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This is obviously dependent on many, many factors, and it',s completely subjective, but I think whether or not a woman likes a beard is a little related to why some men are into breasts: we don',t have them. That',s not to say I want a beard (though I would look awesome with a Snidely Whiplash mustache), but I think a lot of women think facial hair on a man makes him look more masculine and mature. A man, not a boy.

I am one of those women. I have always preferred at least a little stubble to a clean face, and my boyfriend has a beard, and I love it.:)

That said, this really depends on personal preference. There',s nothing wrong with liking beards, and there',s nothing wrong with preferring clean-shaven men. Totally subjective.

I find and have always found beards to be immensely attractive. It makes men look sexy effortlessly. It also

Gives a more masculine look

Attractive beard styles

Makes running fingers across it feel nice

Takes kissing to a whole new level

Shows they are strong and have an edge to their personality

Well groomed and maintained beards give a raunchy look which is very ',badass',.

Movember, thus, has always been my favourite month.

Attractive beard styles

Supposedly, several studies suggest most women are most attracted to men with light facial hair/stubble, as opposed to clean shaven OR thickly bearded. Check out this post with a dozen actors shaven/stubbled/bearded, and decide for yourself:

For heterosexual women beards are a clear sign of gender and also in the modern world, a sign that a man is powerful enough not to bow down to the other men who want him to shave his beard to show submission. A good pirate captian has a good beard no?

I have heard theories that women who sexually matured early tend to like more effeminate men because they were their peers and women who matured later like hairy men,.... but that seems like it would depend on what men they were exposed to at sexual maturation. Seems like theories are easy to come by and make up.

Maybe a simple answer would be that women like beards because men have beards and most women are heterosexual and like men... well, they may not like men but they are attracted on some level and get into relationships with them.

Here are some beards for you:

Most attractive beard styles

Beards scratch. Even if they look decent on a guy, they rip our faces apart like sandpaper. Please, for the love of our skin, that stubble thing? Worse.

p.s. I was raised with the idea that men grew beards to hide weight I often feel a beard makes a regular-weight guy look like he may be hiding some extra indulgences.

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