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I grew up with a father who had little to no hair my entire life! Hair or no hair, that man was my hero! So, I’,m one woman who isn’,t to attached to a man’,s hair. It must, however, look good at whatever length or amount you have. An example of this comes to mind…,a guy’,s driving a Range Rover (this can be considered a sexy car), but wears his hair in a comb over…,it’,s complete NEGATION! Wearing that horrific flap of hair on your head…,you may as well be riding a 10 speed bike with with a pink woven basket on the front! Yup the latter trumps the prior…,by a lot. Bald hair and beard styles.

Gentleman, in my humble opinion, you have two choices if you’,re loosing your hair. You can fight it, or you can embrace it and handle it with style!

If you choose to fight it…,FIGHT IT! Please stop growing your remaining hair in crazy styles to cover up your balding areas. This simply just does not work! Fight it by being proactive. Propecia and Rogain work very well. These topicals have proven to be to be quite effective. My ex husband tells me Rogain in foam form is especially easy to apply and effective. I agree with him, his hair looks great. It’,s noticeably filled in. My suggestion is to start these kinds of regimens as soon as you notice your loosing your hair. This way nothing’,s too far gone. You’,ll have a better chance of keeping what you have. Once you stop applying, you stop growing. So make the commitment and stick to it. A months supply of Propecia will cost you approximately $60. Where as a 3 month supply of Rogain is $35-$37, a small price to pay for your hair! There is hair transplantation as well. This has really gotten good! The “,plug”, look has been eliminated. The surgery takes 3 to 6 hours. A local anesthesia is all thats needed during the surgery…,you can eat, drink, and watch television whilst getting a new head of hair! Full hair growth is expected within six months after surgery. You can expect to pay between $4,500-$13,000 for this procedure.

If your choice is to embrace it and handle it with style…,bravo! I’,ll tell you my opinions on how to cut and style your hair if your loosing it.

The first look is what I’,ll call The Jude…,

Bald head and facial hair styles

You’,ve begun to recede at the temples. Do not attempt to compensate for this by growing the top in to cover these areas. The best look…,about 1 inch on top with the sides nice and short. Trust me, embracing this is the way to go! DO NOT use a thick binding product in your hair. This will only make your hair look more sparse. A super light product or none at all to keep your hair looking fuller is best.

The recession that started at your temples has met on top of your head and may be traveling towards the back of your head. Leaving a high “,horseshoe”,of hair around your head. This remaining real estate will tend to look quite thick in comparison to the bald scalp. For this reason, the remaining hair should be cut VERY short! This way the discrepancy will appear to be less than it is.


You’,ve lost all of the hair on the top of your head. This has left you with a thinner, lower “,horseshoe”, of hair around your head. You should cut the remaining hair extremely short. A #1 clipper guard or shorter. This helps to disguise the discrepancy between where you have hair and you don’,t. It’,s a clean look. This is also, in my opinion, the perfect opportunity to completely shave your head bald! I absolutely love this look on a man. It screams security to me. This look is very sexy with a 5 o’,clock shadow beard.

Bald and facial hair styles

Here you’,ve not lost your hairline, you’,re loosing the hair within it. My suggestion is to keep the top short with the sides and back much shorter a 2:1 ratio. Have your barber blend the sides into the top well. Keeping just a bit more length in the front on top. A clean cut look is best. This pattern of balding is one where, catching it early, and using the topicals I mentioned before, would work well to save the hair inside your hairline. As with all the other looks, when you’,ve lost too much of your hair…,buzz it ALL down very short.

The Ben or reverse Yarmulke…,


You’,re loosing your hair in a circle at the crown of your head, where a yarmulke would sit, if you wore one. I hate to suggest this…,but if you’,re only slightly thinning on your crown, you can grow your hair just a bit longer to cover the area. This works especially well with wavy to curly hair. When using product, apply it normally in the front and on the sides, but minimally on and around your balding area. This way, the hair in this area, will look fuller and not weighted down.

Bald and facial hair styles

These examples are my opinions of what looks stlyish and sexy on men who are loosing their hair. A side note…,I couldn’,t help but notice how good all of these men look wearing beards with their short hair. I’,m sure many woman will agree with me. A man who embraces his hair loss with dignity and style is a heck of a lot more sexy than a man who is trying and failing miserably to hold on to something that he simply cant hold on to!

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