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We are back with our brewer, John. Big John has been busy brewing up some of Lincoln’s Beard’s oh so tasty beers for the 4 Crazy beard styles.

Miami Beer Festival, which will be hosting dozens of local and international breweries.

Rocky: John, which beers will Lincoln’s Beard be pouring this Saturday, January 30th?

John:Avenge Me Red – A classic Irish Red developed with a GABF-winning brewer

P. Swayze IPA – An award-winning American IPA

Witch King Imperial Stout – A roasty, wicked Imperial Stout

Three “Abe’s Reserve” Special Release Taps…

Bodhi’s Last Wave DIPA – An award-winning, west-coasty Imperial IPA

Big Whiskey Brown – An award-winning, barrel-aged Brown Ale

Rosebud – A triple gold winning barrel-aged Old Ale

R: So you’ll be debuting two new beers, Big Whiskey Brown and Rosebud? Is that risky or is that your way of forcing folks to fall in love with Lincoln’s Beard, bringing out the big guns?

J: Not risky at all. We would never put something out there that we weren’t happy with. This especially applies with both of these new beers being part of our barrel program. It’s a program that we are very excited about…and this is its first appearance.

We will start pouring the Abe’s Reserve beers at 7:30pm…SO FORM A LINE!!

R: Marlin’s Park is pretty large, what tricks do you have to “help” patrons to find Lincoln’s Beard, amongst all the other breweries?

J: Ha ha..that’s a good question. You can look for the bright orange banner and listen for the loud, obnoxious voices. We’re the one’s that can’t quite afford the branded tent.

R: By the way, for those who haven’t been to one of Lincoln’s Beard’s prior events, what will the beer be cooled in? A boring cooler?

J: Nice setup question! I’ll run with it. We will actually be pouring 4 of the beers from the infamous, one of a kind, “Crazy Mary” keg cooler. The other two will be poured from our standard jockey box. This is the first time we’ve hit max pouring capacity!

R: Well these beers sound amazing. I, for one, can’t wait to sample them all!

South Florida we will see you this Saturday at the Miami Beer Festival! Just look for the Tall Guy riding a bike.

I recently discovered that our wise leader brews beer at the White House. It got me thinking, what other world leaders or at least famous people also appreciate the art of homebrewing…,or brewing in general.

Crazy beard styles

Here is the short list I found from my web exhaustive search…,

President Barack Obama –, at least someone in the White House is brewing on his behalf

President George Washington –, a devout beer lover, preferring porters. Beer was brewed at Mount Vernon. He is believed to have brewed himself occasionally based on a hand-written recipe for “small beer” and the fact that his girl Martha owned a recipe book with extensive instructions for brewing.

Thomas Jefferson –, an apparently well known brewer, he referenced The Theory and Practice of Brewing by Michael Combrune as a guide

Jason Momoa aka Khal Drogo (for those of us Game of Thrones fans) –, big (literally) craft beer fan rumored to have purchased a building in Michigan to open his own brewery

Tom Green –, In 2013, he released a stout beer, The Tom Green Beer, partnering with Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company

Wil Wheaton (for those of you who are not Trekkies, Wesley Crusher of Star Trek – and yes, Trekkie is a real word in the Oxford Dictionary!) –, brewed an imperial stout (Stone Farking Wheaton w00tStout) in partnership with Drew Curtis, creator of the alternative news website, and Greg Koch, CEO of Stone Brewing Company in 2013

Frank Thomas –, the Chicago White Sox baseball star released/created a malt liquor, Big hurt Beer, in partnership with Minhas Craft Brewery in 2011

Adrienne Grenier – the Entourage star founded the Churchkey Company, producing pilsner style beer, in 2012

The Hanson Brothers –, MmmHops, an American Pale Ale, was released in 2013 in partnership with the Mustang Brewing Company

Bruce Dickinson –, the Iron Maiden star began brewing The Trooper with Robinsons Brewery in 2013

Hootie and the Blowfish –, in 2014, they released an American blonde in partnership with the Palmetto Brewing Company, Tampa Brewers Rock Brothers and Cigar City

Aisha Tyler (cohost of The Talk) –, she’,s been homebrewing with her husband for quite some time, even brewing two beers for their wedding. In 2014 she helped create w00tStout 2.0 in partnership with Stone Brewing Company.

Chef Rick Baylis –, in 2010, he brewed a collaboration with Goose Island Beer Co. (Marisol,Belgian golden ale). In 2015 he launched the Tocayo beer line with global giant Constellation Brands. Later this year, he will be opening Cruz Blanca, a 10-barrel brewpub in Chicago, of course. He represents a growing trend of culinary experts moving into the brewing world.

KISS –, released Destroyer Beer, a “German-style” brew

Jimmy Buffett –, launched Landshark Lager from his very own Margaritaville Brewing Co.

