Black barbershop beard styles. The Coolest Barber Shops In Edinburgh

Long gone are the days when men would enter into pokey dens riddled with stray hairs only to obtain a haircut via communicating by numbers, just as women would opt for poodle-like perms in a pink salon. We have progressed and entered into a hair utopia where all genders embrace a colourful array of hairstyles, each of which speak volumes about personality. With multiple Movember mustaches out in full force, it seems only fitting to sift through the coolest barber shops in Edinburgh. Whether classic and coiffured, or edgy and short, there is certainly something for everyone. Barber beard styles.


Bringing barber shops into the now, a visit to Ruffians is never a chore and always a treat. From the whisky bar and bespoke coffee, to the complimentary use of an iPad while waiting, Ruffians offers a revolutionary haircutting experience with all the trimmings. Whether a tidy up, beard trim, or cut throat shave, the deftly skilled artisans will impress, and then some. Those with a phobia of loose hairs prickling against the neck need not worry — the integrated vacuum system has your back. You won’t want to leave, at least not without stocking up on their fantastic range of men’s toiletries.

The Player’s Lounge

That Indian head massage! A genius fusion of old school barbering techniques and contemporary men’s hair design, The Player’s Lounge is in a league of its own. From suave styling and colour options, to beard trimming and luxury hot shaves, there is a never-ending list of services on offer. And yes, you really are spoiled for choice with top-notch grooming packages, manicures and facials. A commendable respect for the environment and all things green, this eco-friendly salon (adorned with hip reclaimed wood and exposed brick) only uses cruelty-free products without nasties such as sulphate and parabens.

Stag Barber Co.

Simple and straight to the point, Stag Barber Co. is comprised of a most excellent no-fuss kind of team with a discerning eye for men’s hair design. Whether an in-and-out trim, beard tidy or head shave is on the agenda, you can be sure to leave feeling over the moon. A hipster’s paradise, the service, quality, and furnishings do all the talking. Devoid of that classic trippy candy cane sign, it’s safe to say these barbers could cut up a storm in their sleep.

Barber beard styles

Rag &, Bone

A cut above the rest, Rag &, Bone exudes an unfathomable sense of coolness that pounces upon anyone who enters. The décor, the lighting, the service, and most of all, the craftsmanship, cannot be criticized. Everything you could ever conjure up and dream of for a local barber shop, Rag &, Bone consistently exceeds all expectations.


The kind of place suited to rock stars, Vagabond is the brainchild of Paul Stewart, an immensely skilled craftsman with an impressive haircutting background. Don’t worry about walking in a nervous wreck or leaving with every intention of wearing a hat for the next week — the Vagabond gang speak your language. With décor more akin to art and artisans that would make Edward Scissorhands green with envy, this glorious spot is a fail-safe option for a suave do.


Since 1999, Boombarbers has been styling the good men of Edinburgh, making them feel more dapper than ever. Known for their unbelieveable wet towel shaves and knack for meeting every customer’s needs, there is a reason why this dream team of hair cutting connoisseurs are always ahead of the game. With multiple locations in town, it shouldn’,t be a problem bagging an appointment.

Barbershop beard styles


For brilliant banter and a darn good haircut, invest your trust in Statement. These master barbers can sort out any hairdo, so you’,ll always leave with a smile on your face (as opposed to an oddly trimmed beard). From head shaves, shampoos, restyles, beard trims and simple cuts, Statement is the genie that grants every haircut wish. Free from the unnecessary elitist finery and fluff of faceless overpriced salons, Statement deserves a standing ovation for preserving that contagious atmosphere common to old school barber shops.

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