Professional beard designs. Top 20 Best Outline Trimmers, 2017 Reviews Buying Guide!

An outline trimmer is one of the best tools men use to maintain exquisite appearance and handsome looks.While they come in different designs, styles and features, it is important that you go for the best outline trimmer.Everyone wants to look good because it has a lot of benefits like having a high self-esteem among other things. Well, one way to achieve great looks is by having a well trimmed hair and perhaps beards. This takes us to outline trimmers, as they are arguably the best materials that you can use to achieve any desired looks. Outline trimmers have it all, and the fact that most of them come from notable companies like Andis and Wahl Professional only makes them more trusted. Professional beard looks.

They are versatile, thus, you can use them to achieve a lot. Some even have two heads for handling hair in your nose and ears, as well as for regular shaving. While more than a few people think they are only meant for barbers and stylists, this is not usually the case, since you can have your own for ultimate convenience. So, to help you settle on a quality product, we unveil the following top 20 best outline trimmers reviews. These reviews will give you a clue on what’,s in the market, and what you should exactly go for. And this will help you avoid landing those undesirable products.

1. Andis 04710 T-Outliner Trimmer

With the Andis 04710 T-Outliner Trimmer, you’ll be able to trim your neck, mustaches, and even edge around your ears. You’ll also be able to use it for dry shaving as this is what it’s good at. This hair outline features a contoured design that is easy and comfortable to hold and its blades can be adjusted for a more personalized shaving experience. Furthermore, its premium quality carbon steel blades are hardened for lifetime performance.

Andis has been getting the global attention since it was established. It started by introducing products to Europe and today, Andis products are in 90 countries. The company produces versatile and top quality products that help barbers, stylists, consumers, and groomers achieve their goals. In other words, Andis trimmers, clippers, curling irons, flat irons, blades, and dryers are designed with consumers in mind, and this is what makes Andis one of the best manufacturers in the world.

· Extremely close-cutting T-blades: Used for trimming beards, mustaches, necks, and edging around ears.

· Powerful magnetic motor: It runs cool and it’s quiet to promote the much-needed comfort during shaving.

· Eight-foot cord with hanger loop: It is heavy-duty to supply enough power to the unit for outstanding results.

· Contoured housing: It fits comfortably in hands, thereby, ensuring ergonomic performance.

· Adjustable blades: They ensure a more personalized shaving experience.

· Carbon-steel construction: Blades are made of carbon-steel construction for long-life cutting.

2. Wahl Professional 8051 Razor Edger

Designed for professional use only, the Wahl Professional 8051 Razor Edger delivers the sharp performance for noticeable results. It offers razor close cuts and this makes it ideal for precision edging and trimming. Aside from versatility, the 8051 model boasts an ergonomic housing for maneuverability, and it does not allow heat build-up, thus, it’s perfect for long-term use.

You cannot talk about the history of Wahl Clipper Corporation without mentioning Sterling High School junior, Leo J. Wahl. Wahl, who was an engineering student at the University of Illinois, designed a vibrating mechanical massager for his uncle J. Frank Wahl. The uncle then opened a small plant in Sterling, Illinois where he started manufacturing the massagers. Mr. Leo J. Wahl later took over and improved the products, making consumers love Wahl’s products more.

· Electromagnetic motor: Powers the unit to make sure it trims and edges with great precision

· Eight-foot power cord: It is a professional grade, chemical resistant power cord that makes the unit easy to use.

· The 1060-600 Blade: It is a highly functional feature that makes the Wahl Professional 8051 Razor Edger perfect for stylists, groomers, and barbers.

· Three T-blade guards: Used to protect the blades, so they can perform optimally for a long time.

· Operating instructions: They guide you on how you should use the trimmer.

· Versatile functionality: The trimmer is ideal for edging, precision, trimming, and more.

3. Wahl 9818 Stainless Steel Groomer

The Wahl 9818 Stainless Steel Groomer is one of the best line clippers you’ll ever come across. It is a new, multi-functional tool that delivers an advanced lithium ion performance. Moreover, it has a high tech design that brings in versatility, allowing it to trim, cut, detail, and shave. The unit is backed by 5-year limited warranty, so you can buy with confidence knowing you’ll be helped accordingly if something is not right. It comes with everything you need for ultimate convenience.

Wahl Clipper Corporation was established in 1919, and it is one of the first companies that invented the first practical electrical hair clipper. Ideally, this manufacturing company is in the professional and grooming category, as seen through its premium quality products such as the Wahl 9818 Stainless Steel Groomer. Today, Wahl Clipper Corporation has more than 1,500 employees across the globe, and this is enough to show you how far the company has gone.

· Lithium 2.0 technology: This is the stand-out feature of this product. It allows you to charge the unit for only 1 hour and use it for 4 hours. The Lithium 2.0 technology is what promotes the multi-purpose performance of this sophisticated outline trimmer. It features an auto charge off function that makes it an energy efficient product.

