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One of the easiest ways to change your look is with facial hair. It could also be your saving grace. Just be careful though, you don't want to be getting sideways looks everytime you walk out at night. It's all too easy to emulate the cult leader look so here are some star examples to veer you in the right direction. Good beard styles.

1. Zach Galifianakis- As much as we love the little rogue, grooming is not his strong suit. He falls perfectly into the 'most likely to be homeless' characterisation on first sight. In saying this, he deserves some kudos for staying loyal to his 'little furry creature'/The Gremlins look. Nevertheless, his facial hair gets the same response as the fashion choices that The Hangover's Alan makes, such as the infamous man purse, confusion followed by love-filled pity.

2. Joaquin Phoenix - And so we move from loving pity to sheer fear in one swift move. It's probably not that fair to judge so harshly as the rough terrrain of his hairy face sprouted around the same time as the crazed mockumentary 'Im Still Here' came onto the scene.

3. Brad Pitt - It's an awful shame when the most symmetrical face on earth is casually disregarded by its owner... but it does prove that too much praise over physical appearance is damaging. By the looks of this photo, Pitt was traumatised at the time it was taken.

4. Shia LaBeouf - In this case, LaBeouf just needs someone to reign in those whiskers before the actor gets carried away and attempts a full blown Hamm (See Jon Hamm). Not everyone can pull this off, especially if you have curly hair that extends to the facial variety. Chin pubes, anyone? Too often it will make you look like a former math camp enthusiast.

5. Mel Gibson - This must a plot by his lawyer in the desperate hope to persuade a jury of his madness when some accusation will inevitably land him in a 'you're in some deep shit' trial. No other explanation possible.

6. Hulk Hogan - There probably isn't a mad enough fecker in the world to attempt the bleached horseshoe moustache, but just to cover all bases, don't. You will end up with only two options in life - the wrestling ring or car boot salesman.

7. Jude Law - It's not that Law can never wear facial hair well, but more that from time to time it gets so wispy and raggedy, it looks like the last place it belongs is on a face, let alone his classically handsome one. If this was the look he was sporting around the time of the nanny affair debacle, nobody would have been surprised.

8. Colin Farrell - We know Farrell likes to big up his Dublin roots, but the dodgy triple threat of a goatee, skinny moustache and chin fluff, matched with two hoopy earrings makes him look like a mix between one big 'how'rya' and a pirate. It's enough to make anyone's head spin.

9. Michael Cera - Again, not everyone can jump on the facial hair train and Cera is the only example of this you will ever need as concrete proof. His big brown-eyed, babyface appeal usually makes him a solid charmer with the ladies, but with this moustache he resembles a cartoon toad that Disney would concoct for the slimeball role.

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10. John Travolta - If his association with Scientology didn't freak people out enough, we give you 'The John Revolta' - a look so nausiating nobody will be able to fly alongside him in his planes.

1. Hugh Jackman - There's very little this man can't get away with so it's best not to emulate every style you see on him. The man was still desirable with mutton chops, so he is a once-off. Go with his manly yet maintained all over, and if you're lucky you may just achieve the sexy academic look a tenth as well as him (the warm yet piercing eyes cannot be mimicked unfortunately).

2. Ryan Gosling - Again, he's in his own league but that doesn't mean you can't take notes from the Gos. The Gos beard definition: A beard and tache that almost holds hands, but yet maintain some distance between the two. Never too heavy, never fluffy.

3. Bradley Cooper - Where would Cooper be without some light facial hair? This is one of the easiest looks to pull off, because nearly every guy looks good with a litte stubble.

4. Chris Hemsworth - If you have an excellent, strong jawline, go for the Hemsworth and you never know, you may just turn out to be a secret Adonis.

5. Zac Efron - Usually it's a shame to cover such a boyishly handsome face, but if anyone can succeed with aplomb it's Efron. By keeping the beard to near stubble, it looks clean and trim. Quite the Dapper Dan.

6. George Clooney - Snce turning silver fox, Clooney nearly always sports some face warmers. If you're a prematurely grey guy, own it and try some serious stubble. This is stubble with intent, so be proud.

7. Johnny Depp - This should really only be tried if you have a swarthy handsomeness about you. There is the odd person who looks like there's something missing, and in that case the aristic Depp growth may well be the one to try.

8. Gerard Butler - Little wonder he was picked for a moisturising advert. If anyone can assure mankind that moisturising can be manly, it's Gerard doesn't take a huge amount of upkeep but you won't have a nest on your face either. It's an easy-uptake with a bit of grit style.

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9. Jon Hamm - Refer to The Butler, but this look has even less upkeep. It's old school, full on beard without worrying about going too far to having a Santa/homeless look.

10. Ben Affleck - Women see the Affleck beard and want to immediately rub their face against it. Invest in a good trimmer and Bob's your uncle, you have the look of an accomplished director.


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