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This is a list of questions that I am often asked, and the answers that I normally give to them. Different beard styles bald head.

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Well, it depends. If you follow the advice on this page closely, you shouldn’,t bleed, and it shouldn’,t hurt. There is sometimes some slight irritation, which usually indicates that you passed over your scalp too many times with the blade, or that you were pressing too hard. Nothing serious, but it’,s an indication that you should take it easier next time.

It’,s likely, though, that if you shave your head regularly, you will, at some point, nick yourself. I’,ve been shaving since 1996, and I’,ve nicked myself many times, usually due to inattention. You get used to shaving day after day, and you slip. Or sometimes it’,s because I’,m in a rush, and not sufficiently careful.

Cutting yourself while shaving your head is not normally something to be worried about, though. It’,s not that painful, the bleeding doesn’,t last very long, and it heals pretty quickly.

I don’,t normally offer recommendations for how often one should shave. After all, it’,s really a matter of personal choice: how smooth you want your scalp to be, how sensitive your skin is, and how much work you want to put in.

I’,ve communicated with people who only shave once a week, people who shave a couple of times a week (like me, usually once every 2 or 3 days), those who shave daily, and a select few who actually shave more than once per day. Each choice has its advantages and disadvantages.

Personally, I like shaving every 2nd day. After the 2nd day, the stubble’,s a bit much for me. But I don’,t really want to shave every day, as it gets a bit tiresome.

Different beard styles bald head

A good rule of thumb is: you’,ll probably want to shave your head as often as you normally shave your face. The stubble will grow at the same rate on your scalp as on your face.

There are two precautions that occur to me, depending on the time of year that you shave your head.

If you shave your head in the warmer part of the year, you’,ll probably notice that your freshly shaved scalp is lighter in colour than your face and the rest of your body. This is because your hair has been sheltering your scalp, and the skin hasn’,t synthesized melanin (ie. you haven’,t tanned in that area). At this point, your scalp is more vulnerable to getting sunburned than the rest of your skin. You should always protect your skin from the sun, but at this early stage, it’,s especially important to wear sunscreen to protect yourself.

If you shave your head in the colder part of the year, you’,ll probably notice that you feel breezes more than you used to. Before you shave, your hair provides some insulation against drafts and cold. Just after shaving, you’,ll probably be especially sensitive to breezes, because your scalp just hasn’,t experienced direct breezes before. It’,s analagous to wearing a beard for a while, and then shaving it, for a while, your face is more sensitive too. Gradually your scalp will become accustomed to the change, and you won’,t be over-sensitive. In the meantime, though, wearing a hat if it’,s cold or windy may provide the protection you want.

As mentioned in the previous question, if you shave your head during the warmer months, you’,ll often notice a difference in skin tone between your scalp and the rest of your skin. This is because your hair acts as a barrier to sunlight, and as a result, your scalp hasn’,t had much opportunity to synthesize melanin (ie. tan).

Given sufficient exposure to sunlight, your scalp will tan and will eventually match the tone of the rest of your skin. For most people, a week or two is all it will take, given moderate exposure to the sun each day.

Different beard styles bald head

For those who can’,t wait that long, and can’,t stand to have a pale head, there are always ‘,sunless tanning’, products, which will help darken your skin until such time as it is sufficiently tanned on its own. I’,ve never used such a product, so I cannot recommend one personally. Check out Sunless.com for product reviews, advice, and more.

Remember, though, that at this stage your scalp is especially vulnerable to sunburn. Don’,t overexpose your head to the sun just to get a tan. Remember to wear sunscreen if you’,re going to be outside for any significant length of time. Sunburns on the scalp can be very painful.

I’,m aware of two specific products that match this description.

The first is the HeadBlade. It’,s a product sold by a company in California. They have a webpage at www.headblade.com, which contains a lot of information about the product. You can purchase their product through the page, also. I have tried and reviewed this product, so you can check it out on this page.

The second is the DOVO Headshaver. There’,s a review of it here.

One person who asked this question insisted that there is another product designed for head-shaving besides the HeadBlade, and it was electric in nature. Generally speaking, most electric shavers can be used to shave one’,s head, though they’,re not specifically designed for it.

Different beard styles bald head

An anonymous visitor recently pointed out the Wahl Baldfader. It can be purchased from Amazon and other retailers. The Baldfader is “,an ultra-close clipper with fine-tooth, surgical steel blades that create and maintain today’,s extremely close fades to bald hair styles”,, according to Amazon’,s description. I don’,t think this is the product I was originally asked about, but it might serve someone’,s needs.

If anyone is aware of another product that is specifically designed to shave one’,s head, let me know.

Question unanswered?

If your question hasn’,t been answered by any of the responses above, try looking through the Articles section and the ShaverLog, where many facets of head-shaving are discussed.

If neither of those options provides the information you seek, be sure to contact me and ask me your question directly. I can’,t always provide an answer, but I can try, and sometimes I’,m able to help.

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