· Precision T-blade: Perfect for trimming, grooming, and touch-up. The groomer’s versatility lies here.

· Detail Trimmer: Used for general detailing of goatees and beards.

· Ear, nose &, brow trimmer: Helps in hygienic trimming of the ears, nose, and brow hairs.

· Detail shaver: Great for shaving and outlining.

· Stainless steel construction: Blades and the housing are made of stainless steel that helps promote longevity.

· 5-year warranty: It protects against manufacturing defects and workmanship.

· Auto charge off feature: It prevents the trimmer from overcharging.

4. Andis Slimline T-blade Trimmer

If you are out there looking for the best t outliner trimmer, you better stop, because the Andis Slimline T-Blade Trimmer has it all. In other words, it has everything you’ve been looking for in an outline trimmer. Whether you are a stylist, groomer or barber, this is the product for you. Use it to achieve desirable results in a matter of minutes. People will like your place because of the performance of the Andis Slimline T-Blade Trimmer. It is a balanced, ergonomic trimmer that’s ideal for light-duty touch-ups as well as trimming around the necklines. Additionally, it is lightweight and this means you can use it for extended periods without tiring your hand.

Andis manufacturing company is a world producer and distributor. It is known for producing such quality products as the Andis Slimline T-blade Trimmer. Furthermore, it makes sure that its products are not just top performing but also they are versatile. For instance, the Slimline T-blade Trimmer can be used for shaving, detailing, grooming, and trimming. The main objective of Andis Co. is to make sure you get the right tool for the right job.

· Lithium ion battery: The battery has a charging time of 2 hours 15 minutes and delivers up to 2 hours of run time. It helps bring out the unmatched performance of this product.

· Effective motor: The unit’s motor is improved for increased speed, power, and most importantly lifetime performance.

· Adjustable blades: Adjust the clipper’s blade to an almost zero razor-like closeness for advanced functionality and peerless performance.

· Balanced, ergonomic design: It makes the trimmer ideal for light-duty touch ups and trimming around the necklines.

· Unique, sleek finish: It enhances the visual appeal of the trimmer.

5. Andis 26700 Professional Trimmer

Get the smooth trimming experience you’ve always wanted with this professional hair trimmer from Andis. It is a powerful trimmer that’s perfect for outlining and final shaping. It is also perfect for dry shaving, thanks to its advanced features. As opposed to most hair trimmers, the Andis Professional Trimmer features premium quality carbon steel blades that are specially hardened for prolonged cutting periods. It also boasts a contoured design that enhances comfort and general performance. This unit is easy to maintain, as all you need to do is to oil it before and after each use. And while using it, make sure you hold it in the right position, so the oil cannot reach the motor.

Andis Co. is a world-class company that produces and distributes adjustable blade clippers, dryers, detachable blade clippers, and trimmers. It was started by Matthew Andis who by that time was working at Mitchell Motor Company in Racine, Wisconsin. As a tool maker, Matthew Andis decided to stop working at Mitchell Motor Company with the intention to start his own company, Andis Manufacturing Company. The good news is the company has been prospering up to date.

· Powerful Magnetic Motor: The motor runs quiet and smooth to give your client the much-needed comfort.

· Heavy-duty 8-foot cord with hanger loop: Supplies power to the unit and is long enough for easy maneuverability and to give you freedom during styling.

· Wide close-cutting T-blade: Has fine-cutting teeth that make it perfect for extremely close cutting experience. It is used to trim necks, mustaches, beards, and edging around the ears.

· Contoured housing: It has convenient side switch for enhanced comfort.

· New improved design: It helps enhance the performance of the trimmer.

· High-quality carbon-steel construction: Promotes durability and functionality.

6. Andis CL-66325 Professional Barber Combo

Andis has been making top class products for 80 years, and the CL-66325 Professional Barber Combo is no exception. The company boasts immense experience, as evident in its products. Moreover, it stands behind its products, meaning there is guarantee and warranty, should a problem occur. The good news is Andis’ products are durable and have almost zero chances to experience a defect. The CL-6635 Barber Combo has everything you need for ultimate convenience. It is perfect for outlining and fading. Moreover, it has an ergonomic design that makes it feel smaller and lighter in your hands, so you can use it for extended periods. It also boasts fine teeth that are ideal for fading, outlining, and dry shaving.

Matthew Andis partnered with John Oster and Henry Meltzer to come up with Andis O M Manufacturing Company around 1920 – 21. The three were lucky, as the just established company became contracted to make tooling to produce clipper blades for hand operated non-motorized hair clipper. While the partnership lasted for only a year, Andis Manufacturing Company was not affected at all. Instead, it continued to grow and was later branded a world producer in hair trimmer.

· High-speed adjustable clipper blade: You can adjust the blade from 000 to 1 for close-cutting experience. The adjustable clipper blade allows the Andis t outliner to make precision trimming and fading.