Judd Nelson –, collaborated with Big Rock to brew Lunchtime Stout at the Session Toronto Craft Beer Festival in 2015

Kathy Ireland –, long time beer enthusiast and homebrewer with a penchant for brewing dark ales and bitters (at least back in the late 80s). This one time Sports Illustrated model even had aspirations to open her own brewery.

While we can’t really verify if all of these “celebrities” really brew themselves or if they just helped inspire a new beer, we can at least surmise that they are avid beer fans. At the end of the day we are all just simple folks looking for a tasty refreshment, some experiment to find that delicious beer, others of us are here to enjoy the fruits of their labors.

Crazy beard styles

If you’,d like additional deets on these brewers and their beers, below are my as you know, it’,s on the Internet so it’,s the absolute truth!

John and Rob in the current “,brewhouse”, with our 180 gallon Hot Liquor Tank in the back!

Rocky: Let’,s have a little chat with our Head Brewer, John. First, let’,s talk about your setup. You have commandeered your garage in order to create your award winning brews. Tell us a little about your set up.

John: Much like my beer, I’,m constantly tinkering with my processes and equipment. Currently, I brew on a beefed up homebrew system until our Federal license arrives. Once we receive that, we’,ll transition to our full brewhouse. The processes, and even equipment, are near identical. As a matter of fact, I have found brewing on the larger 7bbl scale a bit easier…,less lifting for my old bones.

R: How long did it take you to get to this level of brewing?

J: I have always asked “,why”, and “,how.”, I have a passion for science and working with my hands. I also enjoy craft beer. Those three things really came together a few years back and pushed me into brewing. Once I brewed my first batch, the obsession began.

R: Tell us about the inspiration for some of your creations.

J: My inspiration for brewing a beer can come from many places…,from a flavor component of a meal I’,m having…,to the sipping of a similar beer and asking myself what I would do differently. I have had ideas for my beer come from smelling an orange at a farmer’,s market. I have even been inspired by movies. In the end, my goal is to brew a beer without technical flaws. If I missed the mark, I change the recipe, but technique is king…,always. In brewing…without science, there is no art.

R: So what do you have brewing now?

J: Just dropped our Lucky Machete into a fermenter…,it will be barrel-aged in a freshly-poured whiskey barrel from an award-winning small craft distillery in Waco, Texas. The final product is a beer we call Big Whiskey after the town in “,The Unforgiven.”, When I originally brewed this beer…,my goal for its taste profile was a beer that was, essentially, a whiskey/beer cocktail…,I wanted 75% barrel / 25% beer. I know…,it doesn’,t sound too palatable…,but you have to taste it. I wanted a beer style that was just beefy enough to carry the whiskey, without masking the delicate notes from the barrel. Our Lucky Machete was the obvious choice. You will get barrel notes from this beer that you have never tasted in other barrel-aged beers, where they are covered up by higher gravity base beers such as quads and stouts. It’,s a fan favorite and has medaled twice at state competitions.

R: Yes, I hear it’s amazing, it’s referred to as your best brew in this house!!

Tell us about the recent collaboration with ANVL Brewing?

J: ANVL is a home brewery operated by a great friend of mine, Adam Yankush, and named after him, his wife, and his two daughters. Adam was a huge reason I was able to jump into brewing so quickly. It was therefore fitting to team up on this recipe design. The beer, Kan’,t No Man, is named after a great story from our time in the Air Force while we were both stationed in South Korea. Drop by one of our events and I’,ll tell it to you. The recipe is about as eccentric as Adam himself…,teaming a relatively traditional Belgian pale ale malt bill with a Belgian dark strong yeast strain, late hopping with an American hop known for its cherry-candy like flavor and a Japanese hop with a huge lemon flavor and aroma…,then dry hopped with the same Japanese hop. You’,re left with a beer with a massively fruity flavor profile…,but nice and dry to the palate. It’,s a perfect South Florida, hot weather beer. I’,m stoked that this beer is part of the Constant Collaboration series…,I can’,t wait to experiment with other hop varieties and yeast strains.

R: What is a flavor or beer style you’,d eventually like to conquer?

