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It took a while to grow your goatee beard, so now it is important to keep it trimmed and shaped up. It is not as difficult as some men think it is and can definitely be done at home. Just consider it to be general upkeep for a good looking you. Beard styles for pointy chin.

Purchase a beard trimmer of high quality to use to trim your goatee beard.

Thoroughly wash and dry your goatee before starting the trimming process. Just do this while you're in the shower to keep things simple.

Study your face and the goatee in the mirror. Determine which areas need to be trimmed. Use your beard or razor trimmer to shave each side of your face from the bottom of where you want your sideburns to end down toward your chin, stopping 3/4 the way down on each side. Use water and a towel to remove any excess facial hairs at this point.

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Trim the mustache area. Comb the mustache down and trim any hairs that would be growing over your top lip. You definitely don't want any facial hairs long enough to go into your mouth. Then, trim the outer edges of the mustache area in the design or pattern that suits the shape of your face and personal style.

Use your razor trimmer to trim equally on each side of your chin the area you wish to remove. Be careful to trim the sides evenly. Take a good look in the mirror frequently during the trimming process and thoroughly examine each side when you feel you are finished. Make any needed adjustments.

Comb the beard or facial hair down on the chin area. Trim any uneven hairs or take this opportunity to even up the look. Some men prefer a more pointed chin beard area (Vandyke style goatee). Trim according to achieve the look you desire.

Beard styles for men

Wet your face, comb all the mustache and beard areas again and examine to be sure you have not missed any areas. Now you look great.

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