Professional beard style

· Friendly Design: Allows you to use the outline trimmer for a prolonged period without feeling any discomfort or tiredness. The fact that the trimmer weighs only 17 ounces means it is very light to the extent you’ll keep on forgetting that you are holding something.

· Balanced, ergonomic design: Makes the trimmer feel smaller and lighter in hands.

· Fine-teethed blades: They make the trimmer ideal for dry shaving, fading, and outlining.

7. Oster 76023-510 Fast Feed Motor Clipper

If you need a clipper that can cut through both wet and dry hair, look no further than the 76023-510 model from Oster. It is efficient and lightweight for unmatched performance and advanced functionality. And with its high performing features, the Oster 76023-510 Fast Feed Motor Clipper deserves to be among the top 20 best barber clippers. It comes with a cleaning brush, set of instructions,, ¼, 3/8 and blending guide combs, blade guard, and blade oil.

Oster Professional Products has been producing and supplying top quality products for over a century. They are notable for their ability to produce professional styling tools on a consistent basis. In fact, most stylists, groomers, and barbers have attested that they use nothing but Oster’s styling products because the company’s products help them deliver the best results to their customers.

· Powerful Motor: Although powerful, the motor is whisper quiet, so you can concentrate fully on trimming and shaving.

· Adjustable steel blade: The blade adjusts from very close cutting (000) to medium length (1), so stylists can quickly change the length of cut. You don’t need to buy any extra blades.

· Ergonomic design and textured housing: Ergonomic design ensures all-day cutting while textured housing makes the unit easy to grip.

· 8-foot power cord: It is long enough to help minimize inconveniences during trimming.

· Fast Feed Clipper: It keeps the noise level down and productivity up.

· Adjustable blade lever: Enables you to change settings effortlessly.

8. Wahl Professional Series Detailer

The Wahl Professional Series Detailer is one of the best professional hair clippers you’ll ever come across. It features an appealing aesthetic, which blends perfectly with top-notch precision and function. Despite loaded with numerous, top performing features, the Wahl Professional Series Detailer is very light and small in size to the extent that it will fit in your palms. Wahl Professional likes convenience, hence, they have included a cleaning brush, red blade guard, oil, a set of instructions, and 3 attachment comb cutting guides, which come in varied sizes such as 1/16, 1/8, and ¼ inches. The Detailer Series is perfect for artwork and lining.

Leo J. Wahl, the founder of Wahl Clipper Corporation, wanted the best for stylists, barbers, and groomers. That’s why he came up with a manufacturing company that could offer top quality products on a consistent basis. Wahl even went the extra mile to improve barber tools and make sure they satisfy the needs of consumers. Today, Wahl Clipper Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers in the world.

· Rotary Motor: The powerful rotary motor is effective enough that it can only be compared to motors in full-sized trimmers. It operates at 120 volts/60 hertz, so expect optimum efficiency.

· Extra wide, adjustable t-blade: It ensures precise, close cut. Ideally, it is versatile and can be used for trimming, fading, outlining, among other styling tasks.

· 8-foot cord: For ease of use and proper styling, the Wahl Professional Series Detailer features an 8-foot professional grade, chemical-resistant cord.

· Lightweight design: Aside from being lightweight, the trimmer fits perfectly in the palm of your hand for ultimate control.

· 5-star detailer: It is intended for professional use only and it is designed to deliver the much-needed sharp performance.

9. Wahl Professional 8110 Balding Clipper

If you are this kind of a guy who likes the bald-headed hairstyle, then the 8110 model from Wahl Professional should be a frontier for you. It is designed to deliver the sterling performance that you’ve always longed for. In fact, it is a must-have in any barbershop, thanks to its efficiency and functionality. The 8110 model is also a reliable, value-priced unit that provides the solution to protect the skin and hair. At only 1 pound, this hair outline is so light that you won’t feel it in your arms. It is perfect for barbers and stylists who need to make a surgically-close cut.

One great thing about Wahl is that they have tried to remain the same, despite a few changes over the years. The manufacturing company is still headquartered in Sterling, Illinois where they work almost 24/7 to make sure consumers are fully satisfied with the products they produce. Whal’s products are sold in approximately 165 countries around the world with 6 global manufacturing facilities and 11 sales offices, an indication of how prosperous they have been.

· Powerful electromagnetic motor: It’s so powerful that it cuts twice the speed of a pivot motor, and this makes it ideal for quick, precise, and effortless skin and baldness. The motor operates at 120 volts/ 60 hertz.

· 8-foot cord: The cord ensures maneuverability and makes the unit easy to use, especially when it comes to creating styles.

· Attachment combs: They ensure noticeable results by offering the much-needed convenience.

· Red blade guard: Protects the blades, so they can deliver long lasting performance.

· Stylish design: It promotes the aesthetic looks of the trimmer.

· Instructions: They provide guidelines on how you should use the trimmer.

