Mustache and beard style guide. 5 Handsome Ben Affleck Beard Styles to Brush Up Your Look

Movie star Ben Affleck is known for his rugged good looks including the beard. He knows how to use a beard style to emphasize these looks while still conveying his own sense of who he is. This is exactly what anyone’,s style choices should do: flatter the face, play up one’,s best features, all while conveying one’,s personal sense of style and personality. Affleck does this well, and you can certainly use his suave style to inspire your own look. Best moustache and beard styles.

Best Ben Affleck Beard Styles

You don’,t have to be a movie star to be inspired by these handsome looks. Choose a style to inspire you and make it your own.

#1: The Slightly Pointed Affleck Beard

Here we see Affleck wearing a short, natural beard trimmed to a slight point. The shaping is subtle but is enough to give him a definite beard style. His naturally grey strands add a debonair touch, perfect for the red carpet or for everyday wear.

#2: The Neatly Trimmed Full Beard With Mustache

Ben Affleck appears to have relatively full facial hair. Here, he’,s allowed it to grow a full beard with a mustache. It looks clean and classy, however, because it’,s all neatly trimmed to a uniform length. Affleck proves that a full beard is still on-trend and appropriate for formal occasions. This look can work for any man with relatively full facial hair and is convenient in that it requires little upkeep.

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#3: The Natural, Outgrown Affleck Beard Style

Ben Affleck looks great even when he’,s sporting a more casual beard style. Here, his trimmed red carpet look has been allowed to grow out, creating a casual style. This beard is especially easy and wearable because it requires almost no maintenance or daily grooming. As you can see, Affleck has even allowed the facial hair on his neck to grow in, creating an easy, casual look, one that perfect for weekends or relaxing vacations.

#4: The Very Short Affleck Beard, Paired with Slightly Longer Hair

Affleck has trimmed his full beard slightly shorter than usual here and pairs the beard style with longer hair that we generally see from him. This is a complementary pairing in that the longer hair balances out the very short beard, creating an everyday look that is handsome but not overly styled or too “,corporate.”,

#5: The Edgy Affleck Style

Ben Affleck’,s classic style can read as edgy with just a few minor tweaks, proving that his typical full beard with a mustache is incredibly versatile. The leather jacket on its own ups the “,edge factor”, here, but the sleek style of his neatly trimmed full beard and his hair creates a look that is edgy but still wearable. Many men can rock this style, regardless of face shape. If edgy is your vibe, consider this beard style popularized by Affleck.

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Ben Affleck is increasingly becoming known for his style. The beauty of his beard style is that it’,s actually relatively simple but can be easily modified with a few simple adjustments to creating a variety of looks.

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