Braided beard styles. How to Braid Men s Hair, eHow

Learn to Make Cornrows

Prepare your braiding tools. You will need a comb, preferably one with a long end, to make parts in the hair. You will also need some rubber bands and a spray bottle containing water. Spraying a little water on the hair as you work will make it easier to braid. Braided beard styles.

Pick a style and plan the directions of the cornrows before you begin. It may be easier to draw this out on paper. This will also give you something you can refer to while you work.

Make a part for your first cornrow. This will separate a strip of hair from the rest of the hair. Secure the rest of the hair with clips or rubber bands to keep it out of the way.

Start at the beginning of the strip of hair. Take a small amount of hair and separate it into three strands.

Braid two stitches. To do this, pass the middle strand of hair over the strand on the left, and then pass the former left strand over the right strand.

Pick a small amount of the hair behind this braid and add it to the strand in the middle of the braid. Make another stitch.

Braided beard styles

Pick a small amount of hair and, again, add it to the strand in the middle of the braid. Make another stitch.

Continue in this fashion until you have completed this cornrow. Make another part in the hair for the next cornrow, according to your design.

Learn more about braiding men's hair with one of the many videos and books on the topic. One such book, for instance, is "Braiding: Easy Styles for Everyone" by Diane Carol Bailey (see Resources below).

Maintain Your Braids

Moisturize your braids with a light hair oil. Use just enough so that your hair is not dry.

Keep braids in no longer than 3 months. After 2 months in braids, hair starts to get thin and brittle.

Braided beard styles

Cover your braids with a silk scarf when going to bed. This helps to keep the braids neat.


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Braided beard styles

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