· Lightweight construction: Makes the clipper easy to use.

10. Wahl Professional 8685 Classic Clipper

The 8685 Classic Clipper from Wahl Professional is like most top class tattoo trimmers. This means it delivers exceptional performance with professional precision. Whether you are a stylist, barber, groomer, or anyone who wants the best, then the Wahl Professional 8685 Classic Clipper should not go unnoticed in your shopping list. It has a compact size and sleek design that makes a stylish trimmer with aesthetic appearance. At only 4 pounds and 4 inches long, the 8685 model is extremely light and will perfectly fit in your palms for effortless use. Create any hairstyle with this unit because that’s what it is designed to do. It comes with 4 attachment comb cutting guides, operating instructions, red blade guard, cleaning brush, and oil for maintenance. You won’t be inconvenienced if you have this product.

Now in its 98th year, Wahl Clipper Corporation is a worldwide industry leader in the manufacturing of products for the professional beauty and barber salon, animal grooming, and consumer personal care. Although it has its headquarters in Sterling, Illinois, Wahl Clipper Corporation has over 1,500 people in Argentina, United States, Spain, Australia, Brazil, Canada, South Africa, Russia, Japan, Holland, Hungary, England, and China.

· Powerful Rotary Motor: Powers the unit to unrivaled performance. The workforce of this motor makes the 8685 Classic Clipper a versatile product that can be used for trimming, fading and not to forget, clipping. The Wahl Professional 8685 Classic Clipper is a must-have tool for stylists and barbers.

· Compact size: It makes the clipper easy to use, and this helps improve results.

· Sleek design: Enables the trimmer to offer an appealing aesthetic.

· Lightweight construction: At only 4 ounces, this clipper brings in the much-needed convenience.

11. Oster 76076-225 Tattoo Collection Clippers

For ages, Oster has been producing quality products with unique features and outstanding performance. Well, the Oster 76076-225 Tattoo Collection Clippers is not an exception. It comes with a blade guard to offer protection to its blade, and ensure lifetime performance. It also comes with lubricating oil and clipper grease that you can use for maintenance. Also, there is a cleaning brush that makes cleaning this unit a breeze. With all these features, it means you won’t buy any extra thing as every essential one is included in the package. The ultra-durable, break-resistant housing ensures prolonged use with consistent noticeable results. Like most top notch tattoo trimmers, the Oster 76076-225 is perfect for experienced cutters who adore its effortless, powerful performance.

Oster wants you to be cool, classic, and professional. That’s why it’s manufacturing one of the best products in the world. It has been producing top quality blades, accessories, clippers, and trimmers for several years. And it is this consistency that has firmly placed it on the world map. Stylists, Barbers, and Groomers all believe in Oster’s products, thanks to their dedication and reliability.

· Detachable blade: The Oster 76076-225 not only features a detachable blade design but also is equipped with a size 000 steel detectable blade. Well, the blade helps stylists and barbers to create many different hair styles and trims.

· Single speed universal motor: This motor is powerful enough to propel the Oster 76076-225 to greater heights. Moreover, it is highly durable and can withstand daily heavy use.

· 9-foot power cord: Given its impressive length, this cord makes it easy to create a variety of styles.

· Compact size: Allows the clipper to perfectly fit in the palm of your hand.

· Sleek design: Enhances the visual appeal of the clipper.

· Manufacturer’s warranty: It protects against defects incurred during the manufacturing process.

12. Wahl 79602 Hair Cut Kit

Wahl is more than thrilled to introduce to you this high performing, unique professional hair trimmer. Designed for people who like great looks and great hairstyles, the Wahl 79602 Hair Cut Kit comes equipped with advanced features for unquestionable functionality and performance. Moreover, it is one of the manufacturer’s best professional hair clippers, so expect no disappointments and regrets but rather appreciation. Its secure-fit premium guide combs are 70-percent stronger than combs in most trimmers. This means its combs are able to withstand heavy use. So, if you work in a barbershop or salon, the Wahl 79602 Hair Cut Kit should be one of the tools in there. It comes with everything including a cleaning brush, stainless steel scissors, cord wrap, and more.

Wahl’s products remain the global standard for integrity, efficiency, and value. This is because Wahl Clipper Corporation makes sure that customer satisfaction is a top priority. They produce outstanding products that are also versatile for ultimate convenience. Ideally, they are proud of their heritage of excellence as well as their remarkable list of ground-breaking innovations for the present and future for the global market.

· Powerful Motor: The motor makes this premium quality hair kit easy to use. You’ll be to create a variety of styles with the unit’s high precision trimming, fading and clipping.

· Style blades: They work hand in hand with the unit’s motor to bring out a noticeable result. Through them, you’ll be able to create any style you desire.

Professional beard designs

· Secure-fit stainless steel clip guide combs: They make haircutting smooth and easy.

· Self-sharpening precision blades: They stay sharp the longest and cut all types of hair.

