Funky beard styles. How to Choose Hair Products For Men, eHow

The secret to a great looking head of hair is all in the hair products you use. For easy styling and great results use this guide to choose the right styling products for your hair. Funky beard styles.

Hair Products for Thick Hair

Thick hair needs strong enough products to stand up to all that hair. A firm holding styling gel will give strong hold to thick hair.

For a wet look, apply a strong hold styling gel to damp hair and style as desired. Let hair dry naturally. For a softer look, blow-dry hair after applying the gel.

For thick and curly hair, use a gel designed specifically for curly hair. These gels will have a humidity control agent that will keep frizz at bay.

For a firm but flexible hold on thick hair, a strong hold molding paste works well. These hair products won't dry stiff and hair can be restyled throughout the day.

Strong hold pomade will also give you a touchable hairstyle. Look for the high gloss variety to add shine to your hair.

Hair Products for Medium Textured Hair

A light to medium hold styling gel will provide good hold whether you're blow drying your hair into a style or just want a firm wet look.

Pomade works great for a flexible hold without any stiffness to it. Apply to both slightly damp or dry hair and style as desired.

Liquid gels are perfect for those wanting a sleek or wet look. They disperse in the hair easily and aren't as heavy as traditional gels.

A styling paste gives a fluffy styling finish for those men wanting to boost the body in their hair.

Funky beard styles

Mousse is a tried and true favorite hair product for both hold and body. Mousse will give a wet look if left in damp hair or the hair can be blown dry for a softer and fuller style.

Hair Products for Fine or Thin Hair

Spray gels work great for this type of hair. You can get all the hold you want without the risk of weighing down your hair as with traditional gels.

A styling paste is also a great hair product for thin or fine hair. It will fluff up fine hair and give soft hold. Use this product sparingly-a little bit will go a long way.

A texturizing gel or styling cream designed specifically for thin or fine hair will give body to limp hair without weighing it down. For best results, concentrate on applying the product to the roots of the hair and blow-dry for maximum thickening.

Mousse is also a great product to boost fine or thin hair. Apply a small amount to damp hair and blow dry as desired.

For fine hair that won't stay in place, try a light misting of flexible hold hair spray. These sprays will prevent flyaway hair but won't feel stiff or sticky.

Hair Products for Curly Hair

For men who like to show off their curls, try a curl boosting spray gel. The spray will enhance your curls and give them structure, as well as keep your curls from going frizzy.

There are also curl-enhancing pomades which will give definition to curls as well as a healthy looking gloss to hair.

For men who want to tame their curls, a smoothing serum or straightening pomade will help smooth out curls and waves. For best curl control blow-dry your hair straight with a vent brush after application of the hair product.

Funky facial hair styles

Tips &, Warnings

When choosing a styling gel, look for a non-flaking formula, especially if it's firm hold. Cheaper hair gels can cause white flakes in your hair that may look like dandruff.

If you are unsure what type of hair product you need ask your stylist to recommend a product the next time you have your hair cut.

Did you know that professional hair products are 100% refundable? If you buy a salon styling product and don't like it you can return or exchange it at the salon you purchased it from.


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Funky beard styles

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