keep it looks cool and clean. Different beard styles and names.

Men still looking for different beard styles will definitely discover useful ideas here. This article contains unique and up to date facial hair and beard styles. In order to get the looks you desired, you can also try to print a photo of beard style with you and show it to your expert stylist.

The Full Beard

One of the most traditional styles of facial hair is the full beard and the ideal choice for those men with a weak jaw line.

The Chin Strap

Chin strap is also known as a Chin curtain. It follows the jaw line with a neat and clean trimmed strap of hair. Good thing is that men could wear this style with or without a mustache.

Different beard styles and names

The Goatee

Having the same width of the mouth, the goatee can help give an illusion of length to men with rounded facial shape.

Mutton Chops

Basically it has long sideburns and look like a beard without a goatee. This styles is very suitable for artists, bikers and also for rock stars…,

The Door Knocker

This is the best style for men who have rapid growth of hair around the mouth portion but a little growth in the cheeks and sideburns area. These days, it is usually called as goatee or Van Dyke. This type of beard style is pretty famous and it can help you cover the weak jaw line and could also add an illusion of length to a rounded face.

Different beard styles and their names

The Chin Strip

It is like a soul patch and just a strip of facial hair, which grows below the mouth or center of the lips. The chin starts to turn under when men wearing this style.

Always have fun and customize your look until you discover what suits you!!

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