· 8 feet industrial heavy duty cord: Promotes convenience by preventing tangling and allowing you to reach anywhere.

· Adjustable taper level: It allows you to change settings with ease.

13. Wahl 79300-1001 Hair Clipper Kit

Quiet and lightweight, the Wahl Pro 79300-1001 Hair Clipper Kit is what you need to take your hairstyling experience to the next level. It is accurate and durable for long-term use with consistent, incredible results. The fact that it’s made for anybody’s hair only makes things perfect. It gives you the opportunity to come up with many different hairstyles. When you buy the Wahl 79300-1001 Hair Clipper Kit, you get blade, full-color English &, Spanish instructions, blade guard, 11 guide combs, flat top comb, ear trim guide comb, medium comb, eye brow trim guide comb, neck brush, pocket comb, and scissors. The hair outline also comes with a durable storage case, 2 hair clips, and cape. Ideally, it is backed by 5-year limited warranty for great buying experience.

Wahl has been improving since it was established. And its new philosophy for the 21st century is to maintain their leadership position in the personal care categories they serve. In fact, Greg Wahl, the leader of Wahl Clipper Corporation, maintains that Wahl as a company must have values. Well, this has helped shape up the company, making it one of the most reliable manufacturing companies in the world.

· High carbon steel blades: These self-sharpening blades stay sharp for extended periods and are precision honed for superior durability and accuracy. They are permanently aligned, thus, they never need adjusting.

· Taper control: Allows you to customize each cut in any way you like.

· High-speed PowerDrive motor: Given its strength and performance, this motor easily and smoothly cuts thick hair.

· Soft touch grip: They promote comfort and control.

· Color-coded keys: They make it easy to match the correct comb with the right setting.

14. Wahl 9854-600 All In One Grooming Kit

The Wahl 9854-600 is one of the best barber clippers you’ve ever come across. It is exactly what you need to keep your facial hair looking well groomed. Since it is an all-in-one grooming kit, expect little or no inconvenience. It is designed to offer ultimate reliability and perhaps that explains why this product has it all. The 5-year warranty gives you peace of mind that should you encounter any problem with the product, you can take it back for a refund or replacement.

When Leo J. Wahl came up with Wahl Clipper Corporation, he expected it to be innovative and ahead of competitors, and that is what Wahl has been. This world class manufacturing company has a vision that supports customers and retailers. Well, it makes this easy through its sales and marketing programs. Wahl Clipper Corporation believes that leading with vision means constantly being alert to new opportunities.

· Precision T-Blade: Used for trimming, outlining, grooming, and touch-up

· Dual Shaver: Offers ultra-close and irritation-free shave for body, head, and face

· Trimmer Blade: Pro-grade blades to define your facial style

· Precision Detailer: Allows you to create intricate designs or personalized trimming of the brow, ear and nose.

· Lithium ion technology: The battery charges only for 1 hour but can be used for up to 4 hours. It has an auto charge-off feature that makes it an energy efficient product. It also boasts a smart-technology LED for enhanced performance.

· 5-year warranty: It protects against manufacturing defects and workmanship for 5 years from the time of purchase.

· Versatile functionality: The trimmer is an all-in-one groomer to help promote ultimate convenience.

15. Oster 76 Universal Clipper

Most professional hair clippers offer exceptional power and deliver unrivaled performance. Well, that’s exactly what the Oster 76 Universal Clipper is all about. And to make it more superior, Oster, one of the world’s leading manufacturers, has thoughtfully selected materials to design this clipper. The result is a durable professional hair trimmer that is ready to withstand daily heavy use. In other words, the Oster 76 Universal Clipper is built to last. The unit also boasts numerous features that upgrade its performance and functionality. It comes with a cleaning brush for cleaning its parts, blade guard to help protect the blade and promote its life span, and lubricating oil &, clipper grease for optimum maintenance.

The history of John Oster Company began in 1924 when Mr. John Oster saw an opportunity to market a hand-operated hair clipper. John Oster designed this new product to help cut and style women’s hair. The company grew quickly to the extent that it was able to introduce a new motor-driven clipper in just 4 years. Today, John Oster Manufacturing Company is known for its premium quality trimmers, clippers, and small home appliances, among others.

· 9-foot power cord: Combines with the ultra-durable, break-resistant housing to make sure the unit is easy to use.

· Detachable blades: They can be adjusted from size 000 to 1 to ensure a zero razor-like closeness.

· Single speed universal motor: The powerful motor offers peerless performance and it is ideal for heavy-duty use.

· Ultra-durable housing: It is durable and break-resistant for long-term use.

· Sleek design: It enhances the appearance of the trimmer.

16. Remington HC5855 Haircut Clipper

Built to last a lifetime, the HC5855 Haircut Clipper from Remington is arguably the best t outliner trimmer. It is engineered with a high-impact polycarbonate casing to help protect its powerful and handy interior. Use it to create numerous new styles for years because it offers the same result year in year out. For convenience, the HC5855 Haircut Clipper comes with blade oil, guards, a beard brush &, styling comb, and length-adjusting combs. It also comes with a storage pouch for easy storage.