J: Generally, if I haven’,t brewed a beer style, it’,s because I simply have no interest in brewing that style. That being said, there are two styles (for lack of better words) that I have been itching to experiment with…,a darker German-style lager and a subtly kettle-soured session/fruit beer. I have never found an American-brewed lager that rivals what Ayinger, etc. are putting out…,so I’,d like to give it a go. Regarding the kettle-soured beer…,what I want to create is a beer with a very, very delicate tart to bring out the aspects of the fruit, but not enough to turn away the sour haters of the world. The real reason for me wanting to brew this beer is the fact that the average beer drinker cringes at the taste of the average sour beer (~3.6 pH), but will dig right into a McIntosh apple (~3.3 pH…,i.e. more sour than a sour beer). Obviously sugar plays a huge role in that, but so do our preconceptions. We EXPECT fruit to have a low pH, so when it doesn’t, like in a regular fruit beer, i.e. strawberry blonde, something just doesn’,t taste right. My intent is to find just the right acidity level to bring out the fruit familiarity, but not too much to overwhelm with acidity. It’,s like making lemonade, but you are managing tiny little acid-producing bacteria, instead of adding sugar!

R: What can we expect from Lincoln’,s Beard in the near future?

J: Hopefully, some damn good beer! We have a collaboration in the works with a local brewery that we are excited about. We hope to debut it when we open our doors. Stay tuned!

R: I know it will be great and we can’t wait to taste your next creations. And yes, we’ll be chatting about South Korea soon.

Thankfully, there hasn’,t been any blood or tears, yet…,just a whole lot of sweat. We found a bit more demolition that we needed to do, another dumpster filled to the brim.

Crazy short beard styles

ANOTHER filled dumpster.

Scott hacking on some old 2x4s

Todd, our money guy, is ecstatic with all the money we are saving by doing our own demolition and building lots of furniture for the pub with free re-purposed wood. As of yet, we have put a tiny dent in the wood we’,ve saved to reuse. Our handy dandy owners/work crew are quite skilled with power tools. They’,ve completed building four amazing tables that will be for use in our outdoor biergarten. As we’,ve mentioned the back will be open for you to enjoy some live music, imbibe with some fresh air and vitamin D (don’,t worry if the Miami sun scares you, most of the area is covered). Chairs, benches, planters are a few of the other items we’,ll be constructing. We’,ve also started to look for some eclectic decor for your viewing enjoyment as well as to start conversations.

As far as the plans go, we are rocking and rolling. We are somewhat shocked, but extremely pleased with the progress. The plans have been reviewed by nearly every office. We are already answering any questions the county has for us. Amazing!!! The planets were aligned, the gods were smiling upon us, and we also have a very competent architect (William Hamilton Arthur IV).

We’,ve started the search for a general contractor to do the build out. Hopefully we can turn over construction to the professionals sooner than later. Once the plans are approved, we will apply for a building permit. Regardless, we are sweating and working our butts off to bring you a truly impressive and memorable venue, experience, and taste at your neighborhood friendly Lincoln’,s Beard.

So we are into week two of demolition. As you can see we’,ve made some serious progress. We’,ve brought down most of the walls and have cleaned up the mess that comes with it. We thought one dumpster would be enough, but looks like we’,ll need at least one more.

Scotty, our Design Lead, making quick work of the internal walls.

The plan is to save money by doing our own tear down and clean up. This will save us probably 3-4 days of a general contractor work. The trade off for the savings is the work required. Luckily we have a hefty crew, of all sizes, so we should be able to tackle this challenge quickly, right?

Falco (Brewmaster), Todd (CFO), and Barb (Wine Lead)…,all hands on deck!

We do have time on our side for this endeavor. We are taking advantage of the time it takes to finalize the building plans with the architect and then get them approved through the county. We are also recycling most of the wood, screws, and other salvageable material. You will see much of the wood in the pictures in our tables, the stage, benches, etc.

Big Max surveying the reclaimed wood.

Stand by for more updates as we get closer to making Lincoln’,s Beard, your neighborhood brewpub, a reality.

-Rocky Duarte, the Lincoln’,s Beard Blog Queen

So after about 2 years of planning and searching, here we are…,about to sign the lease on a building that is dying to be a brewery. The vision we have for this place is exciting, but not as exciting as being able to share it with you…,the people of South Florida.

We’,ve been lucky enough to have some success in local, state, and national homebrew competitions, but our beer is not brewed for judges. We brew our beer with the intent of putting it in your hands, for you to enjoy and “,fuss over”, with your friends and families. We will provide an environment of unparalleled service and comfort, a true home away from home. With a record player (yes, a real record player) playing LPs ranging from Led Zeppelin to Bob Marley at a reasonable volume, you will be able to freely sample 15 different, true craft beers from Lincoln’,s Beard and other breweries. Our guest tap list will be obsessed over as we bring you world-class, rare beers from around the country. Not sure what you’,d like? No worries, just ask one of our well-trained and knowledgeable staff members. Challenge them to find a beer that you’,d like. Lastly, we are already working with local, popular food providers to make sure we keep you fed and happy with only the best quality chow.

This is just a taste of what we plan on bringing you. So what do you think? Follow us on social media and let us know. We’,d love to hear from you or see you at one of the many beer events we’,ll be pouring at. Cheers!

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