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Beard style for different face shape Beard styles for pointy chin.

What’,s up beardsman, beard ladies, bearded babies, pets watching at home while their owners are away at work. My name is clean and cook and this is another video from beardbrand. Now I know for most beardsman a lot that determines on what kind of beard do we have? what kind of style beard sporting determined by what are personal preferences as far as a beard looks and then kind of what our ability is to grow?

Those are the the two main factors but I’,ve been getting ready to trim this beard up do something a little different. So I was doing a little research and I want to talk about face shapes and how that plays a role in to your style of beard. So the first spaceship I want to talk about its the face shape that I’,m working with. And it’,s the circular around face, for round face you really want to keep kind of a neatly trimmed beard.

What I’,m looking to do is I want to shorten it kind of on the sides up here not have such bushy sideburns and such policy sides, but also keep some length down here at the bottom. And what that’,s going to do is help give the appearance of a longer more oval-shaped face going to kind of have a slimming effect can make me more handsome looking so instead of this roundness. I’,m going to kind of draw my face out lengthen that some and give myself a nice good look.

Second face shape I want to talk about is the square face. Some people have a more square face they’,ve got like a strong jaw line. Now this couple of different options you can go with on this if you’,re looking to really accentuate your jawline. Then you probably want to keep like a shorter beard. May be go with more of us scruffy look or you can keep your beard trimmed down get some clippers. I get some shorten that length on their can help.

Beard style for men

Still show off your chisel jaw you know kind of like you’,re Superman handsome. Clark Kent look you got going and maybe for your own personal preference your jaw lines a little sharp. You wanna soften that little all you need to do is just give it some more length don’,t trim it up as much just want to kind of keep it short on the sides but, I just get some more links down here along the John the chin it’,s gonna soften that line a little bit and it will give you more about an overlooked and less of the squareness of your face.

Now the third face shape that I want to talk about is. The triangular and it’,s going to have a bit of a wider hairline kind of a broad job. Your chin and we want triangle looks like for the triangular face shape something they want to do is let it really get some get some growth on your chin to get longer from like the cheek boats cheek bones down get a little bit more length on your beard will help broaden your chin jawline kind of $OPERAND squared off on the bottom and give you a more uniform look.

If you got that triangular face God and squared off going to give yourself. A wider chin kind of had that pointy chin underneath there you’,re looking sharp over face of your noble face. Gguy that you’,re doing great you anything’,s gonna work for you. I’,ve consulted a lot of different beard style blogs and infographics. And all kinds of things and I found that everyone believes. The old face is the ideal face you should try anything in the world is your beard moisture. You can go tease the van dyke full beard long beard do whatever you want because you’,ve already kind of achieved a handsome this look to you that is unbeatable.

So if your rock in an oval face then you can really go with a lot of different options. Ultimately what I think this comes down to is that everyone we all kind of different shapes of faces. But what we can do is we can use our beard to enhance the features. That we really like or we can use our beard to kind of cover up some of the features that were not so happy with. So like I was saying if we got a round face you want to elongate you can really use your beard to make a longer slimmer. Look if you got the square face you wanna maybe soften those features up.

Different beard styles for men pictures

Something you can add a little extra link that to cover that up. Maybe one accentuating to cut it down to a triangular face and you want to get a pointy chin. That that bothers you then can grow out a wider base of your beard. To give the chin appearance of being bigger and wider. If you’,ve got the apparently the oval face and you’,re the handsome guy around and just use whatever beard you want.

So a great thing is that regardless of what shape of face you have. There’,s plenty of others, that i didn’,t cover in this video. But very similar going over the basics but just the idea that. Whatever features you have your able to accentuate hide or changeup and you can kind of a different look than whatever god-given face shape you already had that’,s gonna do it for this week guys.

Thanks so much for watching it. Like it, subscribe, comment down below. Let me know your face shape, what kind of beard you’,re rockin? how you feel that those work together. You know maybe hiding something maybe accentuating something comment down below to have a talk. I want to hear about it be sure to tune in next week when we talk about how beards can for an alien invasion.

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