Remington Manufacturing Company believes that consumers must get the best services and products. For this reason, Remington always makes sure its products are thoughtfully designed. Moreover, the manufacturing company is always alert and open to trying out new innovations, so it can satisfy the dynamic needs of consumers. Apart from haircut clippers, Remington produces small home appliances. Many consumers rely on it for the best deals on the market.

· Powercut Blade System: It promotes smooth and even cut every time by ensuring that the blades are properly aligned.

· Super magnet motor: Helps drive optimum power to the precision ground blades, so they can cut 2X faster than the unit’s predecessors.

· Convenient soft storage pouch: It keeps everything in one place.

· 8 feet industrial strength cord: It is tough and will last long enough to take the hassle out of haircuts.

17. Wahl Professional 8148 Clipper

This 5-star Magic Clip is what you need to take your looks to the next level. It is engineered to deliver outstanding performance with its highly advanced features. Moreover, it is cordless, and this means it will give you the freedom to create any style you want without the cord coming your way and jeopardizing your job. The 8148 Clipper is one of the best line clippers you’ll ever come across on the market. It is perfect for barbers, stylists or anyone who appreciates high performing professional hair clippers. It comes with a recharging transformer, 8 attachment combs, instructions, oil, red blade guard, and a cleaning brush. Moreover, it boasts a cord/cordless cutting capability.

Wahl Clipper Corporation has sales and marketing programs that make it easy, profitable, and fun to sell more Wahl products. Wahl believes that sharing a vision allows you to make tomorrow absolutely extraordinary. And since Greg Wahl became the leader of the company, Wahl Clipper Corporation has based their success on vision. The company produces high quality products that have helped consumers achieve their needs.

· Convenient taper: Ensures easy fading and blending

· Lithium ion battery: When fully charged, the battery goes for more than 90 minutes and this ensures convenience.

· Zero-overlap 2161 blades: These high precision blades offer superior speed and make the unit extremely easy to use.

· Lightweight design: At only 10 ounces, the clipper is comfortable and easy to use.

· Instructions: They offer step-by-step guidelines on how to use the clipper.

18. Wahl Professional 8355-400 Clipper

Based on the belief of Leo J. Wahl, who invented the first-hand electric clipper, the Wahl Professional 8355-400 Clipper is a reliable product whose main aim is to protect the skin and hair. Well, it performs in all types of hair and skin, so use it worry-free knowing you won’t experience any issue in the future. Like most professional hair clippers, the Wahl Professional 8355-400 Clipper comes with 6 attachment combs, instructions, cleaning brush, red blade guard and oil that help in the maintenance. This hair outline also boasts an ergonomic design, to let allow you use it for prolonged periods without tiring your hand.

Although it was the idea of one person, Wahl Clipper Corporation is without a doubt one of the leading manufacturers in the world. Today, the company sells products to over 160 countries, thanks to its commitment and vision. Ideally, Wahl does not just produce quality products but also it helps provide friendly services for optimum satisfaction. It is a reputable company whose products are worth buying.

· Adjustable lever: Promotes noticeable results by ensuring easy blending and fading

· High precision blades: They make the unit perfect for trimming, fading, and clipping.

· Electromagnetic motor: It is very powerful and makes the Wahl Professional 8355-400 Clipper a top performing product.

Professional beard looks

· Ergonomic design: It provides comfort and total control.

· All-in-one functionality: The clipper can cut all types of hair both wet and dry.

· 8-foot professional grade power cord: The chemical-resistant power cord offers convenience.

19. Andis 01690 Hair Clipper

This Andis t outliner is an all-around professional hair trimmer designed for styling and barbering. It boasts unbreakable but lightweight aluminum for heavy-duty use. In fact, the 01690 Hair Clipper is designed for heavy-duty hair cutting. It is without doubt one of the most durable professional hair clippers on the market. The Andis 01690 Hair Clipper is perfect for barbers, stylists or anyone who adores unique and excellent hairstyles. It combines precision, performance, and durability to produce outstanding results. Remember, as part of the maintenance, the blade should be oiled before and after use.

Andis Company introduced products to Europe almost 80 years ago. And today, its products are available in 90 countries. What’s fascinating about the company is that it comes up with long-term strategies and various types of innovations to help produce outstanding products. The company also has a dedicated workforce that has put it on top and ahead of its competitors. Groomers, barbers, and stylists all like to buy from Andis Company.

· Magnetic motor: The main strength of this premium quality clipper lies on its powerful but quiet and cool magnetic motor, which runs at 14,000 strokes per minute for a calm cut.

· Single lever: It adjusts clipper blades from fine to coarse length to ensure quick and outstanding results.

