What does a good beard look like. How to wear the Chinstrap beard style the best you can Tips, Tricks, Pics and great examples Virile Beard ~ "BEARD IT OUT"

How to wear the Chinstrap beard style the best you can –, Tips, Tricks, Pics and great examples

What Is A Chinstrap Beard Style

The chinstrap is a unique facial hair style that by definition is a beard form, which extends from your hair lines and connects them following your jawline. When you grow a chinstrap, you’re automatically giving up on your mustache, side and neck beard. The classic chinstrap style was trendy in the late 18th century, but it didn’t manage to maintain it’s original form (check Abe Lincoln for reference) in more modern times as it’,s often combined with other styles making the initial look not so common today. A good beard style.

Tips on How To Get Chinstrap Beard Style

Who Can Pull It Off?

Everyone that tried and succeeded to grow a powerful chinstrap will tell you how it’s especially hard to trim, nurture and maintain this beast on your face. You should take into consideration how the chinstrap can be unforgiving for the lazy ones knowing the fact you need precise grooming at least three times every week. It’s either becoming a good friend with the local barber so you won’,t spend a fortune on your beard or becoming an amateur barber yourself.

In professional circles this look is considered juvenile and isn’t appropriate for anyone thriving for a management position in an insurance company.

You should think twice before picking this style for the long run, but if you have already chosen it, these notes could come handy.

Suitable face shapes for ‘The Chinstrap’

Suituble chinstrap face shapes

Although the square face fits best for the chinstrap, it can properly grow on other face shapes as well.

Tips &, Tricks

The thickness of the chinstrap should not only be defined by the facial shape but by how much are you showing on the scale as well. The thinner line is suitable for more angular and skinnier faces and on the other hand the thicker and fuller chin strap is the way to go for the oval and round facial shapes, regardless your weight.

How to get a good beard style

For the ones with a double chin, I would not advise this style because it will only put stronger emphasis on it and make your face look fatter than it already is.

Warning: For those with a patchy beard and for those who are trying to emphasize the jawline while hiding the double chin I would NOT recommend this style as it could look very unattractive and could make them the guy with recessive chin and bad facial hair

How To Chinstrap Guide:

Shaping and Trimming Your Chinstrap

For starters, you’ll need to grow a short full beard. The average time for this is about one week but it depends from person to person. Keep in mind that you will need a good trimmer that can shave, trim and edge. Shaping the chinstrap requires a calm hand and a good eye for details.

You need to trim the whole beard so it would be even. The length should be about half an inch.

Use the trimmer at its lowest length setting to shape your beard. Start with the neck and chin, but be careful around the jaw. We want the beard to extend just under the jawline. When you are happy with the result, use the shave and edge function to make it a little tidier.

Set the trimmer at its lowest length available, but now move to the upper half of your face. We shave our beard in a downward direction shaping the chinstrap in the process. Note that the thickness of the chin strap shouldn’,t be under half an inch for thin square face types, except if your life ambition is to be on ‘,Jersey Shore’,.I would recommend a slightly thicker line of about one inch or more for the round/oval faced virile men.

A good beard style

Finnish it of with the edge function to unleash the maximum potential of the chinstrap.

Maintaining Your Chinstrap

As mentioned above this style is one of the most time-consuming when we talk about regular maintenance because it requires constant upkeep and precise trimming to pull the look off.

You will need to edge your chin strap every couple of days and trim it accordingly. As always you should nurture your beard with quality oils, shampoos and conditioners for the fuller and healthier look of the same.

Virile beard Wall of approval –, The Chinstrap

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How to get a good beard style

You’ve decided to go with the chinstrap? Collect all the grooming data you need in our beard care department.

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