· Thumb controlled side switch: Makes the Andis 01690 effortless to use with only one hand.

· Ceramic edge blades: They stay cooler than traditional blades, thereby, ensuring a safer and more versatile clipper.

· Aluminum housing: Although lightweight, the aluminum housing is unbreakable to protect the interior parts.

· Versatile functionality: The clipper is ideal for barbering and styling.

· Silver appearance: They help enhance the clipper’s visual appeal.

20. Wahl 79524-3001 Barber Kit

When you have a 30-piece complete barber kit, it means you have extremely easy time to cut your hair and even come up with a variety of hairstyles. Well, that’s what the Wahl 79524-3001 Barber Kit is all about. A package of this product contains a cordless touch up trimmer, a multi-cut clipper and a cordless personal trimmer with two heads. Best of all, it’s backed by 5-year limited warranty, so buy with confidence knowing you’ll have a refund or replacement if anything goes wrong. In general, the Wahl 79524-3001 Barber Kit has everything you need to create the precise style you want.

Leadership at Wahl Clipper Corporation has been changing, but one thing that’s certain is the vision of the company. According to Gregory S. Wahl, who was elected president of Wahl in 1997, you make tomorrow absolutely extraordinary when you share your visions. Well, it is this “vision” that has made Wahl one of the best manufacturers across the globe.

· High carbon, self-sharpening blades: These precision-ground blades are designed to stay sharp for longer for ultimate convenience.

· Ergonomic housing: It makes the clipper easy to grip and use. Moreover, your hand won’t tire up even after holding this hair outline for hours.

· Thumb adjustable taper control: It gives you the opportunity to cut at multiple lengths using a simple flip of the lever.

· Two detachable heads: The first one is a rotating head, which is perfect for nose and ear hairs, and the second is a reciprocating head, which is ideal for shaping eyebrows without pulling or nicking.

· 5-year limited warranty: It protects the clipper from manufacturer’s defects and workmanship.

· 2-year limited warranty: It protects trimmers from defects incurred during the manufacturing process.

· Lightweight design: It has a soft-touch grip that makes the clipper easy to use.

It’s always important to conduct in-depth research before settling on a product. If you do this, your chances of carrying home a poor quality product will be down to zero. These top 20 best reviews give you that opportunity to look for a product whose features impress you the most and whose price won’t have devastating effects on your wallet. After reading these reviews and you finally get your product, you’ll come to agree with me that you can look good without having to break the bank. Do not wait to see a friend looking extremely great, you can visit Amazon today, and have yours as soon as possible.

Extra Buying Guide: Features to Consider when Choosing an Outline Trimmer

Before you purchase an outline trimmer, there are some factors that you should put into consideration. They include:

· Cost: Cost is a factor in almost any product. You want to choose a product based on the size of your budget. Outline trimmers listed here highly vary in cost depending on the number of features and versatility. While most of them are primarily for beard and mustaches, a few can be used to cut and trim nose and ear hairs. So, other than the size of your budget, you can go for a product based on the performance and functionality.

· Corded/Cordless: Whether an outline trimmer is corded or cordless is a really important factor to put into consideration. If you have a socket and you are buying a trimmer, perhaps to use in the bathroom or generally in the house, then having a corded beard may do no harm. However, if you are buying a beard to use it outside, especially where there is no socket, then your focus should be on a cordless trimmer, as it is more convenient. Therefore, corded and cordless mainly depends on where you’ll mostly use your new shaving machine.

· Comb Settings: Outline trimmers have a wide range of comb settings, and this really matters if you do not want to be inconvenienced. Comb settings are what determine how long or short your beard will be, thus, they should be looked into keenly. For instance, if you are this person who like a stubble look, then the trimmer you purchase should have length settings, which are small enough to help you achieve that particular look. On the contrary, if you are after growing a long, thick beard, the trimmer you purchase should help you achieve these looks. Some of the outline trimmers listed above have detachable heads to help you get the stubble look.

· Maintenance: It is a sure thing that no one wants an outline trimmer which is hard to maintain. It is annoying if you buy a trimmer, but a few days later, it starts to depreciate and even snag as well as tug on hairs. As such, you should look at the cleaning and maintenance features comprehensively to avoid future regrets. Luckily, most of the trimmers listed above are easy to maintain.

A good number of them are washable, and this is great, as you will have easy time clearing the hairs out of them. They also come with cleaning brushes and blade oil, which you need to apply to the blade on a regular basis. Some even have self-sharpening blades for ultimate convenience. You should choose a trimmer based on how often you intend to use it.

For example, if you are buying a trimmer to help you keep beards and maintain it occasionally, at irregular points in the course of year, then you may not be bothered so much with the level of maintenance. But, if you are buying one for everyday use, then you should be concerned with its cleaning and maintenance features.

· Styling Features: If you are after keeping a somewhat traditional-styled beard, and are not interested in shaving funky, unique patterns into it, a trimmer you choose must not have attachments featured in various sizes and shapes. Nevertheless, if you are interested in keeping a particular type of beard such as a goatee or stubbly one, then a trimmer you choose must have attachments or features to help you achieve and maintain your preferred style. In this case, the type of trimmers you should go for should have detachable or easily interchangeable heads.

Now you know the factors you should exactly consider when going for an outline trimmer. Look at them thoroughly, and you won’t go astray as far as getting a desirable, top performing and efficient outline trimmer is concerned.

What kind of clippers do professional barbers use?

Barbers like to use a top performing and versatile clipper. Ideally, they will go for a clipper that is durable, accurate, and with a powerful motor. How men do their grooming is totally different from how women carry out theirs. Men’s grooming is somewhat straightforward, with most of them mainly concentrating on various haircuts. However, this was awhile ago, as today, most men are not just concentrating on their hair but also sidebands, mustaches, and even eyebrows. And to perform all these, men need a clipper. Due to their functionality and performance, clippers have rapidly grown in popularity to the extent that they are now an integral part of men’s grooming. They come in a variety of models where some are corded and others cordless. Some clippers are also manual while others are electric. So, given all these, what kind of clippers do professional barbers use?

Clippers used by Professional Barbers

It is obvious that a professional barber would go for the best hair clipper. And when I talk of the best, I mean that versatile clipper capable of trimming your mustaches, neck, and even edge around the ears. Of course, the clipper should be able to cut your hair as well. All these performance and functionality take us to the Andis 04710 T-Outliner Trimmer. Arguably the best on the market, this T-outliner trimmer is the best unit you’ll ever come across in most barbershops. Barbers find it amazing because of a number of benefits such as:

The main advantage of using a trimmer with a contoured design is the fact that it offers an ergonomic feel. This means that it won’t be easy to feel tired even if you work for an extended period. Well, professional barbers are likely to find themselves in a busy environment, especially if you give the best in your workplace. For this reason, you need a hair trimmer with a contoured design to help you deliver the same exceptional results every now and then. Yes, the trimmer is none other than the Andis 04710.

Customers who visit a barbershop to shave are different and always request for different services. With this in mind, you need a hair trimmer with adjustable blades. Such kinds of blades will help you achieve a more personalized shaving experience. For example, a customer gets into your barbershop and asks for their favorite haircut. When you are done shaving this person, the next customer gets in and asks for a totally different haircut. All you will do is to adjust the blade. And the model that can allow you do that is the Andis 04710 model.

3. Its blades are hardened and made of premium quality carbon steel construction

As a professional barber, you’ll want a hair clipper that can stay with you through thick and thin. A hair clipper that is durable enough for lifetime performance. That’s where the Andis 04710 comes in. The blade is the most used part of any hair trimmer or hair clipper. Fortunately, Andis Manufacturing Company knows this. The blade of their model is not just hardened but also is made of carbon steel construction. We all know the high-strength associated with carbon compounds, hence it is no doubt that the 04710 from Andis is one of the most durable hair clippers on the market today.

Barbers want to be associated with notable brand names. And it’s not just barbers only, everyone wants to buy a product from a well-known manufacturer. Who does not know Andis? This manufacturing company is established and boasts an 80-year experience. Furthermore, Andis is in 90 countries. That is enough to tell you how popular this manufacturing company is. And to be that popular, you must be producing and distributing top quality products. In this case, one of these products is the Andis 04710 T-Outliner Hair Trimmer. You need to get your product from a friendly manufacturer who is ready to listen to you should encounter any problem. And that is exactly what the Andis manufacturing company does.

One of the ways to determine the best clipper or trimmer is through the motor efficiency. The Andis 04710 is not an exception, considering its unmatched, powerful motor. Despite being powerful, the motor operates quietly, so there will be no noise hovering on the head of the customer while you are doing the trimming. The motor also makes this model easy to use since you’ll be using less effort to deliver noticeable results. It makes the Andis 04710 popular among many barbers.

We started this editorial by saying men are not just going for simple haircuts today. They also focus on other areas such as mustaches, necks, and areas around the ear. The extremely close-cutting blades of the Andis 04710 enable it to perform all these functions, all in a single unit. Moreover, the 04710 T-Outliner Trimmer features an 8-foot cord. The cord is heavy-duty and supplies power to the unit for outstanding results. Its length is also convenient and will not restrict your movements during shaving.

We can confidently assert that the best clipper preferred by professional barbers is the Andis 04710 T-Outliner Trimmer. This is because this model has everything barbers need to make those unique, admirable haircuts. You can take advantage of its versatility and use it to trim areas around the ear, your hair, and even mustache. Ideally, barbers need something durable, and the 04710 model offers just that. Its carbon steel blades are also durable, implying they will be able to withstand rigorous, everyday use. All in all, the Andis 04710 T-Outliner Trimmer is without a doubt the best clipper most professional barbers use.

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